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Bosch Universal Plus Mixer with Stainless Bowl

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  • Exceptional bowl access
  • Superior kneading action
  • Strong 500 watt motor
  • High-torque transmission
  • Large 6.5 quart (6 liter) mixing bowl
  • 14 pound (6.3 kg) dough capacity
  • Stable weight distribution
  • Easy-handling design
  • Stainless steel locking bowl
  • Low profile fits anywhere
  • Wide range of quality accessories
  • German quality


Bosch Universal Plus Mixer with Stainless Bowl

Big News!
After two years of chronic stockouts, Bosch suddenly caught up with the U.S. importer’s unfilled mixer orders—all at once! Faced with the need to pay for a mountain of inventory, they’ve slashed the retail to a level not seen in over ten years! Always a great value, the Bosch Universal is currently an absolute steal. The importer has warned us this price cut may not last, so now’s the time to get your new Bosch mixer. And maybe one for your kids too!

This mixer is identical to the standard Bosch Universal Plus mixer, except that it has a stainless steel bowl, and it does not include the standard plastic bowl. The stainless bowl, when purchased separately, retails for $169—so its inclusion with this mixer is a tremendous value! 

When ordered with the stainless bowl, the mixer includes all items that come when the mixer is ordered with the plastic bowl (except for the plastic bowl).

Cinnamon rolls

The Bosch Universal mixer has a special reputation among discerning cooks. It thrives on heavy tasks that will break conventional mixers down within a few uses, and Bosch offers advantages found in no other machine!

Some companies sell mixers based mainly on highly paid endorsements and continual ad campaigns. Bosch, on the other hand, doesn’t advertise this mixer at all. The success of the Bosch Universal Plus mixer has been growing for decades based entirely on its reputation for better performance. Instead of paying millions each year to housewares celebrities and cooking shows, Bosch puts their money and effort into engineering advancements and quality of construction. Continual refinement has made today's Bosch Universal a kitchen machine like no other.

cookiesThe newest model is the Bosch Universal Plus. Its 500 watt motor has a new design with four times the motor life expectancy... and it was known for its longevity before. Just as importantly, it has a unique transmission that gets the motor’s powerful torque to the bowl better than other mixers do. Other updates include suction cup feet and a pop-out drive shaft for fast, easy cleanup. An additional speed was added, while increasing the speed range with a lower low gear and a higher high gear, still including the momentary pulse feature. The advantages of the Universal Plus over common mixers are now greater than ever.

There’s no overhead gearbox with the Bosch, because its power comes from below—a design that has big advantages. The base of the machine provides the space to transmit motor power to the bowl using a belt rather than gears. The small plastic gears in overhead-driven machines break under heavy work loads, they transfer power poorly, and the heat that quickly builds up in their tight enclosure causes premature failure when worked hard. The Bosch belt efficiently transfers far more torque, runs cool, and is fantastically durable, with an amazing twenty-year failure rate below one percent. Unlike top heavy overhead-drive machines, this engineering gives the Bosch a very low center of gravity that makes it a breeze to handle. Bottom drive also provides full, open-top bowl access. With no obstruction you see everything that’s happening, and adding ingredients couldn't be easier. Without a lot of meshing gear teeth, the Bosch is also a very quiet machine.

  • “Convenient, easy to clean, very powerful.”

    – Barbara K., TX

Whole grain breadThe Bosch Universal's bowl is shaped like a large bundt cake form, a design that excels at both mixing and whipping. Twin whips mount on top of the drive column, turned from below by a stainless drive shaft. The whips rest lightly against the bottom of the bowl, spinning rapidly as they rotate. And the bowl's shape ensures that your ingredients are mixed perfectly—lumps have nowhere to hide. The Bosch mixer's whipping action is so powerful it will make a cup and a half of meringue from one egg white. And being only 10.6" tall with bowl mounted, all of this performance fits easily under your cupboards.

In addition to its stellar mixing and whipping performance, the Bosch Universal kitchen mixer is legendary among bread lovers. It makes superior bread, faster and easier, with its patented three-arm stainless steel BreadMaster dough hook—with the strength to knead up to fourteen pounds of dough that has a hydration of 60% or more, at a time. The BreadMaster hook vigorously incorporates oxygen, processing 100% of your dough every four rotations. Other mixers just stir the dough, never achieving the Bosch's level of gluten development. Proper gluten development leads to light bread with ideal texture. Merely stirring the dough produces "brick bread." As many as eight loaves of delicious fresh sandwich bread can be out of your oven in just 75 to 80 minutes! (We recommend hand washing the BreadMaster dough hook to keep the finish nice. Click here for a dishwasher safe stainless steel dough hook that's shaped just like the BreadMaster dough hook.)

Artisan rollsSmaller batches too: Dough for as many as eight 1.75-pound bread loaves can be produced in a single batch. And with the dough hook extender (currently included free) you can make outstanding dough for as few as one or two loaves. When whipping, the Bosch whips pick up exceptionally small ingredient amounts thanks to the bowl's tubular bottom profile. The bowl that comes standard with the Bosch Universal Plus mixer on this page is stainless steel. More details are under the specs tab, above. Click here for a basic whole wheat bread recipe for the Bosch Universal mixer.

Gluten free? The Bosch Universal also provides the control you need to make delicious gluten-free recipes, tailored specifically to your family’s needs. Nothing beats the tastiness of homemade and fresh! 

Kneading very low hydration dough? The center-column bowl included with the mixer on this page is perfect for making large batches of cookie dough and whole wheat bread dough (up to 14 pounds) as well as smaller batches of low hydration dough like challah or bagel dough (up to 10 lbs). For large batches of low hydration dough, however, we recommend using the ER1 stainless mixing bowl. A full 14 lbs of dough with a hydration as low as 40% can be kneaded in the ER1 bowl. The ER1 bowl has been in service for 35+ years and is designed specifically for kneading a large volume of extra heavy dough.

Extending beyond the limits of a simple stand mixer, the Bosch Universal Plus is a complete kitchen center. Available attachments let you do powerful blending, food processing, grinding, juicing and more. By eliminating duplicate power units, you save money and kitchen space while using superior, German-engineered kitchen tools. Below, you can see a wide range of optional accessories. From food processing to pasta making, the Bosch Universal Plus offers the tools to do the job quickly, easily, and properly. The Universal Plus is available with or without the blender; the mixer is the same either way, so you can always add the blender later if you wish.

  • “The candor provided with the information on each product aided me greatly. Your company is obviously concerned with the satisfaction of your customers, which is why I've placed my order with you. Thank you for your help!”

    – Ben Puffer, OR

Included standard are the stainless steel mixing bowl, splash ring and lid, BreadMaster dough hook and French whips. Plus: The new dough hook extender is currently being included free, allowing you to mix even super-small batches. If you're upgrading from a Bosch Universal Classic mixer (MUM6 model), your accessories will work on this new mixer, so there's no need to replace them!

Pleasant Hill Grain is the world’s largest retailer of Bosch stand mixers. We’ve used Bosch bread mixers ourselves for many years and we’re here to assist you with any question or need. We’d be delighted to help you start your own personal Bosch experience today! 


1. Based on 60% hydration dough.
For more details see the specs tab, above.

Bosch Mixer w/Stainless Bowl

Bowl Capacity 6.5 Q (6 L)
Bowl Dimensions (Dia. x H) 12" x 6.25"
Dough Capacity1 1.2 to 14 lbs. (0.5 to 6.3 kg)
Flour Capacity1 0.48 to 0.2 lbs. (0.34 to 2.5 kg)
Motor 120V, 500W
Dimensions (W x D x H) With lid: 15.5" x 12" x 10.6"
Weight 13.6 lbs.
Speeds 4 + Pulse
Warranty 3 years motor/1 year parts

Note: The Bosch Universal Plus is rated as a 500 watt motor here in the U.S. The UL (Underwriters Laboratory) recently changed the way they rate appliance motors being sold in the U.S. market. As a result, the motor used in the Bosch Universal Plus mixer has been re-rated from 800 watts to 500 watts, but it’s actually exactly the same powerful motor that Bosch has used for years and years. The only change that has occurred is in the rating issued by UL.

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Pleasant Hill Grain is an authorized dealer of the Bosch Universal Plus mixer. Click here to learn what that means to you.

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  • “Wow! The performance and ease of use are beyond all I was expecting—and I was expecting a lot. I'm not usually impressed, and typically experience buyer's remorse. That couldn't be farther from my experience this time. Excellent customer service from Pleasant Hill Grain too!”

    – Corrine G., WA

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BrandBosch Mixers
Product Weight (lbs.)13-3/4 lb.
Product ColorWhite
Housing MaterialABS
Bowl MaterialStainless steel
BPA FreeYes
Capacity (volume)6.5 qt.
Capacity (weight)14 lbs.
Speeds4 + pulse
Volts AC120
Cord Length33"
Cord StorageYes
Warranty Length3 years motor / 1 year parts


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