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Water Purifiers & Accessories

Water Purifiers & Accessories Water Purifiers

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Water Purifiers & Accessories

Water Purifier Attachments

Water purifier attachments include fluoride removal filters, standard and sight gauge spigots, and the bulb-style primer for convenient, rapid priming of water purification elements.

Water Purifier Replacement Parts

Water purifier replacement parts include replacement water purifier elements, standard spigots, spare parts kits, and ceramic filter elements that can be used with Berkey or British Berkefeld water purifiers. Stainless steel British Berkefeld systems using ceramic filter candles have provided safe, clean drinking water in remote areas of the globe for many years. In both British Berkefelnd and Black Berkey-equipped systems including the Big Berkey purifiers, you can choose how many filter elements you want to install. The more purifier elements (also called candles or filters) that are installed, the more gallons per hour of flow rate will be achieved. Larger water purifiers have ports for more elements, and the smaller systems have fewer ports. Unused ports are blocked with removable rubber plugs.

Ceramic Berkey Water Filters

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