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Bosch Classic Lift Base

L’Chef has introduced a new meat/food grinder, and a pasta roller and cutters, for the Bosch Universal Plus mixer. These new attachments rely on use of an adapter leg that fits between the Bosch mixer and the grinder. The leg adapts the drive connector and also, in the case of the grinder, provides essential support that extends forward to keep the whole assembly from tipping over when you push food down into the grinder's throat. L'Chef makes the adapter leg to fit perfectly on the current-production “Plus” Bosch mixer model, but it’s too long to use with the older “Classic” Bosch model without employing a bit of ingenuity. The images and text below explain how one user designed and built a wood block that allows the adapter leg to work on his older-model Bosch Universal Classic mixer.

How I Did It

By: An Anonymous Tinkerer and Bosch Fan

Starting with a short piece of 2x8" lumber cut to an "L" shape, you can easily make L'Chef's new accessories work with the older "Classic" Bosch mixer. As image A shows, using this block allows the L'Chef adapter leg, which would otherwise be too long, to sit perfectly on the counter or table top. The mixer sits on the block, but is not attached to it in any way.

The top-view diagram (image B) shows the block's dimensions. Using a router, I cut shallow pockets at the back corners that measure 3/32" deep by 1-1/16" square. The mixer's feet fit into these recesses as shown in image C, keeping it securely in place on the block. Thickness of the block is 1-1/2". Lumber of this width often has some cup to it, so be sure to start with a piece of wood that's flat.

I screwed rubber feet (3/8" tall by 3/4" wide) under three corners of the block to keep it from sliding around during use.

This block provides a soild and stable platform for the mixer, and gives you the same space between each accessory and the work surface that you'd have if you were using the accessory on the newer Universal Plus mixer. The block is pretty small to store, and cost about $2 to make.

L'Chef Adapter Leg with Wood BlockL'Chef Adapter Leg Block Graphic

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