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Brand: KoMo Mills

KoMo grain mill logo

KoMo grain mills combine the most advanced milling designs with exceptionally handsome hardwood cabinetry. Designed by Wolfgang Mock of Germany and Peter Koidl of Austria, KoMo mills offer both top milling performance and a beautiful focal point of organic design in your kitchen. With both home-use and commercial models that grind, flake and sift, they make it fun and easy to nourish your family with fresh whole grain nutrition, including gluten-free choices! As exclusive U.S. importer, Pleasant Hill Grain is pleased to offer you the advantages of the unique range of KoMo products. Click any of the models below to start exploring the many choices available in the KoMo line!

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KoMo Craftsmanship

Each KoMo mill and flaker is designed with sustainably harvested solid European beech and beech laminate, or American walnut wood. Built by skilled craftsmen, the wood housings will stand up to years of steady use. And with their clean, compact designs, KoMo mills and flakers fit under most overhead cabinets.

The corundum-ceramic stone burrs grind any texture, fine to course, so you can create anything from pastry flour to cracked cereal grains. KoMo grain mill burrs have a very rough surface which hardly wears down at all after years of use. Corundum-ceramic stones (with composition unique to KoMo mills) are practically indestructible and maintenance-free, so you can count on them to last the lifetime of your mill!

Power & Capacity

All KoMo electric grain mills are equipped with reliable motors for efficient power. The KoMo Classic, with its 360 watt motor, produces 8-9 ounces of bread flour per minute. Its large solid wood hopper holds just over 2 lbs. of grain, and as with all KoMo mills, the Classic can run continuously so you can refill and keep grinding for whatever quantity of flour you need.

All dry grains can be ground in KoMo mills, including soft or hard wheat, oat groats (dehulled oats), rice, triticale, kamut, spelt, buckwheat, barley, rye, millet, teff, quinoa, amaranth, sorghum and dent (field) corn. They will also grind lentils and dry beans (pinto, red, garbanzo, kidney & more). They aren’t suitable for spices, herbs, oilseeds like flax or sesame, popcorn, or fibrous substances.

User Friendly

The KoMo line is both easy to use and easy to clean. You won’t have to worry about flour dusting your kitchen, and it takes a matter of seconds to get to the milling chamber (no tools required). Adjusting the texture from fine to coarse is simply a matter of turning the hopper bowl to the grinding guide marks on the front of the mill, and can easily be done with one hand. KoMo mills are among the quietest grain mills available so they’re not only easy on the eyes, but on your ears and nerves as well.

Fresh is Best

Rich in fiber, B-vitamins, minerals, and protein, cereal grains are one of the most valuable foods available to humans. Commercial flour contains neither the fiber nor the nutrition-rich germ of fresh grain, and the nutrients and flavor begin to deteriorate immediately after milling. For all of these reasons, using pre-ground flour significantly compromises the nutritional potential of your diet. Both taste and nutrition are optimized by fresh grinding, and whether you eat gluten-free or not, a grain mill can be the beginning part of the journey to a healthier you! Perfect for a whole-foods diet, KoMo mills can help you create healthy pastries, perfect sandwich bread, and nutritious cereals.

Interchangeable Milling System

KoMo’s industry-leading innovation allows you to process grains, spices, coffee and even gluten-free cereals in a single mill without cross-contamination, for those with food sensitivities. The interchangeable insert accessory is made of silicone and delivered with an additional pair of milling stones. Within 60 seconds, it can be inserted in the mill and is easy to clean after use.

KoMo Flaker

KoMo Flakers, such as the manual Flocino oat flaker, turn oat groats (dehulled oats) into delicious rolled oats for oatmeal in seconds. Just add groats to the flaker hopper, turn the hand crank, and you’ll be turning your way to a healthier breakfast—no more soggy, dreary bowls of oatmeal paste!

Variety and Versatility

Electric motors come in 110V or 230V models, with hand-operated options available as well. Pleasant Hill Grain offers many grain mill choices. Click here to see our full line of mills. Our newest KoMo additions are the walnut-cabinet KoMo Classic, KoMo Magic and KoMo Duett 200.

KoMo mills come in a variety of sizes, so finding one to fit your needs should be easy. There are multiple models designed for home use, as well as the KoMo Jumbo and KoMo XL Plus for commercial users. Whether you’re looking for an electric grinder, manual grinder, or a flaker (or a combo electric/manual or grinder/flaker) KoMo offers many beautiful options that will last a lifetime!


KoMo offers fun accessories such as granaries for grain, seed and legume storage, the KoMo flour sifter, and rattan proofing baskets. Plus, as described above, interchangeable inserts that allow you to grind both gluten-free and conventional flours without cross contamination!

A Lifetime Mill

The excellence of engineering and construction that goes into every KoMo grain mill means your new mill can be expected to last a lifetime. Only the finest materials and workmanship go into KoMo mills, as attested-to by the 12-year KoMo warranty.

Here’s a testimonial we received from one of our KoMo mill customers:

“I love the simplicity, quiet motor, quality and looks of this gorgeous KoMo mill. Also appreciate the exceptional service which makes shopping at your store enjoyable.” – Madeleine Tuttle, CA

Quality KoMo Grain Mills at Pleasant Hill Grain

Pleasant Hill Grain is the exclusive U.S. importer of the entire KoMo line, and we’re thrilled to offer these unique and beautiful mills, along with their helpful accessories, to you. Our experience spans the milling spectrum from home-use to commercial. We're here as your resource, and we'd be delighted to visit with you about a KoMo mill or any aspect of your milling needs. We'd appreciate your business, and we look forward to serving you in any way we can!

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