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Black Berkey Primer

Black Berkey Primer
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SKU: PX532, Part Number: PRIMER-BBP, Shop more Berkey H2O Purifiers items


Two ways to prime: Black Berkey® purifier elements need to be primed when they're put into service. Priming simply involves forcing some water through the element under a little pressure to make sure all of the purifying medium gets wet, which ensures that you'll benefit from each element's full flow rate. For this purpose, elements come standard with a Priming Button—a small foam rubber ring that allows you to prime the element at a faucet. The optional Black Berkey Primer is an alternative way of priming that may offer you some advantages. 

The Black Berkey Primer™ is a hand-powered priming pump that makes it possible to prime Black Berkey elements easily without the need for faucets or hose connections. Priming saturates the elements with water prior to their use, allowing for clean water production anywhere. The primer also purges (or back-flushes) elements using air instead of water to clean the proprietary pores of the compressed carbon filter wall. Purging the elements accomplishes two things: (1) It clears the pores of debris that has accumulated with use, and (2), it reduces the time & effort needed to dry the filters prior to storing them. 

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    – Bonnie C., PA

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Manufacturer Part Number PRIMER-BBP
Brand Berkey H2O Purifiers
Product Weight (lbs.) 2 oz
BPA Free Yes
UPC 094922347909

Use & Care

To use the primer, just immerse the Black Berkey element in water and attach the primer to the stem of the element. Squeezing the primer's center bulb draws water into the center of the element. As soon as the element is saturated, water squirts out the top end, and the element is ready to use.


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  • WOW! This really helps the water flow.
    By on - Verified Buyer
    I've been a black Berkey owner for 10 or 12 years. I clean my 2 filters about every 6 months. I recently ADDED 2 new filter because water tension is very high in my area, which meant very slow processing. I'm so glad that I decided to add the primer. I started with my 2 old filters to purge them and prime them. It was difficult to get the purge started, probably because they were saturated with water, I thought I must be doing something wrong (it would be helpful if the instructions gave estimated times) and was about to quit and call for help. My hands were tired from all the pumping when the mist started coming out. YEAH! I guess that means the filters had really been clogged. Next I primed them, much simpler. Next I started priming the 2 new filters. It took quite a while on the first one (high water tension). I figured out half way thru that one to put the other one in to soak. It went much faster (soaked about 30 min. ). When I filled my Berkey Light, I noticed immediately that the drip rate in the 2 old filters was enormously faster. Used to when I filled it to the top, It would take 8 to 10 hours for most of it to process thru. There was always 2 or 3 in. still in the bottom. Now it processes in an hour and a half, with barely an inch left in the bottom.
    13 out of 13 people found this review helpful.  Did you?
  • Haven't used it yet
    By on - Verified Buyer
    My city has routinely excellent water quality reviews, unlike other U. S. cities, for whose populations I have infinite sympathy. But we are prone, here in South Louisiana to "natural disasters" which frequently result in regional water boil advisories. I bought the Berkey to have on hand in case of emergencies, since I don't believe I need to filter my water every day.

    My choice of filter systems and purchase of the Berkey was based upon days and days of intermittent reading, and I hope I made the right choice - there are a few good options out there. But one positive experiential comment I can make is that Pleasant Hill was very helpful on the phone and my order arrived beautifully packaged without damage and precisely filled as I ordered it. The price was also as good as I could find.

    The equipment checks out under visual inspection, and seems good to go. Have been debating about whether to set it up and give it a test, but I'm a bit paranoid about being able to dry it out and store it after testing - without diminishing the expected longevity of the elements. I mean how effectively can one really air dry something with all those thousands of square miles of adsorptive surface?

    So that's my story. A product choice I believe is the best for me, a company with great customer interface and rapid, safe shipment practices. I'm happy, so far, with both choices.

    I'd love feedback about the whole drying out for storage procedure.

    Hi, Scott! You can just let the elements air dry, and wicking will very effectively transport water to the surface during that process. But if you want to, you can direct a small fan on a low setting at the elements, and that would shorten the drying time a lot.

    7 out of 7 people found this review helpful.  Did you?
  • Good Product With One Issue
    By on - Verified Buyer
    This is a good product to have, and I was able to use it after watching many YouTube videos on how to put it together. It's confusing on how to put the pieces together. I had problems getting the clear tubes into the holes on the rubber bulb, but finally got the pieces in the proper order to make it prime rather than purge. Despite the problem this is a great product to have.
    6 out of 6 people found this review helpful.  Did you?
  • Worth the purchase
    By on - Verified Buyer
    We just purchased a Berkey purifier & decided to spend the extra money on the filter primer. You can use a special washer that is automatically supplied for this needed procedure, but attaching the primer to the element is pretty easy & the actual priming is more thorough because it will prime the filter more thoroughly. Definitely worth the purchase.
    6 out of 6 people found this review helpful.  Did you?
  • Black Berkey Primer
    By on - Verified Buyer
    After realizing I had misplaced the original priming plug for the filters in my Burkey water filtration system, and was simply going to order the plug, I noticed the Berkey Primer product. so I ordered this product instead. I am so thankful I did! For anyone purchasing the Burkey water filtration system, I strongly urge you to purchase this primer also. The filters are rated at 3000 gallons. Personally, up to this point, all the water I have put into my Berkey filtration system, has come from filtered water through a kitchen faucet attached PUR filter. I purposely bought the traveler size because in future camping or fishing or Road trips, I would be able to use any water source available And have every confidence as to the quality of water I would be drinking. This particular product is necessary to remove and cleanse the filters after exposure to non-potable water. I believe this is such an important addition to the Berkey filtration system, that it should be purchased along with the original purchase.
    6 out of 6 people found this review helpful.  Did you?
  • You won't be sorry spending the extra money
    By on - Verified Buyer
    This is a must-have accessory. Primes the Berkey filters in about 5 minutes or less. You won't be sorry.
    4 out of 4 people found this review helpful.  Did you?
  • We are so happy with our purchase!
    By on - Verified Buyer
    We just received our Berkey this past week and we set it up today for our first time. It took me about 45 minutes to put the whole thing together, which was very easy. I put the four filters in and primed them first with the Black Berkey Primer. It was so simple and only took a minute or so for each filter to be primed. We are so happy with our purchase from you and the water tastes great! Thank you!
    4 out of 4 people found this review helpful.  Did you?
  • Took forever, we finally gave up
    By on - Verified Buyer
    Maybe it’s our well water that super cloggs our pump. I gave up after about 20 minutes and just lightly scrubbed the filters again, that seemed to do the job. If the little contraption worked, it was not evident. Nothing seemed to come out. Not much in the way of instructions,
    4 out of 4 people found this review helpful.  Did you?
  • Primer Filter
    By on - Verified Buyer
    This is excellent and does a fantastic job. You can't have the Big Black filter units working properly w/o this! Thanks, be safe, take care, "GOD Bless", sincerely Randy.
    4 out of 4 people found this review helpful.  Did you?
  • Super Easy
    By on - Verified Buyer
    With this primer pump I put my new water purifier to use in no time. Super easy to use. And I bet it’ll come in handy if I ever need to put my purifier away. It’s nice to have the right tools for the job.
    2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.  Did you?
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