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Testimonials from our customers...

I’ve used my Zojirushi X20 breadmaker almost every day, trying various recipes you sent and am more and more thrilled with every loaf. The taste, texture and eye-pleasing beauty of my loaves just can't be beat! I couldn't be more pleased. I’ll certainly recommend your company to all my friends and would purchase from you again. Thank you! – Hope Clark, TN

You are so nice to follow through as you've done and I'm thankful to know there are still places out there with good customer service. Believe me... it goes a looong way. I not only feel I've been treated well, I feel I made a new friend. I will definitely recommend your company to others. You people are the best. – Kimberly D. Little, GA

In today's busy world, your exceptional courtesy, attention to detail, and sincere helpfulness are rare indeed. I’m grateful for your kindness, integrity, and impeccable service! Thank you for helping bring back the sorely missed, old-fashioned ethics of giving quality business service! Your company exemplifies five star, world class service, and it’s an unexpected delight in today's world! Thanks, again, so much! – Paula Marie Finstad, FL

I actually found the Butter Bell last year and thought I'd give it a try. It really is a blessing. I was singing the praises of my new find to a couple of dear friends who sound interested in getting one, and I'm going to send them one too. – Janet Fridge, NC

The Bosch Universal Mixer is the best investment I've ever made. My family loves the wonderful breads and other things it makes so well and so easily. With the money I'm saving, the mixer's paying for itself very quickly. But even more than that, the time I'm saving to spend with my family is invaluable. Thank you! – Trace Boley, NE

We bought a Nutrimill grain mill and Bosch Universal Plus from you and we just adore both. They make breadmaking so easy and reliable! Not sure if you heard about/read the book White Bread but it mentions how much muscle it required in the old days to make bread manually. We are sure spoiled by our machines but happy to be so. Thanks for being such a wonderful company and selling such nice products. – Al Kaniss, MD

Fast delivery, excellent company, highly recommended. – Peter Derosier, VA

Dear Pleasant Hill Grain: I've received my fruit press and found it to be well made and really much more than I expected. This is a top of the line press that will give me many years of service, and the help and courtesy demonstrated by your people were greatly appreciated. – Richard Chartier, MI

I've used my Bamix several times now and I'm absolutely thrilled with it. I haven't used it to its full potential yet, but I am very pleased with the workmanship and quality of this blender. I did a full search and examination of the wand blenders available on the Internet and at several stores. After reading about the Bamix on your site, nothing else came close to being comparable. Thank you for the smooth transaction. I enjoyed spending several hours looking through your products and reading about your company... I feel like you're my friendly neighborhood store. Thanks again. I will recommend you to my friends. – Kathy Harp, OH

My Chef's Choice 120 arrived on schedule and in good shape. Performance is even better than I expected—better than any sharpener I've ever used. Your staff has been most helpful with the information I needed. I won't hesitate to order from you again. – Walter Garris, TX

I'm very happy with the level of service that I have received. I will pass your site along to anyone who's interested in your products and who is looking for four-star service. – Gene Roark, CA

I have found no fault with Pleasant Hill in any way; you're a wonderful resource. Bravo! – Ralph Earnest, TX

I'm enjoying my KoMo mill! Biscuits, pancakes, and scones are especially good with the freshly ground pastry flour, and now it's so easy! I also use whole wheat pastry flour for most cakes, gingerbread, bars and the like, and all cookies. The fresh-ground pastry wheat flour keeps up my sourdough starter better than it has ever been, and the difference between fresh-ground rye flour and store-bought for rye bread is nothing short of astonishing. – Molly M, CA

Just want to let you know Laurie was fantastic! I had a pretty bad accident a couple years ago and it has affected my comprehension occasionally. Her attention to detail and her patience with me was the true meaning of customer service. I’m waiting for delivery and I hope, also believe, that I’ll be as happy with the slicer as I am with the service. – AJ Sweney, AZ

My Zojirushi bread maker came expeditiously, but I wanted to delay sending this reply until I baked the first loaf. Everything is fine, and I certainly appreciate dealing with people who really believe in customer service. – Eugene Newmann, AL

Thanks for the great packing of my order. – Kenneth St. Pierre, ME

Thank you for your prompt attention to the matter of my peeling breadmaker pan. Less than a week after calling Pleasant Hill Grain I have the new pan, and I'm back to baking. Your reputation for customer service is one of the reasons I chose to make my purchases from Pleasant Hill Grain. You have certainly lived up to it! And Zojirushi backed their product without question, making me glad I decided to purchase the best rather than a cheaper brand. Thank you once again. – Elizabeth Bennett, GA

The service was just wonderful. The gentleman I spoke to was so nice. I was amazed at how fast the service was on the items. I am so glad that I found your website. Thank you so much. I will recommend you to anyone. Just great service. – Nancy Hamlin, CA

The grain mill is truly marvelous! We've almost entirely stopped having a bin for flour—we just grind the wheat up new when we need it. It tastes sweeter, we find. – Marian Hungerford, Africa

Every time I've contacted Pleasant Hill Grain, I have been greeted swiftly, professionally and very courteously. The conduct of you and your company is a breath of fresh air in today's society. I have recommended your products to many of my friends. – Mac, CA

Received my order today! Thanks for such a quick shipment. I very much appreciated the gentleman on the phone who gave me honest information on various products that helped me decide which one would best suit my needs. Thanks! – April Heitman, SD

I couldn't be happier with the Bosch Concept 7 mixer. The compact base is so convenient and has the great performance you would expect from a Bosch! Thanks for the great customer service! – Heidi Vause, AZ

I'm very impressed with my new Zojirushi bread machine. Also your service—I could not believe how fast I received the bread maker. Made a loaf with it right after it arrived and it turned out perfect. I'll buy from you again. – Charles Talbott, TX

Thank you for getting my American Harvest Dehydrator to me so quickly. It's everything I expected and more. After doing some research, I'm glad I purchased from your company. The service was quick and easy. We'll be ordering from you again and will pass your information on. – Alicia Thompson, FL

I received the Chef's Choice 120 knife sharpener today, and it is really magnificent. I would also like to commend you for excellent service. Everything went well, and I received the sharpener more quickly than I had thought. – Ed Ryan, IL

Thank you for all the good service your company has provided. I am really enjoying the Bosch mixer and the blender too. I did purchase the cookie whisks and they are great. – KL, RI

Thank you so much for your quick, professional service. Now I know from experience what the customers you quote on your website have felt about your quality service. I appreciate you going the extra mile in sending a birthday card to my wife for me. She’s very pleased with the Nutrimill and the bread she makes with the flour is more delicious than ever. Thank you again. – David Nelson, WA

Well, my Universal arrived today. I got home from work, unpacked it, read the manual, washed everything, and decided to give it a test run. By 7:30 this evening this newbie and her family were enjoying our first loaves of freshly baked whole wheat bread! I am impressed at how great it turned out on my first try at yeast bread! Everyone "ooohed" and "ahhed" and we at it up slathered in butter. The house smells wonderful too! My husband is happy that I now have an alternative to him when it comes to mixing that heavy oatmeal cookie dough. I can't wait for the weekend when I will have more time to experiment. Thank you again for all your help and advice. I've had a very positive experience with your company and I will spread the word. – Theresa Kocka, WI

Got it just as described, and fast! – Greg Garcia, NM

Thank you for your splendid customer service. I am thrilled with my new Electrolux mixer. Made a wonderful double batch of multi-grain bread on Friday and it was truly a work of art. I dropped off the defective item at our local UPS place here in Cooperstown on Friday morning, so you should have it soon. I will certainly let the folks at the Baker's Corner know about your company. Actually it was a posting there that led me to order from you to begin with. Seems you have a very good and well deserved reputation. Nice to find a business like yours in this impersonal world of the Internet. Again, thanks and a good day to you. – Donna Bevona, NY

Your customer service has been outstanding! – Michael Kalm, CA

I cannot believe your outstanding customer service! A person actually answered my call on the first ring. I selected the wrong rice cooker online and wanted to upgrade my order to the NH-VBC18. Thank you so much for allowing me to do so by phone in just a few seconds. I have already emailed your address to two of our friends who were envious of our current Zojirushi rice cooker purchased in Japan four years ago... it's always the hit of our gatherings with perfectly made rice of various origins. Now our friends can purchase a real Japanese model from you for themselves. Thanks again. – Sandi Dickenson, MT

We received the slicer today, earlier than I expected. After the service I’ve received from Pleasant Hill Grain, you have my business indefinitely. – Keith Frisbie, OR

I enjoy doing business with you! I’ve ordered mixers and accessories for my married children as well as for myself. Your site is easy to use, your service is very prompt, and your customer service is excellent. Once when there was a problem with my order arriving, you took care of it with absolutely no hassles! Thanks for making the experience of owning a Bosch so pleasant...not just because it's a great machine, but because your company is so easy to deal with! – Lark Woodbury, UT

I thought you might like to hear the response of my daughter to your wonderful Zojirushi X20 breadmaker, our Christmas gift to her: "Made my first loaf in under 2 hours, and it tastes perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful machine!" – Anna Probert, AZ

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that you have a great website, good prices and great service. It’s getting harder to find those qualities, you should be proud of your people.... Thank you. – Craig Garrison, CA

I love your company and products. Any time I have need of "kitcheny" things, I always check on your site first. And I always refer people to you when asked where to get things. Whenever I have had a reason to call, the people I talk with are friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you for offering the service and selection that you do. They are a blessing to many people. – Dawn White, IL

Well, I just want to say you guys are terrific! Your prices are great, the products are top of the line, but most importantly to me, the service is perfect. Rarely do I have the pleasure of ordering something, being told it will arrive with no additional cost in four days, and have the UPS man drive it to the door exactly when you stated. Thanks a bunch! – Dakota, NM

I would like to let you know that I got my rice cooker today and the service you have provided is nothing less than excellent. I have referred you to a co-worker already and will refer you to anyone who wants to buy rice cookers (I'm a Japanese living in California and most of my friends can't live without rice cookers either!) Thank you for making shopping easy! – Mitzie Gazan, CA

Thank you for shipping my order the same day I called. My rice cooker arrived right on time... even though there was a freshly fallen 4 of snow on the ground! And, thank you for being so friendly and helpful on the phone when I ordered. I had never heard of your company before, and I was a bit hesitant... but I'm glad I ordered from you. Thanks again. – Kate McCauley, WA

I'm thoroughly enjoying my Electrolux Assistent DLX mixer. I've become a part-time bread supplier to families at our church and school, and it's helping pay some bills. Thanks for taking such good care of everyone I've sent your way. It's so nice to be able to confidently recommend your company. Keep up the great customer service! – Telaina Panzenhagen, GA

Just a note to tell you I received my Chef's Choice slicer today as ordered and to express my total satisfaction with your company. In these days with unscrupulous Internet businesses, it is comforting to find a reliable company like yours that demonstrates honesty and integrity. Thank you again. – Richard Pike, NY

I have never had such prompt, warm service. I will definitely pass your contact information along to my friends. – Emilena Mulleneaux, AZ

I purchased the new Bosch mixer in October and love it! I refer to it as my Cadillac! It is the best. I also got the food processor and have been making my own peanut butter ever since. I had one of the old Bosch bread makers so I knew when I finally wore it out without a doubt I would replace it with another Bosch. I'd recommend it to anyone! – Carol Nemec, WA

Hi! I received my Zojirushi rice cooker a couple of days ago and it's awesome! (By the way, thanks for the quick delivery.) I've made oatmeal and brown rice so far and it has cooked it absolutely perfectly! I'm throwing out my old one! – Joanna L., FL

Everything went well and got it a day earlier than estimated – Richard Brown, MO

In the latter part of last year we ordered a Nutrimill and a Bosch Universal Mixer, then the Excalibur Dehydrator this January, and we love each one! They are super appliances, and live up to expectations! I think your comparison of the noise level of the Nutrimill to that of a fairly quiet vacuum cleaner is right on target. (I couldn't have stood something too loud, so that feature was very important to me.) Our orders have been well packed and have arrived quickly and in perfect condition. We thank you for your kind, friendly, helpful service. Everyone in your company that we've communicated with has been so nice, and you're great to do business with! – Dara Hoke, SC

The Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker is a wonderful product, and you've been lovely to deal with. It should always be this easy. – John Wynne, NY

I was on the phone with you several times, looking for a Bosch mixer for my son for his wife's birthday. I just wanted to say that as many times as I called, everyone was kind and patient. Then you went the extra mile and actually drove to meet him in his truck with it—that was so nice. Not many businesses care about their customers. My son's wife was thrilled with the gift, and she didn't have to wait. You're the best, thank you very much. – Ivy Wetsch, NE

Had our first batch this morning of your oats flaked with the Family Grain Mill—it was wonderful! The flaker worked great and made a family sized amount of oatmeal in no time at all. The taste and texture was better than any already-rolled oats we've purchased in the past. Thanks again! – Randy Wattermann, NE

Our shipment arrived this morning in good condition. Your business is well named. It has been a most pleasant experience to deal with you. We will be happy to recommend you to others. God Bless. – Walter W.

The Zojirushi breadmaker is my second major purchase from Pleasant Hill Grain and I'm extremely satisfied with it. Customer service the second time was as exemplary, your prices are eminently fair and and your products are first class. I am considering getting a grain mill for my Zojirushi in the future and I will without hesitation contact you again for this purchase. Many thanks! – Catherine Arias, CA

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