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Wine Keeper Bottle

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Wine Keeper Bottle

When you want to open a bottle of wine, drink some now and save some for later, you have a problem. Oxidation will quickly turn your wine into sour vinegar if you don't eliminate exposure to air. Many wine-keeper products on the market try to solve this problem. Some use a vacuum approach to greatly reduce the amount of air (and thus the degrading oxygen) that remains in the partially emptied wine bottle, but none of them can remove all of the air (some of them don't even come close), and it doesn't take much air to spoil wine over the course of a few days.

Other wine keepers take a displacement approach, injecting an inert gas into the bottle in place of the oxygen-bearing air, but they don't work consistently with old or synthetic corks. Yet another type uses an inflatable balloon to seal against the exposed surface of the remaining wine.

Many of these methods aren't consistently effective, and they have a variety of additional drawbacks including prices that range into the hundreds of dollars, plus recurring cost of consumables like gas bottles, and, too often, short life. Plus they're bothersome to use.

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    – Stanley G, MA

Remarkably, there's a solution that's 100% effective, quick and easy to use, and crazy cheap: Pour your extra wine into a properly-sized food-grade polyethylene bottle with a twist lock cap, squeeze the air out the top, and pop it in the fridge. Weeks later, not even a refined palate can discern any quality loss; your saved wine will taste exactly like the first portion out of the bottle. The only trick is finding bottles of just the right material and size, with a cap that won't trap some air---and we've done that for you.

Despite their humble appearance, our wine saver bottles are the ultimate wine-saving solution. Both the bottles and the caps are made of food grade polyethylene that meets FDA standards; it's the same BPA-free material used for milk cartons, and won't react with, or affect the taste of wine. Many types of bottle caps will trap a small amount of air (enough to degrade your wine), but these special twist caps let you easily squeeze out ALL of the air. You can see through the translucent material that no air remains.

While it might seem bold to say these bottles are the best wine keeping device available at any price, we'll go further than that: They're absolutely perfect. And yet cheap. The 12 ounce bottle saves exactly half of a standard 750ml bottle of wine, and the 8 ounce size saves a third of a bottle (get two of the 8 ounce bottles to save two thirds of a bottle.

Once your wine bottle is empty, rinse and save it to refill later from our half or third-bottle wine keeper. Lastly, a free bonus: Squeezing wine quickly from our wine saver back into the original glass bottle, your wine will be perfectly aerated just before drinking. So you save another $30-50 on a separate venturi aerator.

This product is made in the USA!

This product was made in the USA

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BrandUS Plastics
Capacity (volume)8 oz.
BPA FreeYes
Country of ManufactureUnited States


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