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Why Choose Us?

The Internet offers you product choices like never before. Just as important—maybe more so—is the choice of who to trust with your business. In a landscape filled with “virtual vending machines,” Pleasant Hill Grain is different in many ways that matter to our customers. Thanks for taking a moment to read about what sets us apart!

Real Service

We strive to treat our customers the way we’d like to be treated: With honesty, helpfulness, fairness and good communication. As an objective measure of whether we really practice these things, we invite you to read notes from our customers. Like the bed Goldilocks chose, we believe you’ll find that Pleasant Hill Grain is just right: Big enough to meet your needs, and small enough to care. Troubled by a widespread decline of the service ethic, we’re committed to doing business in a way that may seem old fashioned to some, but which we believe is as important as ever.

Great Products

We offer many products not found in mass-marketing channels, products that are unique in a variety of ways. But although we carry thousands of products, we intentionally don’t offer everything on the market. We often reject products even from well-known brands because we’re aware of serious problems with them. The bottom line for us is not whether an item would sell, but: Would we be happy with it ourselves?

We carry products that work well and have truly useful features. We also look for value: What will you get for your money? Sometimes good value means an item is lower-priced. But real value often hinges on traits like greater usefulness or durability. A little more invested initially can quickly pay great dividends through better productivity, lifespan and enjoyment.

Great Prices

You’ll find most of our prices to be the lowest anywhere, or very close. When there’s an exception we’re often able to match pricing, so we hope you’ll let us know.

Product Knowledge

Our people have hands-on experience with most of our products. When you ask us a product question, we don’t read you a reply from a manufacturer’s list of selling points. We want every purchase to be a good fit for you, and we’ll be happy to help you compare products to meet your specific needs. Our website's pages are loaded with helpful information, and we’re constantly adding more to our recently-updated website. But everyone’s needs are unique, which is why you can call or email us with your questions. If we don't have the answer we’ll make every effort to get it, and get back to you quickly.

We Stock What We Sell

Over ninety seven percent of the products we sell are in stock in our own warehouse. That gives us better control and reliability in fulfilling your order than websites that send every order to some other company to be drop-shipped (often without disclosing that they don't really have the item). For those few products that we don't stock, this is noted on the product page. Most are larger commercial machines, many of which are built-to-order. There are also a few products that we routinely have drop-shipped, but which we carry backup stock for, in our own warehouse.

Free Shipping

Most orders qualify for free shipping. For smaller orders, our low, flat-rate shipping means you know the cost up front—no unpleasant surprises during checkout.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Consumer-use products may be returned for a full thirty days after delivery, for refund or exchange. Commercial-use products (those designed for business use and covered by commercial-use warranties) may be returned within thirty days of delivery.

Privacy and Security

Protection of your personal information is crucially important to us. We never sell your data to anyone, and we adhere to high standards of website security. We use a highly encrypted tokenization system for credit card transactions and we don't store your credit card information on our servers at all.

Authorized Retailer

Many product warranties are valid only if the item is purchased from an authorized retailer. Pleasant Hill Grain is an authorized retailer for every product we offer, so your warranty protection is assured.

We’re People

When you shop with Pleasant Hill Grain, you’re doing business with real people in the heartland of America. You’ll talk to human beings on the phone—not a computer—and in our warehouse there are no stock-picking robots roaming about. We're very proud of our quality staff, and we invite you to meet them here.

We Appreciate You

Should you choose to place your order with Pleasant Hill Grain, we promise to fulfill it promptly and courteously, and to provide service before and after the sale that will not only meet your needs, but may inspire you—like many of our past customers—to come back again. We view our relationship with our customers as a partnership, and we hope our next partner is you!

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