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Maximizer® Wine Press

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  • Strong handle provides leverage for easy turning
  • Reversible ratchet turns large-diameter Acme screw
  • Commercial duty construction: 3/16" thick steel tubing
  • Full stainless steel juice pan
  • Wood parts come pre-sealed with food safe sealant
  • Strong solid teak basket or stainless steel basket
  • Upper frame yoke tips to side easily for full basket access
  • Fast retract handle socket
  • Heavy cast iron hardwood pressing plate
  • Two sizes: 5.3 gallon or 9.5 gallon
  • Excellent stability from wide, low stance
  • Works well for apples, pears, grapes & more
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Cleans up fast with a garden hose
  • Modular design disassembles quickly without tools
  • Optional GSAM for mounting a Maximizer fruit grinder


Maximizer® Wine Press

Please Note: Prices of many products are under unprecedented inflationary pressures now, and resupply continues to be very difficult with many delays. Factories are having trouble getting critical parts due to ongoing Covid-related supply chain disruptions, and overseas shipping costs passed “insane” weeks ago. In early 2021, we could ship a 40' container from overseas in for $5800. Currently it's $17,400 to $27,000. If gas had gone up as much, it would now cost over $200 to fill up a Honda Pilot. And the last change in container shipping rates was upward again. Our resupply lead-time for some goods has increased by 12 months. There are many other factors as well, and the bottom line is that retail goods prices will be going up, and availability will be going down. Increased general inflation means your dollars are worth less daily, making needed goods more valuable than cash. All of this means now is the time to order what you need, whether it’s still in stock for now, or on its way to us.

Grapes to harvestSupply note: The 36 liter Maximizer presses with wood baskets are out of stock for the season, so we're no longer accepting orders for that model. Please check back with us in the summer of 2023, for that model.

The Maximizer® wine press is built very, very strong. Its rectangular steel tubing frame has a wall thickness of 3/16”, and it features a large diameter forcing screw that lets you put tremendous pressure on your grapes to extract the maximum juice yield from your vineyard’s harvest.

A simple and effective ratcheting mechanism with long steel handle provides excellent mechanical advantage, taking the hard work out of wine pressing. The traveling-screw design of this wine press speeds up operation by eliminating the need to add pressing blocks in multiple stages on top of the pressing plate, as is required with most fixed-screw wine presses.

Large capacities

The 9.5 gallon model of the Maximizer wine press holds 85 pounds of grapes, while the 5.3 gallon version holds 48 lbs. of grapes.

Easy tip-off yoke

The upper yoke, or cross beam, of the Maximizer wine press tips completely out of your way for access to load and empty the basket. This design makes the wine pressing operation easy and efficient.

Best materials

A frame made of 3/16"-wall high strength rectangular steel tubing and a pre-sealed teak or stainless steel pressing basket with stainless steel pan give the Maximizer wine press the strength to last for years and years of use. And we package the press well to protect everything during shipping. The Maximizer presses arrive in two shipping boxes and require assembly.

  • “I originally purchased a grinder from a different supplier. The thing was a piece of junk, would not work! I had a bunch of people scheduled to come... the Maximizer worked exactly as advertised! It just cranks through the apples with ease! We love it!”

    – Rita F., CO

GSAM feature

The Maximizer-GSAM fruit press features an integrated Grinder Swing Arm Mount (GSAM) that allows you to mount an optional apple grinder right on your press for maximum convenience and productivity.

(The Maximizer apple grinder will fit the GSAM.)

 The GSAM provides you with a secure mount for the optional apple grinder. It puts the grinder just where you need it to rapidly pulverize apples for full juice extraction, and then just as easily it swings your grinder out of the way for pressing.

Fast Retract feature

The Maximizer presses now features a very handy Fast Retract handle socket. After the juice has been squeezed from a batch of fruit and the forcing screw has been ratcheted backward a few strokes to relieve pressure, remove the ratchet handle from its horizontal socket and drop it into the adjacent vertical socket. This Fast Retract feature lets you spin the forcing screw and pressing plate quickly back up to the top of the basket.

Features for Maximizer wine press with stainless basket and GSAM

Maximizer® Ratcheting Wine Press Wood Basket

  36 Liter (9.5 Gallons)  20 Liter (5.3 Gallons) 
Frame Dimensions (W x D x H) 24.75" x 17.75" x 43" 22" x 15.5" x 36"
Outside Basket Dimensions (Dia x H) 14" x 17" 12" x 14"
Inside Basket Dimensions (Dia x H) 12.5" x 17" 10.5" x 14"
Net Machine Weight 108 lbs. 89 lbs.


Maximizer® Ratcheting Wine Press with Stainless Basket

  36 Liter (9.5 Gallons)  20 Liter (5.3 Gallons)
Frame Dimensions (W x D x H) 24.75" x 17.75" x 43" 22" x 15.5" x 36"
Basket Dimensions (Dia x H) 13" x 17.25" 10.5" x 14"
Net Machine Weight 100 lbs. 81 lbs.

For more details please see the specs tab, above.

Lubricating the Acme Screw

It's important to keep the acme forcing screw well lubricated with food safe grease; this greatly reduces wear and turning effort, and dramatically increases maximum pressure and juice yield.

If you want to press apples, pears, or other fruit that's fine-grained when pulped, we recommend ordering an accessory mesh basket-liner bag. Traditionally, disposable cheesecloth is used to keep finer fruit pulps from squirting out between the basket slats under high pressure, but our mesh bags are reusable and much more convenient.

The top U.S. wine producing states are Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Idaho, New Mexico, Iowa and Colorado… We ship wine presses free to the 48-contiguous U.S. states!

We offer a wide selection of wine presses: Click to see our category page of all wine presses!

This product is made in India!

This product was made in the India

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