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Nutrimill Grain Mill

SKU: ZY343
Nutrimill Grain Mill
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  • High speed milling
  • Easy to use
  • Fine or medium flour texture
  • No dust in the air
  • Extra large hopper
  • Integrated flour pan
  • Sound reduction design
  • Self cleaning
  • Stores compactly

Super fine or coarser flour, your choice! The Nutrimill uses a high speed impact chamber (also called a micronizer) to create flour from grains and beans, a modern and well-proven milling design. The Nutrimill has raised the bar for grain mill design with new features and abilities users have asked for—a combination of features found in no other impact mill. The first of these is the ability to grind super fine flour, much finer than any other impact mill, and also adjust to produce the coarser flour grind you need for perfect corn bread. Its impact grain milling heads provide a 400% range of adjustment from fine to coarse, ten times greater than earlier impact mills. The world's most popular grain mill, the Nutrimill turns out terrific flour quickly and easily.

The award for largest-capacity impact mill belongs to the Nutrimill, which allows you to grind up to 20 cups of flour at one time! The Nutrimill's grain hopper and flour bin are perfectly matched: Fill with grain once, and get 20 cups of flour (or you can do any smaller amount.)

  • “I appreciate the honest opinions and your detailed descriptions. It's because of these factors and more that I keep ordering.”

    — Jill Rains, GA

Convenient, powerful & fast: Just pour grain in the hopper, turn the Nutrimill on, and its powerful 10 amp, 1-3/4 hp motor does the rest, quickly producing your choice of fine, medium or coarse flour. The Nutrimill's impact grinding mechanism is self cleaning, and it operates dust-free, so grinding grain won't mean extra housecleaning later. Easy-grip handles and light weight make the Nutrimill easy to move.

The versatile Nutrimill grinds wheat (both hard and soft), oat groats (dehulled oats), rice, triticale, kamut, spelt, dry beans, lentils, dent (field) corn, popcorn, dried sweet corn, split peas, buckwheat, barley, rye, millet, teff, quinoa, amaranth, sorghum, dried mung beans, chopped chestnuts and soybeans. The Nutrimill isn't suitable for herbs, spices, oilseeds like flax, fibrous materials or sprouted foods. Grains and beans that have already been milled can't be milled again in any impact mill, including the Nutrimill. Also note that when set for coarser meal texture, the Nutrimill's output remains too fine for making cereal grinds. The Nutrimill is an outstanding machine for making a full range of flour and meal textures.

The new design of the Nutrimill's impact chamber allows you to put grain into the hopper before you turn it on with no risk of plugging the mill, which can happen with older designs. Even if stopped during grinding, the Nutrimill restarts again without trouble. This is a crucial design feature for an impact mill.

Protects nutrients: The Nutrimill keeps your flour at temperatures (typically about 118° in our testing) that protect the nutrients in your grains. Its new airflow design makes the Nutrimill the world's coolest-running impact mill.

  • “Your company provides the sort of service I thought did not exist anymore. I'll purchase more things from you in the future because of your great service and your honesty . . . Thanks again for all your assistance!”

    — Greg Ortega, AZ

Quieter design: The Nutrimill's maker (L'Equip of SLC, Utah) calls the Nutrimill the world's quietest impact mill, based on decibel meter testing. With a sound level about like a vacuum cleaner, the Nutrimill is much quieter than the first generation of impact mill designs. And recent updates make the current Nutrimill quieter than ever.

The Nutrimill's trim design, with its flour bin fitting below the milling chamber and its hopper extension nesting for storage, fits into your kitchen easily. Whether you keep it on your countertop for instant access or put it away, with an 11.5" storage height and 11" x 13" footprint, the Nutrimill stores compactly.

Our customers love their Nutrimills! Pleasant Hill Grain has been the world's largest retailer of the Nutrimill grain mill for more than a decade. Our experience spans the milling spectrum from home-use to commercial. We're here as your resource before and after the sale, and we'd be delighted to visit with you about a Nutrimill or any aspect of your milling needs. We'd appreciate your business, and we look forward to serving you in any way we can! 

Brand Nutrimill
Width 11"
Depth 13"
Height 15"
Product Weight 13 lb.
Shipping Weight 14 lb.
Color White
Housing Material ABS
BPA Free Yes
Capacity 20 cups
Horsepower 1.75 HP
Volts AC 120
Watts 1200
Amps 10
Hz 60
Cord-End Plug Std. 120V
Cord Storage Yes
Power Electric (AC)
Commercial Warranty No
Warranty Length Lifetime
Country of Manufacture South Korea
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