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Several of our suppliers have told us that due to increased labor, material, and shipping costs they'll be raising prices very soon. You can beat these price hikes by shopping now! Product lines that will be affected include: KoMo grain mills, Berkey Water Purifiers, Ankarsrum mixersVitamix blenders, and Grabill beef.

Water Purifiers & Accessories

Water Purifiers & Accessories

Water purifiers & filters by Berkey

The Big Berkey water purifier and the full line of Berkey water purifiers use proprietary Black Berkey purifier elements to achieve an incredible 99.99999% reduction of contaminants. Independent lab testing proves removal of not only pathogenic bacteria, but even organisms as small as viruses—a level of performance unmatched by other systems. This extreme purification, called “7 log” reduction, means that not more than one part per ten million of the contaminant remains in your water. This standard is 1000X higher than what's needed to label a system as a simple “water filter.” These exceptional purifiers provide ultra-pure water in circumstances of extreme contamination. They're electricity-free, the elements are cleanable, and each element can clean up to 3000 gallons of water of pathogenic organisms and harmful chemicals. The full stainless-housing line includes the Crown, Imperial, Big, Travel, and Royal Berkey water purifiers. All work by gravity so they're portable for use indoors or outdoors. The Berkey Light system uses the same unique filter media in an unbreakable transparent housing. Sport bottles offer personal filtration you can carry with you anywhere. Click a model below to read about the most powerful and reliable water purifiers on the planet.

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Water Purifiers & Accessories

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