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Chef's Choice 130 Diamond Knife Sharpener

SKU: YC396
Chef's Choice 130 Diamond Knife Sharpener
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There may be nothing worse for your cutlery than using a poorly designed electric sharpener... and few things more satisfying than the outstanding results produced with the Chef’sChoice® Model 130. Professional chefs and serious cooks worldwide rely on Chef’sChoice Diamond Hone sharpeners to maintain high performance edges on their favorite cutlery. In our kitchen at Pleasant Hill Grain, Chef’sChoice has kept our knives in peak condition for years. We recommend them highly for your knives, from the finest quality kitchen cutlery to sporting and pocket knives.

The Chef'sChoice Model 130 is the most popular in Edgecraft’s excellent line. It creates demonstrably superior multi-beveled edges on knives of any steel—carbon, stainless or alloy of any hardness. Their resulting sharpness and greater edge durability renders obsolete older sharpening methods that produce conventional and hollow ground edges. And while the design of many sharpeners makes it impossible to sharpen much of the rear section of a blade, the Model 130 sharpens the full cutting edge from the tip all the way through to the handle or bolster.

  • “I love your company and products. Any time I have need of kitchen items, I check your site first. And I always refer people to you when asked where to get things. Whenever I have had a reason to call, the people I talk with are friendly and knowledgeable.”

    — Dawn White, IL

The Model 130 is equipped with three sharpening stages you can use in various combinations to produce exactly the result you want. Stage One is a 100% diamond-fused conical disk that precisely contours the blade while never causing the temper-destroying heat that can easily result from using a powered stone or belt grinder. Stage Two is a revolutionary precision steeling rod that realigns steel molecules without removing them. Stage Three is a polishing/stropping stage equipped with proprietary flexible abrasive disks. These stages can be used in different sequences to give you either astonishingly sharp, smooth faceted edges, or edges with a selected degree of striations for “bite,” which can significantly enhance the cutting of tough materials like fibrous foods, cardboard, carpet and leather. Clear, concise directions explain exactly how to achieve just the edge you desire, quickly and easily.

Unless you do a lot of rough-duty cutting, you’ll need to use Stage 1 only infrequently. One of the important advantages of using the Chef’sChoice Professional Sharpening Station is that you can steel and polish your knives to razor sharp edges as often as needed and yet experience minimal knife wear compared to older sharpening methods. Because the Professional Sharpening Station is extremely versatile, you’ll quickly find the perfect edge for each use. The Model 130 is designed to easily create three popular edge types...

  • The Ultimate Fine Edge: To create an astonishingly sharp and durable edge—better than the conventional factory edge—you need use only Stage 1 and Stage 3. In this two step process the edge is first sharpened with 100% diamonds and then gently stropped and polished with ultrafine abrasives to hair-splitting sharpness, perfect for knives used to prepare decorative platters and for precision slicing of more delicate foods.
  • Professionally Steeled Edge: The Sharpening Station incorporates the latest breakthrough from Chef’sChoice, an easy and precise method to steel the sharpened edge to a professional level. The edge is first diamond sharpened in Stage 1 and then steeled in Stage 2 at a highly precise and controlled angle to create an exceptionally effective, microscopically serrated (steeled) edge, the type preferred by professionals for more fibrous foods.
  • Steeled and Polished Edge: For those who prefer the ultimate steeled edge, the edge prepared in Stages 1 and 2 can be given one quick pass on each side of the edge through Stage 3 to refine and further enhance the sharpness of the steeled edge.

Elastomeric guides positioned alongside each stage hold the angle of your blade to create and maintain a precise combined 20° edge with each pass of the blade. The Model 130 operates without blade clamping, requires no messy lubricants, won’t overheat your blade’s steel, and extends the life of your valuable cutlery by removing less material than other methods. And thanks to advanced diamond technology, it does all of this in less time than you’d spend just preparing to use many of the slow and over-complicated sharpeners on the market. After using Chef'sChoice sharpeners extensively, if there's more to be asked of a knife sharpener, we can't imagine what it could be. Our happy Chef'sChoice users number in the thousands; order the Model 130 Sharpening Station and we're confident you'll count yourself among them!


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Brand Chef's Choice, Edgecraft
Width 10"
Depth 4"
Height 4"
Product Weight 4-1/4 lb.
Volts AC 120
Watts 125
Amps 2.1
Cord Length 43
Warranty Length 3 years
Country of Manufacture United States

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