Note: Today we're shipping orders for in-stock items placed July 13.
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Testimonials from our customers...

Your company provides the sort of service I thought did not exist anymore. I'll purchase more things from you in the future because of your great service and your honesty. – Greg Ortega, AZ

Wow! I have never been so impressed with an online transaction in my life! Your website was easy to navigate and make changes, checkout was fast, and delivery was super fast! I am going to recommend you to my friends! – Lani Cordova, TX

I could choose to do business with other companies, but why would I? Pleasant Hill Grain is like this equipment, timeless. The folks here have not forgotten that polite, respectful kind service is just as important as a great product! — Wendy B. in OH

Thank you so much Pleasant Hill Grain! With my passion for cooking I know I'm going to enjoy my new Skeppshult cast iron fry pan! – Linda Morrill, MA

I have always been happy with everything I've ordered from Pleasant Hill, BUT especially with the customer service. Everyone has always be so informative and kind. They take the time to listen. that means a lot. God bless you all. — Brenda B. in NY

I've found Pleasant Hill Grain a great place to do business with. Whenever I've had any questions they're always ready to honestly answer them over the phone. Most of the employees I've talked to about my mixer own one themselves and give me extra tips on how they use theirs. Their help seems very personal and what a pleasure to be treated so well in this day and age. – Judy, CA

My orders have been easy to make, the website is user friendly, the delivery prompt, and all products have arrived in pristine condition. I was originally referred to PHG and I've found THIS company to be the kind of place that is truly filled with hardworking individuals who make this country shine with quality at every level, just the way it was my whole life. — J Delores Keefer

Product is great. But the customer service I got from PHG was above and beyond. — JC Hardy

You can always count on Pleasant Hill Grain for confident purchases! — Becky Horse

Best customer service!!! Kudos to the lovely Laurie for calling me back (in New York) & settling my "missing pieces" problem, which wasn't a problem in the end. I am so impressed & I already posted on FB. Recommend your company unreservedly... Thank you! – Hindy Lewis, NY

Pleasant Hill Grain is my go to company for all things grain related. They are a very pleasant company and have great customer service representatives who care about the customer and the products they sell. — MichaelinMansfield

Nicely organized website, clear communications about order times on site and throughout the purchase. Pricing is competitive with other sites offering the same product. — Deborah M. in ME

I am so happy that I found Pleasant Hill Grain. Not only are their bulk items excellent, but their service is also amazing. I trusted them with a large order one day and they delivered exactly what I needed. I had many questions and their friendly staff took the time to help me make the right choices the first time. — Debbie P. in OK

I am writing to thank you for your wonderful service. I ordered a Crown Berkey water filter with accessories and had it in two days! Some of my friends have been so impressed with the water, they want to order one for themselves. I am referring them to your company because I know you will take good care of them. – Carolyn Boyles, AR

Wow! Your company is amazing! I received my soybeans already! Thank you for such prompt service! What a pleasant surprise to receive a delivery to Florence, AL Saturday when the order was only placed on Thursday from Hampton, NE! Now that is what I call customer service! – Jan, AL

I love my new BRK pressure cooker set! I also want to say how much I appreciate your customer service. I called several times and someone different answered the phone every time, but the courtesy and knowledgeable helpfulness were always the same! I just recommended you to a friend; I know she would not be disappointed! – Theresa Boeckner, MS

We've used the Nutrimill almost daily now for over a month. The machine does what you say it does, is clean and easy to maintain. we're perfectly satisfied. Above all, we're very pleased with your courteous and honest service to us. I'm such a critic that when I praise something, it merits high praise indeed. I wouldn't bother to write this if I was not so favorably impressed. – Ed Casey, CA

I'd like to compliment you for making my dealings with your company a very enjoyable experience. Your polite manner, courteous behavior, and professionalism are greatly appreciated. Your company sets the standard for Internet shopping. I will recommend Pleasant Hill Grain highly to all of my friends. Again, thank you. – Rodney G. Chelius Jr., WA

I got a chance to use my new KoMo Classic mill today. First I ground some hard red winter wheat. It grinds just as fine as any whole wheat flour from the store. Next I ground oat groats on the coarse setting and made some fantastic muesli. Looks like I'm going to save a lot of money on bread and cereal! Thanks again. Your service is second to none. Reminds me of how things used to be done in the "old days!" – Brian Farley, KS

I researched pressure cookers extensively before deciding on Kuhn Rikon, but had trouble finding anyone who could answer basic questions. Most stores only knew the price. Then I found Pleasant Hill Grain. I talked with your customer service person more than thirty minutes and they answered all my questions. I knew who I was going to buy from after that, and I'll be buying more from you. – Craig Troescher, OH

I've been a customer of yours for many years and I have always been pleased with your service, your prices and especially your products. I've found your product selection to be unparalleled. Your products are simply the best, and I very much appreciate this. I've traveled all over the country and overseas and you've been great at service wherever I've lived. Always courteous and very helpful. – Rod Bass, Ecuador

I wish other companies provided half the service you do. It's unheard of. I will always be a customer. – Jeremy Brummet, NV

Just thought I would tell how pleased I am with my new Zo breadmaker. Fastest shipping I have ever encountered, and the packaging was excellent. Will look forward to doing business with you again. – R. Raley, TN

I do believe your company is the best out there. Your service is so fast it makes my head spin! Your products are great and the prices are really good... trust me I have looked everywhere! Thanks again for providing a great service, product and your time, you are all incredible! – Janet Moore, TX

Thanks for the update. Your business does a fantastic job of keeping the customer informed. Like that! This is not a item you buy everyday, but will definitely keep your company in mind for future purchases. – Deborah Smith, FL

Barb was absolutely marvelous in helping me with all my questions and order. She was a joy to work with and so knowledgeable. She answered all my questions and then some. I have been all over the Internet looking for one thing and then another and lo and behold! I came across your website while looking for a gluten free bread maker and to my astonishment, you have most of the other products I've been looking for. One stop shop! I love it. This is just the first of many orders to come. Gratefully, – Tina Miller, WA

Hey guys, I just wanted you to know what a pleasure it is to do business with you. Great site, great service! Don't change a thing. Pleasant Hill Grain is a fine example of how a business should be run. – Jim Forbes, GA

I've been a bread baker for 30-plus years, and for most of that time I proofed my bread in a warm oven. However, a redesigned kitchen has made that much less convenient. I saw the Brod & Taylor proofer on the PHG website and ordered it, and I'm delighted! it's lightweight and very compact when folded. Instead of having lots of parts to lose, it collapses and folds into a package only a few inches deep. You just open it, plug it in, and the proofing temperature is right there, easily adjusted. The metal rack that sits in the bottom lets me use any type of proofing bowl. there's also a shallow water tray that can add moisture to the proofing environment. When finished, it stores away quickly. Most importantly, it proofs perfectly regardless of the kitchen temperature! Pleasant Hill Grain is consistently rated highest among baking websites on Internet forums. I've been trading with you for ten years, have always been completely satisfied, and you'll be my go-to site in the future. – Richard Keistler, TX

I'm very pleased with my new Bosch Universal Plus. But more than that I'm thankful for your outstanding customer service. Thank you so much for agreeing to ship through the postal service since we're a military family stationed overseas. We know this is an added expense for you, but we appreciate it on so many levels. Your outstanding service has made me a lifelong customer. Please know that I'll recommend Pleasant Hill Grain to all of my friends. – Amy Reagan

I'm consistently impressed with the quality and variety of merchandise from Pleasant Hill Grain, the quickness of shipping, and the friendly customer service. Thank you for all your help. You are a perfect source for bulk wheat and the mills, mixers and other ingredients for my baking efforts. – Arvis Burl Henderson, Ph.D, TX

Pleasant Hill Grain is a top notch company. You process orders quickly without error and also resolve returns to the customer's satisfaction. Other companies I've ordered from online don't measure up to Pleasant Hill Grain! – Pat Perusse, MD

I'm so pleased with my new Berkey water purifier that I'm even running water through it that I bought from the store. Our water tastes so terrible that I've had to force myself to drink, but now I look forward to it. I've noticed that my dog and cat are even drinking more water. I wish I'd bought the Berkey earlier! – Kathy Bowen, KS

In this age of people not giving you full value for your money, it's a real pleasure to do business with a place that puts the customer first and delivers way over and above what's expected. it's no wonder people do business with Pleasant Hill Grain. – Jack Chandler, CA

The Bosch Universal is a horse. Sorry I wasted the best years of my life on my Kitchen Aid mixers. Spare parts and being able to repair a machine instead of replacing it are such blessings—I use stuff hard, I mix, shred, chop etc., a lot. Your service has been great! – Paul Gallager, GA.

We had canned beef in our pantry already of another brand, and we opened both to compare...Wow yours won hands down. The other brand had good taste and appearance, but yours was much, much better. Your meat had wonderful flavor and made gravy that was rich and thick. I appreciate the "no added ingredients" too. – Pamela Leckington, OR

I'm impressed by the great level of service and value you and your employees offer. Having twenty years of experience in customer service with several Fortune 500 companies, I find positive and memorable customer service experiences almost non-existence these days. it's refreshing to deal with a company like yours which provides a personal touch and prompt service. Keep up the good work! – Randy Lutterman, WY

The Nutrimill is everything you say it is, and more. The Nutrimill's range of textures is much greater than other impact mills, and I get no dust residue on the counter as I have with other grain mills I've used. The milling tips you included were very helpful, and my boys think popcorn cornbread is the best. I'm very pleased... Keep up the good work. – Cindy Swett, MD

My wife and I do a lot of online ordering and we have seldom dealt with a merchant as conscientious and professional as your organization. Thank you for your patience and outstanding customer service. – Chuck Hall, CA

Your customer service is the best there is. All companies could learn from you and your employees. Very courteous and prompt. – Stacey, SD

Your company treats people like family and not like a number. Thank you. – Jimmy, FL

Wow! I placed my order yesterday morning and received it the next afternoon. Very well packaged and shipping was free. I know I don't live that far from your company, just about eight hours driving time, but to package, coordinate shipping–this just does not happen–but it does with your company. Thank you! – Don Rogers, KS

Thank you again. Awesome customer service from Pleasant Hill Grain! I will be ordering again. I make all our bread so I go through a lot of grain. – Monica Kieffer, AL

I want to thank you for the great customer service! After calling with a couple questions about my order and speaking to Brian, we thought we had figured out a solution. I was surprised when he called me back later after some further research to make sure I had figured out exactly what I needed. I really appreciate it and won't hesitate to recommend Pleasant Hill Grain! – Mike Fitzpatrick, MO

Your products are excellent and your service is remarkable, Laurie is the best I have ever dealt with. God bless her and your company. – Arthur Chaput, RI

Great customer service all around. I'm delighted with the purchase and so thankful that you are a family-run company. I'm looking forward to more purchases. – Mario Capozzoli, NH

Just three days new and we love our Bosch Universal. It replaced our 30 year old Bosch which we loved dearly. Since numerous home appliances broke about the same time (Cuisinart food processor, blender) we added a blender, food processor, and cookie paddles and I'm so glad we did. We have a lot more room in our cabinet for storage and we have an amazingly powerful 800 watt motor to slice, shred, mix, and blend. We'll put Mrs. Beasley (our new Bosch's name) to the test this weekend and make some fresh bread. Thanks for the great service and quick shipping. – Karen Mayall, NV

Thank you for your very quick response to my order. I thought it would take several days and it arrived this morning much to my surprise. It was only a small order for replacement parts—but it all fits perfectly and now I am "back in business" and will be able to make wonderful rolls for the holidays. Again, my thanks—you are wonderful!! – Gaye McCook, CA

The Berkey filter is doing a fantastic job! We have very hard water that also has a bad taste, and we don't like water softeners. The Berkey delivers water that actually tastes better than bottled water. Since we use this water for drinking, coffee, tea and all our cooking, we decided on the Imperial Berkey so that we don't need to fill it more than once a day. And since the Berkey removes the potentially bad things that can find their way into a water supply, it's good to know that in an emergency it will also purify water from a suspect source. You've given us great service on all of our orders. They are always packed very professionally, are correct and are usually delivered in only two or three days after ordering. – H.D. Bennett, OH

I just wanted to let you know I received the hopper today and just love it. Thank you so much for doing this for me. I have boxed the other one up and will be mailing it tomorrow the 29th. I really really appreciate it and feel so much better about my purchase. Pleasant Hill Grains is the best and will be on my Favorites for all future items you sell that I may be needing to purchase. Take care and again thank you and to everyone that helped me! – Jennifer Schmidt, MI

How in the world do you do it? The canned bacon was unbelievable... crisp, crisp, crisp. The canned chicken... I said to my husband, "What in the world?" ...I asked him to come into the kitchen and taste it. it's like I had just taken it out of the oven. The canned tuna and chicken I've used over the years has been far less tasty than cooking it fresh, but not yours. I bought these to store for emergencies but I think we might eat them before the emergency! I'm going back online to place another order tonight. Thank you for a healthy, delicious product and outstanding service. it's so unusual in this day and age, where everyone is in such a big hurry, they forget the details that create an atmosphere that make people come back over and over. – Nicole O'Brien, NC

We just received a case of your canned bacon. My wife gave me quite a face when I told her what it was. Anyway, I opened the can almost before the delivery truck was out of the driveway. I unrolled it and was pleasantly surprised to see full strips, not little ones. I threw it in the microwave for 15 seconds and gave some to her. To my surprise, she said that's really good. Now she has some most mornings before going to work, whereas she never took time before. she's commented more than once about how good and convenient it is. Any time I find a company as good as yours, I'm happy to share my experiences. – James Hansen, TX

I just wanted to let PHG know how much I appreciate the friendly, professional service/help I have received every time I have called to place an order or just to ask a question. My husband and I own our own business. With PHG, we believe we have been treated like our customers like to be treated–fairly, courteously and promptly! Without hesitation, I would recommend (and have been recommending) PHG to my family and friends. Thanks again for the great service. – Anna Vanderwey, MI

Thanks so much, Gary! Pleasant Hill Grain accepted and processed this return in such a professional and prompt manner that you have made me a customer for life. I will definitely use your company and products in the future as well as recommend Pleasant Hill Grain to family and friends. Thanks much! – Beth Capouch, MN

Thank you for providing such a great service. My family returned from six years in England and we were no longer able to buy grain from our previous supplier. I found you, and we're thrilled to pieces to have you as our new supplier. Not only is the grain exactly what we wanted, but your customer service is obviously the best. I submitted an order for a Superpail of hard red wheat to Zone 2. Then, after submitting the order, I went back and looked for a Gamma Seal Lid since I gave away the bucket & lid I used to have. I submitted that order too and paid via my credit card. Imagine my surprise when I checked my credit card balance online and saw that you gave me a credit for the shipping costs of the Gamma Seal Lid. You certainly didn't have to do that, but you did, and it was like a "Welcome to Pleasant Hill Grain" door prize. Very sweet. The grain arrived today and we broke it open and whipped up a batch of Harvest Grain Nut Pancakes which we've been craving for weeks. Yum. Thank you for being a supplier of superior products... Thank you for great customer service... Thank you for super fast delivery... We are thrilled! – Laura Bohon & family, GA

I've already made focaccia bread and rolls and they turned out great. Can’t wait to try more recipes but so far this mixer is head and shoulders above the Kitchen Aid when it comes to mixing dough. I can’t wait to try it for cheesecake especially seeing how it evenly mixes ingredients with the roller. I give this machine a 10+. It is also very quiet and takes up less room than the Kitchen Aid. I love the large mixing bowl and the fact that you can see your dough while it mixes. I'm so glad I found Pleasant Hill Grain and the Ankarsrum. – Sandy S., KS 

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