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ProBiotein®: A Multi-Prebiotic Source

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  • 4 prebiotic fibers
  • Fermented organic grains, flax & nutritional yeast
  • 33% protein
  • 30% fiber
  • Organic
  • GMO-free
  • Stir into yogurt, cottage cheese, juices & more
  • Blend into smoothies
  • Cook into hot cereals, like oatmeal
  • Bake into bread & muffins


ProBiotein®: A Multi-Prebiotic Fiber & Protein Source

Smoothie bowlDid you know that 70% of your immune system response comes from your gut? Probiotic bacteria in your large intestine help to optimize your immune response, energy levels, weight, sleep, and mood. When you give the 100 trillion bacteria in your gut plenty of the fuel they need (mainly prebiotic plant fibers) they can perform their best. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t consume enough prebiotic fiber, despite its vital importance to health. Taking ProBiotein® helps give you more of the prebiotic fibers your body needs to reach its full potential! ProBiotein® is made from fermented organic wheat, organic oats, organic flax, organic barley malt, organic golden flax meal and nutritional yeast. Four prebiotic fibers are derived from these fermented organic grains, which help nourish your GI tract's beneficial probiotic bacteria—all 100 trillion of them!

ProBiotein®, a fermented grain and seed product created by Bob Thornberg in North Dakota, is made from fermented organic wheat, organic oats, organic flax, organic barley malt, organic golden flax meal and nutritional yeast. ProBiotein is 33% protein and 30% fiber! Four prebiotic fibers (oligosaccharides) are derived from these fermented organic grains: arabino-xylo (AXOS), xylo (XOS, mannan (MOS) and fructo (FOS), plus beta-glucans. Prebiotic fibers like these help nourish your GI tract's beneficial probiotic bacteria–all 100 trillion of them! The flax provides you with healthy Omega-3, plus lignans for added antioxidant support. The grains are fermented to remove the starches, concentrate the proteins, and provide important amino acids which come from the plant proteins. Only organic ingredients are used, which means ProBiotein® is also GMO-free. 

  • “I continue to be impressed with the customer service from Pleasant Hill Grain.”

    – Ralph R., WA

By fermenting ProBiotein's prebiotic fibers, the yeasts used during fermentation essentially pre-digest the grain-based medium, so much of your body's digestive work is already done. This helps you to absorb and use the prebiotic fibers more effectively. Other fermented foods you may already enjoy include cheese, sourdough bread, pickles, miso, prosciutto, kefir, chocolate and yogurt. Fermented foods have a long history of keeping people healthier. In the process used for making ProBiotein®, protein and dietary fiber are concentrated and several prebiotic oligosaccharides are produced. The enzymes used in the process are stabilized to work a second time in the digestive tract, along with the metabolites of yeast growth.

To use, stir a tablespoon of ProBiotein® into warm or cold foods such as yogurt, cottage cheese, juices, apple sauce and soups, or blend into smoothies, add to hot cereals, like oatmeal. You can even mix the powder into muffin batter or bread dough to boost its nutritional level and add a sourdough-like flavor to the bread. Read about renowned baking author and instructor Peter Reinhart's experience with ProBiotein®, below. 

ProBiotein® is high in dietary fiber and protein and is an easy way to provide the key prebiotic fibers that are often missing from the Western diet! Keeping your gut microbiome healthy may support improvements in response to short term and chronic health challenges like fighting against colds, flu, and many of the 80+ autoimmune diseases.

Recommended by Peter Reinhart

Artisan breads

Peter Reinhart, in chapter 6 of his book Bread Revolution wrote this about his enthusiasm for ProBiotein®:

"My initial thought [when I added ProBiotein to bread] was that it probably wouldn't do much more than boost the fiber content of the bread. Then I made a couple of loaves of regular French bread adding in a small amount of ProBiotein, just 2% of the flour weight. The crusty bread baked up as nicely as ever. The real surprise was the flavor, which was quite similar to a very tangy San Francisco sourdough bread. I made another batch using the same recipe, this time with only 1% ProBiotein, and the results were perfect! I've since tried it with other recipes, and even in breads made with sprouted flour, I achieved the same complex sourdough flavor. . . There seemed to be just enough viable, dormant organisms in the dried grain to both enhance the fermentation of the dough and also generate sufficient lactic acid so that it ac ted almost like an instant sourdough starter. Many large commercial operations use sourdough powders, but I always considered it kind of like cheating. However, this stuff worked, and there was nothing in it beyond pre-fermented dried grain!"

What are prebiotics?

Prebiotics are food fibers from plants. They’re not digested by your stomach, but arrive in your large intestine where they’re fermented to provide important nourishment for your probiotic (good) gut bacteria.

What are probiotics?

The 100 trillion good bacteria in your gut are called probiotic bacteria. There are up to 1,000 species of them in most of us, though 99% of them are of just 30 to 40 species. Pathogenic (bad) bacteria make up 1% of the gut microbiota, and are kept in check when probiotic bacteria thrive. Nourishing the probiotics with prebiotic fibers is key in keeping a healthy gut.

Better Digestion


We all have 3X more bacteria in our guts than we have cells in our bodies. Most of these microbes are protecting us and do good things. These are “probiotic” bacteria. But about 1% are harmful or “pathogenic”, and can cause trouble if their numbers grow.

Here to Help

Good bacteria help regulate your immune system, digest your food, create energy and even synthesize vitamins. When they’re diminished by antibiotics, illness or an unhealthy diet, they can’t work at their best.

Key for Health

Beneficial bacteria are crucial to the creation of short chain fatty acids (SCFA), maintenance of intestinal villi and proper permeability of your intestinal wall. Plus the release of “signaling” molecules that travel from your gut, to your brain. The SCFA may also increase mineral absorption, provide anti-inflammatory benefits, stabilize glucose levels, suppress cholesterol synthesis, and keep levels of immune system agents and antibodies normal.

Undigestible, Fermentable, Functional Fiber

Plant foods have two types of fiber. Soluble and insoluble. Soluble can dissolve in water and insoluble can’t. Prebiotics are the soluble fibers that are not digested in your stomach or small intestine, but travel to your large intestine where they are fermented to provide fuel for your probiotic bacteria.

Absorption by Fibers

Both soluble and insoluble fiber types can help by absorbing and carrying significant volumes of water as they pass through your GI tract. Insoluble fibers also collect carcinogens and other toxins, keeping them from being absorbed into your cells and bloodstream, and helping to move them out of your body more quickly.

  • “My order arrived almost instantly, which was a great surprise. Thanks so much!”

    – Carolyn Fabricant, MA


Good Bacteria

Your gut is more than just a processing system for food and dietary waste. It’s the main organ in your daily battle against illnesses and pathogenic invaders.

Pathogenic Bacteria

About 99% of the bacteria in your gut are good. In fact, we can’t get along without them. But about 1% are bad. They key is keeping their numbers in check. When your good bacteria flourish, they leave little room and food for the pathogens. This crowding out is called “competitive exclusion.” It can reduce the harmful gut antigens and the secretion of mediators that cause inflammation.

Leaky Gut

Normally, your intestinal walls are semi-permeable, allowing important ions and nutrients to pass through and into your bloodstream. That’s good. But pathogenic bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and toxins can alter the “tight junctions” of your intestinal epithelial cells, allowing pathogens and toxins to enter the blood stream on the other side of the gut wall. That’s bad. Leaky gut may contribute to many of the 80+ known autoimmune diseases.

Antioxidants and Lignans

Free radicals are molecules created when food is broken down in your digestive system. They’re a source of potential damage or death to your healthy cells, and are indicated in a number of serious diseases. Antioxidants can counteract the missing electrons of free radicals to keep them from doing harm. Flax provides a good source of antioxidants from its lignans, and can help defend against free radicals.


organic wheat, organic oats, organic barley malt, organic flax meal, nutritional yeast.

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GMO FreeYes
Allergen StatementContains wheat.
Serving Size1 tbsp

Use & Care

Adults take 1 - 2 Tablespoons a day, by adding it to foods or beverages. Children ages 3 to 12 should take half the adult amount.
Store at room temperature.


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