Today we're shipping orders for in-stock items placed October 2. Customer service is available by email and phone. If we can’t take your call immediately, we’ll get back to you as fast as possible. We greatly appreciate your business, and we’re doing our very best to serve you.

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Toll Free Phone Number: 1-866-467-6123
Local Phone Number: 1-402-725-3829

If you need to contact us, EMAIL is better than phone. Will you please help us out by emailing your question instead? We’re here to serve you, but our customer service staff is challenged with the current work load and they greatly appreciate your understanding!

If your question(s) are about a specific order, please provide the order number in your email. Thank you again for your business and continued patience! We will respond to your message just as soon as possible. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for the contact form.


We have customer service representatives who speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Se habla español. Falamos Português.


Before contacting us, please review the answers below to FAQs, as they may answer your questions.

When will my order ship?

If the items you ordered were in stock when you placed your order it will take just a few days for us to ship your order, and you’ll receive a tracking number once your order ships. If your items are on backorder, please see the answer below for “What is my ETA for my backordered product?”. 

What does “ETA” mean?

"ETA" stands for "estimated time of arrival" and this is the date that we anticipate the product will arrive at our facility. For out-of-stock items we post an ETA date on our website that’s provided by our supplier, or else we adjust it conservatively to be on the safer side. ETA’s from our suppliers are usually quite accurate. But things can happen, from shipping damage, to lost cargoes, to customs delays, so it’s important to remember that the "E" in “ETA” stands for “estimated,” not for "exact." Our pledge is two-fold: To provide the most accurate information possible, and to get stockout items back out the door again very quickly once they arrive. We will process your backorder ASAP once the shipment arrives with your product in it. It may take a few days to process your backorder once that shipment arrives. You will receive a tracking number once your product ships.

What is the ETA for my backordered product?

If there is any substantial change to the ETA of your item(s) from the time you placed your order, we will automatically and promptly email that information to you. Please watch your inbox for those emails that will come from Please whitelist this email address in your email program so our emails don’t go to your Junk folder. If you happen to check the product page for the product you have on backorder, you may see the ETA has changed to a later date. 99% of the time, that does not mean your ETA for the item has changed. It simply means that the shipment that your product will arrive to us in (and which may not have arrived yet), has completely sold out, after you ordered. When that happens, the ETA on our website for new shoppers' orders is updated to the ETA of the following shipment. As a reminder, you have not been charged for this preorder. Pleasant Hill Grain does not bill your account for preordered product until the product is in stock.

How do I preorder a product that’s out of stock?

To preorder, simply checkout online as you normally would. For out-of-stock items we post an ETA date on our website that’s provided by our supplier, or else we adjust it conservatively to be on the safer side. This date is for when we anticipate the product will arrive at our facility. We hate stockouts and work to stay on top of the situation with the source, to ensure that our information stays current. In all likelihood, we probably get called pests (and worse) by manufacturers and suppliers who've run out of things. For many of the products Pleasant Hill Grain offers, we know from manufacturers that we carry a larger stock of their product as a percentage of sales than any retailer in the world, and we reorder long before counts hit zero. This means that by the time we’re out of something, most others usually have been out for some time. It also means that the way you’re most likely to get the item the soonest, is to preorder with us. In some cases, preordering can even prevent having to wait until a second new shipment comes in, before unspoken-for stock becomes available.

Was I charged for my preordered product that’s on backorder?

Pleasant Hill Grain does not bill your account until your order is ready to ship. There is a temporary authorization placed on your account when you first order, that will expire based on a timeframe set by your financial institution, typically within 3-5 days, but could be longer. Once products on your order are ready to ship, your account will be charged for the amount of the products shipping.

Preorders are normally filled at the price advertised on the product page at the time the preorder was placed. In the rare event that unexpected cost increases necessitate a retail price increase, you will be informed of the new price when the item comes in stock, so you can decide at that time whether to complete your order.

How do I update the credit card details for my backordered product?

We’ll contact you once your backordered product is here, to ask for your updated payment information.

The product I have on backorder now shows as “in stock" on your website. When will my backorder ship?

Once you see payment post to your account, your order should ship within 3 business days.

Why can’t I see my order when I log into my customer account?

If your order isn’t showing up in your account, that means that you placed the order without being logged into your account. We’re sorry but we can't move orders to existing or new accounts; our system just isn't set up that way at the moment, but we do plan to have this functionality soon.


Thank you for reading our FAQ answers above! If you still have questions, please fill out the form below.

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