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FoodPak 1

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  • 1-year supply of long lasting, flavorful & nutritious food
  • Packaged in strong, oxygen-free containers
  • Nutritional facts provided for each food
  • FoodPak 1 includes 15 cases & 10 six-gallon Superbuckets
  • You Can Have Your Food Storage and Eat It Too Cookbook included
  • Made in USA


FoodPak 1

This unit, along with a multivitamin and 4 gallons of cooking oil you add yourself (and clean water of course), supplies all the nutrients you need to stay well-fed for an entire year. The foods are all dehydrated or dry, and sealed in robust, oxygen-free packaging. In this very compact form they will store well and require minimal storage space. This 736 lb unit comes in 15 cases and 10 five-gallon Superbuckets. The You Can Have Your Food Storage and Eat It Too is included with FoodPak 1 with 238 pages of recipes and tips for cooking with dry stored foods. Storage area required is just 31.6 cubic feet.

FoodPak 1 can also serve as a 6-month supply of food for two people, a 3-month supply for four, and so on. Sealing lids are provided for all #10-size cans, so that they may be re-sealed after opening. FoodPak 1 offers a real abundance of long lasting, flavorful and nutritious food, and represents a value we don't think is equaled elsewhere... a lot of great food at very reasonable cost, delivered right to your home!

  • “Your service was wonderful! Personable, even human! I do a lot of corporate business meetings and I hear them spout 'customer service'. It's nice to actually see it in action.”

    – Tim Hogan, MN

Shipping is by truck freight for all 15 cases and 10 SP buckets.

Multiple-unit orders

Ordering multiple FoodPaks at one time for shipment to the same address (in the 48 states) can save you money on shipping. There are two ways you can order multiple FoodPaks. The first is that during our phone hours, you can contact us by phone or email for a shipping quote before you order. The other way is to place your multi-unit order online, then we will call you to discuss shipping arrangements, and credit the multi-unit shipping discount back to you. If you order multiple units you do have the option to have them shipped by UPS if you prefer, but truck freight (on pallet, by truck) normally offers the greatest volume savings. Whether you choose UPS or truck freight, your shipment can be delivered to a residence or a place of business, and it is not necessary to have a forklift or a shipping dock, because we can send a truck that has a lift-gate to get the product down to your driveway. (However, if you do have a dock or forklift, that can save you a few more dollars.) Our phone number is 866-467-6123, and you can check our phone hours here. If you'd rather email your info to us for a shipping quote, please include your zip code, and how many of FoodPak 1 you're considering ordering. 


Orders shipping to AK/HI addresses (Zone 4) ship by U.S. Priority Mail and do not qualify for multi-unit discount on shipping. For orders shipping to Zone 4, call for pricing and to place your order.

Highest quality & best value

At Pleasant Hill Grain we pride ourselves on providing honest, quality service, the finest products, and the absolute best overall value that exists. For years there has been no product in our extensive line that enjoys a higher level of customer satisfaction than our FoodPaks. They're a top quality product deserving of your trust.

Substitutions of equivalent foods occur occasionally, due to availability. (Example: Dehydrated apple slices might be substituted for freeze dried apple slices.)
You Can Have Your Food Storage and Eat It Too is included: 238 pages of recipes for cooking with dry stored foods.

Contents of Security FoodPak 1™

Case #1 Case #2 Case #3

1 - #10 can dehydrated banana slices
1 - #10 can dehydrated apple slices
1 - #10 can freeze dried strawberries
1 - #10 can freeze dried blueberries
1 - #10 can dehydrated applesauce
1 - #10 can dehydrated peach dices

1 - #10 can freeze dried garden peas
1 - #10 can freeze dried green beans
1 - #10 can freeze dried sweet corn
1 - #10 can dehydrated carrot dices
1 - #10 can freeze dried cauliflower
1 - #10 can freeze dried broccoli

1 - #10 can tomato powder
1 - #10 can dehydrated chopped onions
2 - #10 cans vegetable stew blend
1 - #10 can mixed red & green bell peppers
1 - #10 can dehydrated sweet potatoes

Case #4 Case #5 Case #6

2 - #10 cans potato granules
2 - #10 cans dehydrated potato dices
1 - #10 can potato flakes
1 - #10 can dehydrated potato slices

6 - #10 cans instant non-fat milk

6 - #10 cans instant non-fat milk

Case #7 Case #8 Case #9

1 - #10 can whole egg powder
2 - #10 bulk cans OvaEasy eggs
1 - #10 can butter powder
1 - #10 can cheese blend
1 - #10 can shortening powder

2 - #10 cans freeze dried diced beef
2 - #10 cans freeze dried diced chicken
2 - #10 cans freeze dried ground beef

1 - #10 can beef bits, TVP
1 - #10 can bacon bits, TVP
1 - #10 can sausage bits, TVP
1 - #10 can taco bits, TVP
1 - #10 can chicken bits, TVP
1 - #10 can ham bits, TVP

(These imitation meat products are textured protein, a soy food, with meat flavoring.)

Case #10 Case #11 Case #12

1 - #10 can refried beans
1 - #10 can pearl barley
1 - #10 can germade
1 - #10 can cornmeal
1 - #10 can regular rolled oats
1 - #10 can 9 grain cracked cereal

1 - #10 can hot cocoa
1 - #10 can orange drink
1 - #10 can black turtle beans
1 - #10 can yellow popcorn
1 - #10 can green lentils
1 - #10 can white cream sauce

2 - #10 cans spaghetti
3 - #10 cans elbow macaroni
1 - #10 can egg noodles

Case #13 Case #14
Case #15

1 - #2.5 can beef bouillon
1 - #2.5 can chicken bouillon
2 - #2.5 cans iodized salt
1 - #2.5 can baking powder
1 - #2.5 can baking soda

4 - #10 cans white sugar
3 - 1-lb pkgs SAF-instant yeast

1 - Lid remover
1 - "You Can Have Your Food Storage and Eat It Too" cookbook
1 - Allocation Sheet


(Ten five-gallon buckets)

3 - hard red wheat
3 - hard white wheat
1 - small red beans
1 - pinto beans
1 - small white navy beans
1 - long grain white rice



You need to add to this food storage package:

A.) Four gallons cooking oil for your fatty acid requirements. We offer Ghee (clarified butter) which is very healthful and has an extremely long shelf life. 
B.) A multi-vitamin supplement.

Note: All of the #10 cans listed above come completely sealed (water-tight and air-tight). You also get a plastic snap-on lid to put onto each can after opening. To preserve maximum freshness and shelf-life after opening a #10 can, we recommend that after opening a can, you subdivide the contents into smaller containers with tightly fitting screw-on caps. These could be saved disposable food containers (like mayonnaise or pickle jars, for example), or you could just purchase some Mason jars and lids locally. Another option is our clear bulk containers in gallon and half-gallon sizes. Subdividing this way will allow you to return the majority of the contents of a #10 can to storage in a cool, dry place, while keeping one container handy in your food preparation area. Following this practice will help ensure that once the #10 can is opened, all of its contents remain good until you use them up.

Processed in a plant that handles dairy, milk, wheat, egg, soy, and tree nut products.

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See the ingredients and nutritional facts about each food item in this FoodPak by clicking on the individual products from the Rainy Day Foods brand page.

Nutritional Content of Storage Food Security FoodPak 1, Daily Basis

Nutritional Element Amount % Male RDA/DRV % Female RDA/DRV
Food Energy 2501 Calories 94 152
Protein 122 Gm 219 276
Daily percentages calculated for a 40-yr old 174 lb man (2,651 calories)
or a 40-yr old 130 lb woman (1,639 calories)
Click here for shelf life, shipping, and other info. on dried emergency survival foods suitable for food storage or other disaster preparedness plans.

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Manufacturer Part NumberUU040
BrandRainy Day Foods
Allergen StatementPacked in a plant that handles milk, wheat, egg, soy & tree nuts.
Net Weight736 lb.
Country of ManufactureUnited States


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