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Testimonials from our customers...

I bought the Chef's Choice 120 knife sharpener for my wife for Christmas, and it is perfect. Your price was as low as the best I could find on the Internet, and your offer of free shipping made yours the best deal in the country. Your customer service person really knew your products and was a delight to work with. The e-mail from you showing my tracking was more than I could have expected, and the package arrived in two days, just as promised. Thank you very much. – Tom R., WI

Thanks for the quick service, and for shipping to the FPO address. It's been a total pleasure doing business with your company. This US sailor really appreciates your support. – Ted Williamson, Iceland

I just finished one of the nicest conversations I've had with a sales representative, one of yours... I will be doing return business with you and recommending that others do the same. Bravo. – Eric Homer, NY

Wow, wow, wow... This is the best, best bacon we have ever eaten. I gave my son & his family a case of bacon and they loved it even more than we did. I will be ordering more of your canned bacon in the near future. – Kay Shaw, OK

The Berkey water filter is a quality system, well made. I used a pitcher system before but the water now is amazing! I really notice when I go out to eat how "yucky" their water tastes... the difference is obvious. It is also very attractive sitting on the kitchen counter, much more so than my old pitcher system. I’ve already recommended the Berkey system to others. Thanks for a quality product and, as always, excellent customer service. – Diana Beardsley, TX

There are times when the words "thank you" just don't say enough. This is one of those times. I was so surprised and delighted to find the FoodSaver package on my doorstep yesterday. I still can barely believe you filled the order and got it to me in five days. No other company I have dealt with has ever done that. It's a testimony to your work ethic and and proof that you really care about your customers... I am one happy camper. Thank you so much. – Jeanne Christiansen, OR

Lightning fast delivery, highly recommended, thanks! – Rudy Jr. Torres, TX

I have one of your Soy Wonder soy milk machines and have been making six batches of soy milk weekly for more than 5 years. I’ve never purchased a product I have used so consistently with such outstanding results. We’ve saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars in addition to getting high-quality soy milk. Thank you for an absolutely outstanding product. – Dr. Kathleen M. Waggoner, J.D., IA

Good service is just unheard of anymore—You have been a breath of fresh air. – Rick Bischoff, CO

I can't thank you enough! You have gone way beyond customer service here, and I didn't even buy anything. I will be sending as much business your way as I can! You absolutely made my day/week/month/year. – Gayle, OR

Thank you for such a pleasant experience on purchasing our grain mill. I am always a little apprehensive about ordering anything online or by phone. Your staff is pleasant, knowledgeable, and made me feel at ease. We have five children, all grown, and we will more than likely order 3 or 4 more mills for them. We're a very health oriented family and see that you provide products that fill our needs. Feel free to contact us anytime. – Dennis & Stephanie Kyler

I am extremely impressed with your fast, pleasant and professional service. I will be shopping with you again, and will gladly recommend you to my friends. Thanks! – Leah Stapleton, OK

Thank you very much for the quick shipping of our food processor, we have just received it. I took the machine out of the box, cleaned the various discs as well as the bowl and my wife put it to the task of preparing the many different foods for guests tonight. We are very pleased with the ease of use and the performance of the machine. It is a very good value. Thanks again. – James H.

Dear folks at Pleasant Hill Grain—My shipment has arrived and it's in perfect shape. It has been so nice to deal with people who care about how you are treated. I got the distinct feeling that you are proud of your products and that you cared for me as a customer. That's not very often true today... Thanks again for the wonderful service. I will recommend you to my friends. – Richard B.

Sometimes, it's the little things that make the difference between the people you deal with once, and the people you deal with again and again... You'll hear from us again. – Liz S.

Thank you! I recently purchased the Bosch Universal Mixer and couldn't be happier with your service. Not only will I be back when I'm ready to buy accessories, but also I am telling all my friends and co-workers about Pleasant Hill Grain. – Julienne Wood, SC

Your service was wonderful! Personable, even human! I do a lot of corporate biz meetings and I hear them spout "customer service". It's nice to actually see it in action. – Tim Hogan, MN

My former mixers groaned with anything past 3 cups of flour. No such problem with the Bosch mixer. This was the smoothest, easiest to roll out dough I've ever made. I always enjoy Christmas baking, but this year will be better than ever! Thanks for your prompt service and great pricing! – Marg Lohman, IA

I'm glad I did business with you! – Jan S.

Thank you so much for your help! With service like this, your company is going to the top of my where to shop list! – Diane Speed, OK

Dee Ann, I received the recipes today and want to thank you. This is far beyond the call of duty, thanks so much! My daughter told me you gave good service, and now I am convinced! – Dorothy, CA

Feel free to give my name and number to anybody who wants a reference. – Tina B., CA

Thanks for making my purchase so enjoyable. The service was superb and so is the Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker. What a pleasure it has been doing business with you. I look forward to purchasing from you again in the future. – Anne Minnelli, OH

This is my first experience with Pleasant Hill Grain Company and it has been a delight. I got all the information I needed and was even more delighted when the service representative didn't know the answer to one of my questions, asked me to wait a moment, and came back to me with the correct information. When I asked to speak to a supervisor to commend her, I was transferred to the owner, and our conversation left me with the belief that the company's concern for helping people doesn't just depend on the making of a purchase. I proceeded to order the Bosch Concept mixer with confidence that it will make superlative bread, as opposed to my KitchenAid, which burned out the third time I tried to make bread. Further, I am confident that if a problem does occur, Pleasant Hill Grain will be there for me. – Frank P. Besag, Ph.D., FL

The Bosch Concept 7 mixer arrived a couple of days ago and we made two loaves of very heavy sourdough (my starter is 32 years old) hearth bread. It worked like a champ, very impressive indeed! – Frank Besag, Ph.D., FL

Signed, sealed and delivered faster than promised. Thanks – Stephen Banicki, MI

Just wanted to let you know that we are very satisfied customers. I purchased a Bosch Universal mixer and a Nutrimill grain mill for my wife for Christmas and she loves them both. She likes how they operate and what they do for her. I admire how both of them were designed and manufactured. It's clear that Bosch started with a clean sheet when they engineered this mixer. It has plenty of power (I think even "Tim the Toolman" would be proud to own one) and an innovative design that gets the motor out of the cook's way. This makes it easy to add ingredients without dispersing the bowl's contents onto your kitchen walls. Amazing! Your customer service is excellent. It is obvious that you have people there who use what you sell and can recommend products from actual experience, unlike other stores that can only offer to read you the sales literature. You've been prompt to answer my questions, and processed my order quickly. Thanks for a great buying experience! – Alan Guddat, NV

We'll send people your way. Thanks again – Brian P.

Your shipment arrived as indicated on Jan. 3. I was amazed at the prompt service. The young lady who took my order was pleasant, courteous and informative. I will certainly recommend your business service to my family and friends. – William J. Bade, MO

Thank you for the speedy delivery of my rice cooker. As the owner of a small business, I'm acutely aware of customer service, and yours is top-notch! I'll be back the next time I need kitchen equipment. I used my rice cooker for the first time this morning to make steel cut oatmeal—it was mahhhhhvelous! I used the porridge setting and the recipe from Beth Hensberger's rice cooker cookbook this morning. Best breakfast I've had in a long time. – Meg Manning, AL

Your customer service is tops. – Alice, MI

Dear Pleasanthill Grain: Thank you very much. I received package tonight by UPS. Zojirushi Hot Water Dispenser. It's very nice. Wonderful customer service, Fast shipment. Great package and up grade merchandise. A+ I appreciated everything! Thanks again. Have a Wonderful Holidays. I will let my friend know about your company. and I will buy from you again. – Miko, MN

I just wanted to let your company know how pleasant it was to place my order the other night. Dee Ann, who took my order, was so extremely helpful to me with my order. – John Speller, NJ

Thank you again for finding exactly what I needed. You are thoughtful people and are appreciated. – Dick Scales, IN

I've found Pleasant Hill Grain to be an excellent source of products, information, and customer service. Thank you for upholding such high standards; it is uncommon in today's marketplace. You have a customer for life in our family. – Nancy Dayton, CA

I don't know what I'd do without my Bosch Universal Machine. After all these years of use, I feel like I owe it to Bosch to speak up! After 20 years, four kids and nearly two tons of wheat, we're finally getting a second Bosch mixer. Thanks for a great appliance! – Kimberly Sorbello, CA

My Bosch Universal experience started when my mother gave me her old Bosch mixer many years ago. I first used it to make breads with the wonderful dough hook, but soon learned I could use it to make my favorite carrot cake really fast with the shredder attachment. That machine is over 30 years old and runs fine, but my sweet mom decided I should have a new one for my birthday. It looks great and runs much quieter than the older one. Thank you for a great kitchen machine! – Lynda Allred, NM

The Bosch Universal mixer is one of the best investments I've ever made; I use it often and have never had a breakdown. You've gone out of your way to help me... It's been a pleasure to deal with you. – Mona Baldwin, AZ

Your canned bacon is delicious! I took two cans to Puerto Rico with me on vacation and everyone thought it was great. I microwaved it and it tastes like you just fried it up in a pan. This is a must-buy for every family. I bought two more cases when we got home. Thanks for carrying this great product. – Alice Fanning, OH

I received my Bosch mixer today. Thank you so much for the quick shipment. It was much appreciated. I'll recommend you to my friends and family! – Kristi Chase, WI

With service like this, you company is going to the top of my where to shop list the next time I need something! – Diane Speed, OK

Forwarded by Tom, from a forum: ...I decided to go with Pleasant Hill. I don't think you'll find better prices or service. – Tom F.

About twelve years ago we bought another popular mixer, rather than a Bosch. At least once a year a part broke. The money we saved was far exceeded by the costs of all the repairs. That mixer died recently. I opened it to see if it could be repaired and discovered that the plastic holes that held the gear shafts in place had become elongated by wear, or brittle and cracked with age. Not a pretty sight. Our friends who bought a Bosch mixer about the same time have never had a problem, aside from a bent whisk. And their Bosch has had heavier use than our mixer since they bake bread for a family of twelve on a weekly basis. If anyone has trouble deciding whether to buy a Bosch, we'd be glad to share our experience. Thanks. – Mike Uhl, KS

Our new Zojirushi rice cooker arrived on Wednesday (only two days after I ordered.) We are very pleased with it, and with the polite and prompt service. Our previous Zo rice cooker lasted 14 years (using it about twice per week), and we've had similar success with our Zo bread machine. – Pete McCollum, CO

I'm the sort of reluctant Internet orderer I am sure you want to reach (fearful about security, excited about the product.) My rice cooker (which is better than I had hoped, even after all my research) arrived in time for my Christmas guests even though the order taker had been careful not to promise Christmas delivery. I was impressed that you kept me posted and never promised more than you would deliver. – Nancy Hayden, NH

Thank you so much... the information you provided on your website was invaluable to me in determining my purchases: Nutrimill, Zojirushi, and Compact Bosch. I could not be more pleased with the performance of each machine. They live up to your description. I now can produce a beautiful loaf of whole wheat bread thanks to your recipe. I've wanted a grain mill for twelve years, and it has been worth the wait! Again, thank you for offering all that you do to help families live more self reliant and healthy lifestyles. We look forward to continuing purchasing from you. God bless you. – Karan Standley, TX

Fabulous. Shipping was super speedy, and my item is better than described. – Amber Norwood, MS

Hi folks—I have enjoyed the mixer so much and think it's just the thing other women that bake as much as I do need to know about. I have sent your information to Martha Hope they try it out. My letter reads: "Hi Martha Stewart People. When my husband and I got married 25 years ago I went through several mixers before I could find one that could keep up with the abuse and volume of baking I did. Finally he bought me an Oster mixing center. It lasted for 25 years, but is no longer on the market. When I remodeled my kitchen I began looking for a new mixer, planning to go with the Kitchen Aid just like Martha. Trying to decide which model was right for me was overwhelming. I didn't care for the weight of the mixer and I like to store mine away when not in use. Also as I have noticed watching Martha mix, the head of the mixer is in the way of adding ingredients. My husband was on the Internet and decided to see what else was out there in mixers. He came across this remarkable Bosch machine and purchased one to see if it held up to all that it said it was. I love it! No head in the way and it's held up wonderfully, plus it does such a good job! I'm still trying new things with it. I think this is something Martha should give a try. Just a suggestion, but I know there are women just like me out there that would be interested also." Thank you Pleasant Hill. – Shelley Marsh, IA

I ordered an Ultramill this week and was very pleased shopping with Pleasant Hill Grain. It was refreshing to have a real person answer the phone when I ordered the mill and your representative was very pleasant and helpful. I really appreciate your response and had a positive experience. – Mark Saiz, NM

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