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Which Grains are Gluten Free?

Refer to the table below to find out which whole grains are gluten free.



Amaranth Amaranth is gluten free  
Barley Barley is not gluten free
Beans, all All beans are gluten free  
Buckwheat Buckwheat is gluten free  
Durum Wheat Durum wheat is not gluten free
Einkorn Einkorn is not gluten free
Hard Wheat Hard red and white wheat is not gluten free
Kamut Kamut is not gluten free
Lentils Lentils are gluten free  
Millet Millet is gluten free  
Oat Groats Our oat groats are gluten free  
Popcorn, all Popcorn is gluten free  
Rice, all All rice is gluten free  
Quinoa Quinoa is gluten free  
Rye Rye is not gluten free
Soft Wheat Soft wheat is not gluten free
Sorghum Sorghum is gluten free  
Soybeans Soybeans are gluten free  
Spelt Spelt is not gluten free
Teff Teff is gluten free  
Triticale Triticale is not gluten free
Yellow Dent Corn Yellow dent corn is gluten free  


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