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 Accessories and Parts for the WonderMix Mixer and Attachments

Ankarsrum parts and accessories

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To order parts:

Please click-through to individual item pages, using the "Click for product" links listed below.

Click link below to go to parts section for these WonderMix Mixer attachments:


WonderMix Mixer Bowl Parts & Bowl Tools

WonderMix Plastic Bowl w/Lid

WonderMix Bowl w/Lid: Click for product.

This bowl comes standard with the WonderMix mixer and includes the splash ring and lid cover. Bowl capacity is 5.5 qts.

WonderMix Bowl Shell

WonderMix Bowl Shell: Click for product.



WonderMix Splash Ring

WonderMix Splash Ring: Click for product.


WonderMix Bowl Cover

WonderMix Bowl Cover: Click for product.



WonderMix Drive Shaft

WonderMix Drive Shaft: Click for product.


WonderMix Tru-Mix Dough Hook

WonderMix Tru-Mix Dough Hook: Click for product.

The Tru-Mix dough hook works together with the dough divider, creating a cross-action that mixes and kneads quickly and thoroughly. We recommend hand washing to keep the finish nice.

WonderMix Dough Divider

WonderMix Dough Divider: Click for product.

The dough divider works together with the Tru-Mix dough hook, creating a cross-action that mixes and kneads quickly and thoroughly.

WonderMix Cookie Whips

WonderMix Cookie Whips: Click for product.

The WonderMix cookie whips are designed for mixing stiff doughs like sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies. They're also great for mixing thick quick bread batters. To use, simply snap the cookie whips onto the stems of the whip drive assembly, place the whip drive on the drive shaft, twist into place and begin to mix!

WonderMix French Whips

WonderMix French Whips: Click for product.

The WonderMix French whips are designed for mixing pourable batters. They're also great for mixing thick quick bread batters. To use, simply snap the French whips onto the stems of the whip drive assembly, place the whip drive on the drive shaft, twist into place and begin to mix.

WonderMix Whip Drive

WonderMix Whip Drive: Click for product.


WonderMix Gear for Whip Drive

WonderMix Gear for Whip Drive: Click for product.


WonderMix Blender & Blender Parts

WonderMix Blender

WonderMix Blender Complete: Click for product.

WonderMix Blender Carafe

WonderMix Blender Carafe: Click for product.

WonderMix Blender Blade Assembly

WonderMix Blender Blade Assembly: Click for product.

Blender Blade for WonderMix mixer

WonderMix Blender Blade: Click for product.

WonderMix Blender Lid

WonderMix Blender Lid: Click for product.

WonderMix Blender Funnel

WonderMix Blender Funnel: Click for product.

WonderMix Miscellaneous Parts

WonderMix Protective Drive Cover

WonderMix Protective Drive Cover: Click for product.

This is the round plastic cover piece to place where the attachments fit onto the mixer.

WonderMix Grain & Seed Mill Attachment

WonderMix Grain & Seed Mill

WonderMix Grain & Seed Mill: Click for product.

The WonderMix Grain & Seed Mill attaches to the WonderMix stand mixer. The grind is infinitely adjustable on the WonderMix Grain & Seed Mill, from fine for bread flour, to medium for "Cream Of Wheat" style cereals, or coarse for steel cut or cracked grain (if you want to, you can adjust it to such a coarse setting that grains aren't even cracked). The milling head grinds wheat, oats, corn, soybeans, rye, barley, rice, spelt, flax, buckwheat, millet, coffee, kamut, quinoa, and sesame (doesn't grind popcorn). It will also mill some chopped, dry, non-oily herbs and spices. The grain mill grinds cool to preserve nutrients. Large 5 cup hopper capacity.

WonderMix Meat Grinder Attachment

WonderMix Meat Grinder

WonderMix Meat Grinder: Click for product.

The WonderMix Meat Grinder includes a medium (4.5mm) cutting disk. The meat tray measures 5" x 4" and the vertical feed tube is 1.5" inside diameter. Tip: Be sure your meat is chilled to near freezing (but with none of it actually frozen) before grinding. This both reduces the load on the motor and improves the quality of your ground meat.

WonderMix Flaker Attachment

WonderMix Flaker

WonderMix Flaker: Click for product.

The WonderMix Flaker Mill head flakes soft grains and is popular for fresh homemade oatmeal, making a hearty flake from oat groats (oats with the hulls removed) that's thicker and chewier than store-bought flaked oats.

WonderMix Slicer Shredder Attachment

WonderMix Slicer Shredder

WonderMix Slicer Shredder: Click for product.

The WonderMix Slicer Shredder attaches to the WonderMix stand mixer and comes with three stainless steel drums:

  • Universal Drum - Finely grates hard cheese, thin string softer cheese, nuts, hard vegetables such as carrots, and hard fruit such as apples.
  • Slicing Drum - Slices cabbage for cole slaw or kraut. Cuts even slices for dehydrating foods. Slices cucumber, carrots, onions for salads and potatoes for fried chips, scalloped potatoes.
  • Coarse Drum - Julienne vegetables for soups, stews, cheese for tacos, salads, toppings, hard fruits such as apples and pears. These drums interchange in seconds and cleanup is a breeze.
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