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Famag Grilletta IM-5 Spiral Dough Mixer

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  • Spiral mixing action
  • Cool, gentle, low-oxidation kneading
  • Integrated offset breaker bar
  • Power rotating, 8.4 qt. (8L) bowl
  • High lift drive head with lift assist or fixed head
  • High torque 110V industrial motor
  • All-stainless food contact parts
  • Wide 1.3 to 11 lbs. (0.6-5kg) batch range
  • Infinite variable speed
  • Reverse function
  • Quiet operation
  • Plugs into 110V home outlet
  • Made in Italy
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Famag Grilletta Mixer

Famag Grilletta family shot

Artisan rolls

Italian-made Famag spiral mixers are world renowned for outstanding baking results. As Famag's exclusive importer, Pleasant Hill Grain is proud to offer these high performance mixers!

Engineered expressly for ideal dough-mixing and kneading results, Famag spiral mixers feature a spiral agitator that remains stationary while the bowl rotates, bringing the dough to the stainless steel dough hook with each revolution. This action is exceptionally thorough and uniform, while avoiding both overworking and overheating of the dough. An integrated offset breaker bar ensures ideal metering of the dough into the spiral hook. This three-way kneading process is exceptionally thorough and fast, yet the low impact and widely distributed dough contact of the spiral hook completely avoids overworking and overheating of the dough. Wide-range, infinitely variable speed adjustment lets you dial in precisely the action you want.

The IM-5 mixer is available in two dough hook RPM ranges: 98-245 or 130-312 RPM. Read about the difference between these models in the high hydration dough section below.


Famag mixers feature heavy duty chain overhead drive, with a high torque dual-belt final drive. FAG sealed industrial ball bearings are used for exceptionally long life. Construction is robust throughout, as attested to by the mixer’s substantial 66 lb. weight. Epoxy powder coating over a steel cabinet protects the handsome appearance of your Famag mixer.


Famag Grilletta Model Comparison

Model Tilting Head Removable Bowl Spiral Hook Speed Range Ratio of Bowl to Dough Hook RPM How to order


    98-245 RPM 1:8 Above on this page.


    98-245 RPM 1:8 Above on this page.


    130-312 RPM 1:9 Call or email to place special order. 


    130-312 RPM 1:9 Above on this page.

Tilting or Fixed Head

The Famag Grilletta IM-5 mixer is available with either a tilting head that features a high lift drive and lift assist, or with a fixed head. The model with the fixed head is the IM-5, and the model with the tilting head and removable bowl is the IM-5S. The bowl is removable on the mixer with a tilting head, and is not removable on the mixer with a fixed head.

If you're mixing high hydration doughs we recommend you purchase a tilting head/removable bowl model so it's easier to remove the dough from the bowl, and to clean the bowl. It's easy to remove low hydration dough from the fixed head mixer than it is to remove high hydration dough, and cleaning the bowl after mixing low hydration dough is easily done with the bowl attached to the mixer. 

  • “Until I got the Famag mixer, I almost gave up on finding a mixer that produces good dough development in small home sized doughs… the Famag is just great. Gives me good dough strength like I got in my larger spiral mixer at the bakery. I am SO GLAD I bought this mixer.”

    – Gil T., MS


Thanks to the spiral hook’s action, mixtures that overtax other designs—such as pizza or bagel dough—are handled easily, quickly and efficiently in the Famag spiral dough mixer. Doughs of all kinds, from heavy to high-hydration artisan doughs, come out smooth, silky and perfectly developed.

Artisan boulesThe Famag IM-5S HH mixer is identical to the standard IM-5S Famag mixer, except that it has a special sprocket that allows the mixer to run at a faster RPM. The spiral hook on this model runs at 130-312 RPM, while the hook on the standard IM-5S mixer runs at 98-245 RPM. Click here for the approximate RPM at each speed, for each model. The IM-5S HH mixer is designed specifically for high hydration dough (over 75% hydration). If you aren't planning to make a lot of high hydration dough, the mixer with the regular sprocket is a great option.


Famag's Grilletta IM-5 mixes and kneads up to 11 lbs. of dough at 60% hydration (or more at higher hydration), but also handles batches as small as 1.3 lbs (0.6 kg) equally as well. In terms of flour capacity, this is 6.6 lbs (3 kg) down to 0.8 lb (400 g). Capacity of the stainless steel bowl is 8.4 quarts (8 liters). The kneading arm of the Famag IM-5S lifts high for bowl access and removal, and provides lift-assist. 

  1. Heavier doughs can be mixed when the hydration level is higher than the 60% hydration formulas listed above.
  2. The flour used for these capacity tests was 00 durum wheat flour.

Famag Mixer Capacities at 50-60% Hydration

  Flour Total Weight
IM-5 6.6 lbs / 3 kg 11 lbs. / 5 kg
IM-8 11 lbs / 5 kg 17.6 lbs. / 8 kg
IM-10 15.4 lbs / 7 kg 23 lbs. / 10.5 kg
IM-15 17.6 lbs / 8 kg 26 lbs. / 12 kg
IM-20 26.4 lbs / 12 kg 39.6 lbs. / 18 kg
IM-30 37 lbs / 17 kg  66 lbs. / 30 kg
IM-40 55 lbs / 25 kg 83 lbs. / 38 kg
IM-50 72.7 lbs / 33 kg 110 lbs. / 50 kg

Speed Based on Hydration

Variable speed mixers have a speed dial marked from 1-10. For normal dough with a hydration of 55-65%, the mixer can be operated at speeds 1 through 5. With 65-75% hydration, at speeds 1 through 6-7, and with dough over 75% hydration, at speeds 1 through 8-10. These are general guidelines, as dough characteristics vary. If mixing dough that's less than 60% hydration, it's recommend to only fill the bowl to 50% capacity, and mix for only 10 minutes at a time; judgment must be exercised in any case, to avoid kneading dough so dry it’s outside of normal baking parameters, regardless of the hydration numbers. With dough over 60% hydration, dough can be mixed for up to 20-25 minutes before the mixer should be turned off for about 40 minutes.


There are two buttons on the Famag mixer for controlling the direction of both the dough hook and bowl. The left arrow button moves the spiral hook in a downward motion, and the right arrow button moves the hook in an upward motion. The left arrow button can be referred to as the “forward” direction while the right arrow button can be referred to as the “reverse” direction.

Some users incorporate ingredients with the spiral hook turning in an upward motion, to reduce the amount of oxygen incorporated into the ingredients, and then switch to a downward motion to knead the dough. Others users prefer to mix with the hook turning in a downward motion from start to finish.


Famag spiral dough mixers are available in a wide selection of colors. Dark Silver, Marina, and Emerald are pearl finishes that have a subtle pearlescent luster. Sparkle Silver has a brilliant sparkle to it that catches light more than the pearlescent colors will. Arctic White, Ruby, and Maraschino have a glossy finish. Galaxy sparkles in gold, red, blue, and green over a black background. Because of the unique characteristics of the Galaxy color, 3” x 6” Galaxy color sample cards are available by U.S. mail at a cost of $7 (which includes shipping). This cost is refundable as a credit toward the purchase of any color or model of Famag mixer purchased within 30 days (and you can keep the card).

Color options are shown below. Choose a color from the dropdown menu selector above.

Famag IM-5 Grilletta Spiral Mixer Colors

Famag IM-5S, Arctic White Famag IM-5S, Dark Silver Famag IM-5S, Sparkle Silver
Arctic White Dark Silver Sparkle Silver
Famag IM-5S, Ruby Famag IM-5S, Maraschino Famag IM-5S, Marina
Ruby Maraschino Marina
Famag IM-5S Grilletta, Emerald    

  • “I love the Famag mixer! I've never had such airy, beautiful, lively dough, it is absolutely amazing!”

    – Yelena S., PA

artisan bread slippersGOURMET DREAM MACHINE

Whether you’re a commercial user or a dedicated home enthusiast, Famag offers exceptional value as well as performance. They’re competitively priced, and backed by a three year warranty covering either home or commercial use.

As a gourmet chef at home, or at work, the Famag spiral dough mixer will quickly take its place as your trusted culinary partner. Order yours today and see just how much you’ve been missing!

1. Based on 50-60% hydration dough.
2. Dimensions are measured from facing the control panel.
For more details see the specs tab, above.

Famag Grilletta IM-5 Variable Speed Mixer

Bowl Capacity 8.4 Q (8 L)
Bowl Dimensions (Inside dia. x H) IM-5 Tilting: 9.4" x 7"
IM-5 Fixed: 10" x 6.2"
Bowl Weight 4.5 lbs.
Dough Capacity1
1.3 to 11 lbs. (0.6 to 5 kg)
Flour Capacity1 0.8 to 6.6 lbs. (0.4 to 3 kg)
Industrial Motor 110V, 350W, 1PH
Dimensions: Head Down (W x D x H)2 IM-5 Tilting: 18.7" x 10.2" x 15.3"
IM-5 Fixed: 17.5" x 10" x 17.2"
Dimensions: Head Up (W x D x H)2 IM-5 Tilting: 20.2" x 10.2" x 26"  
Weight 66 lbs.
Speed Control Infinitely variable
Kneading Arm Lifts Up Optional
Removable Bowl Optional
Warranty 3 year home, 1 year commercial

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This product is made in Italy!

This product was made in the Italy

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Manufacturer Part NumberIM-5
WidthTilting: 18.7" / Fixed: 17.5”
DepthTilting: 10.25" / Fixed: 10”
HeightTilting, head down: 15.25", head up: 26" / Fixed: 17.25”
Product Weight (lbs.)66 lb.
Bowl Dimensions (Dia. x H)Tilting: 9.4" x 7", Fixed: 10" x 6.2"
Bowl Weight4.5 lbs
Capacity (volume)8L
Dough Capacity1.3 to 11 lbs (0.6 to 5 kg)
Flour Capacity0.8 lbs to 6.6 lbs (400 g to 3 kg)
RPMSelect an option from the dropdown menu
Horsepower2/5 HP
Volts AC110
Cord Length72"
Cord-End PlugStd. 120V
Cord StorageYes
Commercial WarrantyYes
Warranty Length3 year home, 1 year commercial
Country of ManufactureItaly

Use & Care

Famag professional dough mixers require periodic inspection and adjustments of drive belt and chain tension. Details are provided in the manual.


Select product option(s) from the drop-down menu at top of page to see item-specific specifications here.


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