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Meet Our Team

Gary & Anita portrait
Gary Hansen
President & CEO

Anita Hansen
Office Manager & CFO 



Jesse R. Portrait
Jesse R.
General Manager & COO
Carly R. Portrait
Carly R.
Special Projects Director
Laurel H. Portrait
Laurel H.
Digital Content & Inventory Manager
Cyan L. Portrait
Cyan L.
Assistant Manager & Accounts/Bookkeeping Specialist
Philip F. portrait
Philip F.
Assistant Manager
Ginny C. portrait
Ginny C.
Assistant Manager
Kraig L. Portrait
Kraig L.
Assistant Manager
Liz L. Portrait
Liz L.
Purchasing Specialist
Rachel B. Portrait
Rachel B.
Executive Assistant to Management
Cassandra R. Portrait
Cassandra R.
Administrative Assistant to Upper Management
Kate L. Portrait
Kate L.
Administrative Assistant
Teddy L. Portrait
Teddy L.
Administrative Assistant
Brenda K. Portrait
Brenda K.
Administrative Assistant


Commercial & Volume Sales

Tom B. Portrait
Tom B.
Commercial & Volume Sales Supervisor
Chris H. Portrait
Chris H.
Commercial & Volume Sales Specialist


Customer Relations

Michelle G. Portrait
Michelle G.
Lead Customer Service Representative
Kim C. Portrait
Kim C.
Customer Service Representative
Cindy M. Portrait
Cindy M.
Customer Service Representative
Misty K. Portrait
Misty K.
Customer Service Representative
Morgan H. Portrait
Morgan H.
Customer Service Representative
Raquel N. Portrait
Raquel N.
Customer Service Representative
Barb K. Portrait
Barb K.
Customer Service Representative
Darren N. Portrait
Darren N.
Customer Service Representative & Dealer Accounts Specialist
Ted B. Portrait
Ted B.
Returns Processor


Shipping, Receiving, Shop & Warehouse

Kurt L. Portrait
Kurt L.
Receiving Supervisor
Brent V. Portrait
Brent V.
Products Processor
& IT Specialist
Heather A. Portrait
Heather A.
Shipping Team Leader
Mercedes S. Portrait
Mercedes S.
Assistant Shipping Team Leader
Jacob T. Portrait
Jacob T.
Products Processor
Vincent T. Portrait
Vincent T.
Products Processor
Bruce E. Portrait
Bruce E.
Products Processor
Ron M. Portrait
Ron M.
Products Processor



At Pleasant Hill Grain we appreciate all of our great team members who inspire testimonials like these.

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