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Spiralmac Royal Queen 12 Spiral Dough Mixer

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  • Spiral mixing action
  • Removable bowl
  • 110-310 dough hook RPM
  • Cool, gentle, low-oxidation kneading
  • Removable dough hook
  • Removable dough breaker bar
  • Power rotating, removable 17 qt. (16L) bowl
  • High torque 110V industrial motor
  • All-stainless food contact parts
  • Wide 7 to 26.4 lbs. (3.2 to 12kg) batch range
  • Infinite variable speed
  • Reverse function
  • Quiet operation
  • Made in Italy
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Spiralmac Royal Queen 12 Spiral Dough Mixer

Ciabatta bread, slicedSpiralmac spiral dough mixers are built in Italy by a family-run company that’s made quality food preparation equipment since 1964. The Spiralmac Royal Queen 12 mixer is a dough expert, designed expressly to mix and knead doughs, from low to high hydration, quickly yet gently. The key feature that makes this possible is the spiral dough hook, working in combination with the dough breaker bar.

The Spiralmac’s bowl itself rotates, bringing the dough to the spinning spiral dough hook with each revolution. This action is exceptionally thorough and uniform. An integrated offset breaker bar ensures ideal metering of the dough into the spiral hook. This three-way kneading process is exceptionally thorough and fast, yet the low impact and widely distributed dough contact of the spiral hook completely avoids overworking and overheating of the dough. Wide-range, infinitely variable speed adjustment lets you dial in precisely the action you want. The spiral dough hook on the Spiralmac Royal Queen 12 operates at 110-310 RPM.


Spiralmac mixers feature heavy duty chain overhead drive for the dough hook. The lower (bowl) drive is driven by a sealed, speed reduction gearbox and heavy duty chain. Sealed industrial ball bearings are used for exceptionally long life. Construction is robust throughout, with a weight of 84 lbs. Epoxy powder coating over a steel cabinet protects the handsome appearance of your Spiralmac mixer.

Smoked salmon on rye


The Spiralmac mixer features a clever design that provides a removable bowl while avoiding the complexity involved with a tilting head. Both the breaker bar and the dough hook are removable, coming off in just twenty seconds, without tools, simply by loosening two large knurled knobs. This simple and ingenious design features fewer moving parts in the drive train for low maintenance and quiet, trouble-free operation. It also allows you to take the dough hook and breaker bar to the sink for quick, easy cleanup. The bowl can be lifted out with dough—or, to divide the weight, the dough ball can be removed first, followed by the empty bowl.


Thanks to the spiral hook’s action, mixtures that overtax other designs—such as pizza or bagel dough—are handled easily, quickly and efficiently in the Spiralmac Royal Queen 12. Doughs of all kinds, from heavy to high-hydration artisan doughs, come out smooth, silky and perfectly developed. With its wide speed range, the Royal Queen 12 handles the full range of dough densities. Read more about which speeds to run the mixer at based on hydration level in the "Speed Based on Hydration" paragraph below. Click here for the approximate RPM at each speed. 


The Royal Queen 12 mixes and kneads up to 26.4 lbs. (12kg) of dough at 60% hydration (or more at higher hydration), but also handles batches as small as 7 lbs (3.2kg) at 60% hydration equally as well. In terms of flour capacity, this is 17.6 lbs. (8 kg) down to as little as 4.2 lbs. (2 kg). Capacity of the stainless steel bowl is 16 quarts (17L). To mix and knead dough below 60% hydration, like challah or bagel dough, Spiralmac recommends filling the bowl to only half capacity. 

  1. Total dough and flour weight is based on 60% hydration; heavier doughs can be mixed when the hydration level is higher.
  2. If mixing dough that's less than 60% hydration, Spiralmac recommends only filling the bowl to half capacity.
  3. The flour used for these capacity tests was 00 durum wheat flour.

Spiralmac Mixer Capacities

  Flour Total Dough Weight
5kg 6.6 lbs / 3 kg 11 lbs. / 5 kg
8kg 11 lbs / 5 kg 17.6 lbs. / 8 kg
12kg 17.5 lbs / 8 kg 26.4 lbs. / 12 kg
25kg 33 lbs / 15 kg 55 lbs. / 25 kg
38kg 44 lbs / 20 kg 83 lbs. / 38 kg
44kg 55 lbs / 25 kg 97 lbs. / 44 kg

Speed Based on Hydration

The Spiralmac is a variable speed mixer that has a speed dial marked from 0-10. The table below shows the maximum speed Spiralmac recommends for mixing dough at different hydration levels. These are general guidelines, as dough characteristics vary. If mixing dough that's less than 60% hydration, Spiralmac recommends only filling the bowl to 50% capacity, and mixing for only 10 minutes at a time; judgment must be exercised in any case, to avoid kneading dough so dry it’s outside of normal baking parameters, regardless of the hydration numbers. With dough over 60% hydration, dough can be mixed for up to 20-25 minutes before the mixer should be turned off for about 40 minutes.

Speed Based on Hydration

Hydration Top speed RPM
55-60% 4 124
60-70% 5 155
70-75% 6 186
75-80% 7 217
80-85% 8 248
85-90% 9 279
Over 90% 10 310

Permanently Lubricated Reduction Gearbox

Permanently Lubricated Reduction Gearbox

The SpiralMac mixer is equipped with a permanently-lubricated gearbox with tempered steel helical screw. The primary drive unit is the heart of the mixer’s power transmission system, and this sealed, helical gearbox provides the ultimate in strength, efficiency and long life, maintenance-free operation.

Featuring bronze alloy bearings and a case-hardened helical screw constantly bathed in high performance synthetic oil, this speed-reduction gearbox is the gold standard of power transmission for dough mixers.


There are two buttons on the Spiralmac mixer for controlling the direction of both the dough hook and bowl. The down arrow button moves the spiral hook in a downward motion, and the up arrow button moves the hook in an upward motion. The down arrow button can be referred to as the “forward” direction while the up arrow button can be referred to as the “reverse” direction.

Some users incorporate ingredients with the spiral hook turning in an upward motion, to reduce the amount of oxygen incorporated into the ingredients, and then switch to a downward motion to knead the dough. Others users prefer to mix with the hook turning in a downward motion from start to finish.


The Spiralmac Royal Queen 12 is available in Bianca White, Rossa Red, and Vintage Silver.

Caster Wheels

The 12kg Spiralmac mixer comes with four non-locking caster wheels. The wheels are easy to install upon delivery, or remove in the future, if desired. 


For commercial and home bakers, Spiralmac offers high performance and great value. The Spiralmac mixers are competitively priced, and backed by a one year commercial or two year home-use warranty.

Based on our use of this new mixer in the PHG kitchen, we believe the exciting Spiralmac Royal Queen 12 will be adopted very quickly across the U.S. baking market as a premier baker’s tool. Place your risk-free preorder today to be among the first with the best! Need a smaller capacity? 5 and 8kg Spiralmac mixers are available as well!

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This product is made in Italy!

This product was made in the Italy

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Height24" w/o wheels, 26.8" w/wheels
Product Weight (lbs.)92 lb.
Removable BowlYes
Capacity (volume)17 qt., 16L
Dough Capacity7 to 26.4 lbs (3.2 to 12 kg)
Flour Capacity4.4 to 17.6 lbs (2 to 8 kg)
RPMSlowest: Hook 110, Bowl 10 / Top speed: Hook 310, Bowl 27
Volts AC110
Cord Length62"
Cord-End PlugStd. 120V
Commercial WarrantyYes
Warranty Length2 year home, 1 year commercial
Country of ManufactureItaly


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