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WonderMill & Wonder Junior Grind List

WonderMill & Wonder Junior Deluxe Grinding List

  WonderMill Electric Grinder WonderMill Junior Grinder
14 Grain Mix Yes Yes
Acini Di Pepe Pasta Yes Yes
Adzuki Beans Yes Yes
Ajawan Seed Yes Yes
Almonds, raw No Yes
Almonds, roasted No Yes
Alum Powder No Yes
Amaranth Yes Yes
Anise Seed Yes Yes
Basil Yes Yes
Black Beans Yes Yes
Black Eyed Peas Yes Yes
Black Peppercorn Yes Yes
Black Seed No Yes
Brown Rice Yes Yes
Buckwheat Yes Yes
Bulgur Wheat Yes Yes
Cacao Nibs No Yes
Cardamom Seed No Yes
Carrots, dried No No
Cashews, raw No Yes
Chamomile No Yes
Chestnuts, chopped No Yes
Chia Seed No Yes
Chicken Feed Yes Yes
Chickpeas Yes Yes
Cinnamon Sticks No Yes
Cloves No Yes
Coffee Beans No Yes
Coconut, dried No Yes
Collinsonia Root Yes No
Couscous Yes Yes
Date Seeds No No
Dill Seed Yes Yes
Dried Fruit No No
Durum Wheat Yes Yes
Einkorn Wheat Yes Yes
Ezekiel Mix Yes Yes
Flax Seed No Yes
Garbanzos Yes Yes
Garlic Chips, dried No Yes
Ginger Root, dried Yes Yes
Green Lentils Yes Yes
Green Tea, dried No Yes
Greenthread Stalks No Yes
Hard Red Wheat Yes Yes
Hard White Wheat Yes Yes
Kamut Wheat Yes Yes
Kidney Beans Yes Yes
Lavender Flower Yes
(not covered by warranty)
Lima Beans, Baby Yes Yes
Lobster Shells, dried Yes Yes
Mesquite Bean Pods No No
Millet Yes Yes
Moringa Olifera No Yes
Mung Beans Yes Yes
Navy Beans Yes Yes
Nuts of any kind No --
Oat Groats Yes Yes
Oats, Steel Cut Yes Yes
Onion Flakes Yes Yes
Peanuts, roasted No Yes
Pearled Barley Yes Yes
Pine Nuts No Yes
Pinto Beans Yes Yes
Pistachios No Yes
Popcorn Kernels Yes Yes
Poppy Seed No Yes
Potato Cubes, dried No Yes
Psyllium Seed Yes Yes
Pumpkin Seed No Yes
Quinoa Yes Yes
Red Chili Peppers Yes Yes
Red Lentils Yes Yes
Rock salt Yes Yes
Rolled Oats Yes
(not covered by warranty)
Rosemary Yes Yes
Rye Yes Yes
Sesame Seed No Yes
Small Red Beans Yes Yes
Soft White Wheat Yes Yes
Sorghum Grain Yes Yes
Soybeans Yes Yes
Spelt Yes Yes
Split Peas Yes Yes
Sugar No No
Sunflower Seed No Yes
Tapioca Pearls Yes Yes
Teff Seeds Yes Yes
Thyme Yes Yes
Walnuts No Yes
White Beans, Great Northern Yes Yes
White Hominy Corn Yes Yes
White Rice Yes Yes
Whole Peas Yes Yes
Wild Rice Yes Yes
Wonder Flour Mix Yes Yes
Yellow Field Corn Yes Yes
Yellow Lentils Yes Yes
Zeolite Yes Yes
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