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"Authorized Ankarsrum Dealer"... what these words mean to you.

Ankarsrum Original mixers have earned a worldwide reputation for unsurpassed features, performance and durability. Ankarsrum ensures their lead in kitchen design through superior engineering, and they protect their customers by distributing their products through businesses that have earned the title, "Authorized Ankarsrum Dealer."

Ankarsrum expects the highest standards of product knowledge, service excellence, and ethical business practice from their dealers. Pleasant Hill Grain is proud to be recognized as an Authorized Ankarsrum Dealer. We are committed to offering you the best possible experience in the purchase and ownership of Ankarsrum kitchen machines, both now and in the future.

Several companies have had their Ankarsrum dealerships revoked in recent years for engaging in business practices that don't meet the standards of Ankarsrum. Yet some of those companies continue to offer Ankarsrum machines for sale on the Internet. They do this by purchasing machines surreptitiously at retail prices from real Ankarsrum dealers. They offer them for sale online, then use bait-and-switch tactics (which are both unethical and illegal) to make every effort to sell other machines not made by Ankarsrum. If the shopper insists on a genuine Ankarsrum, these companies sell them one of the machines they themselves purchased at retail. But the Ankarsrum warranty is valid for the original retail purchaser only, and this scheme makes the "counterfeit" dealer the original purchaser. Consequently the buyer can unknowingly wind up without a warranty from Ankarsrum on their new machine. Not surprisingly, the companies doing these things aren't forthcoming if asked about their practices.

How can you be sure to select a bona fide Authorized Ankarsrum Dealer? Ankarsrum USA lists their authorized dealers on their website, here, and they also welcomes calls from consumers seeking to confirm a dealer's standing. Any management team member at Ankarsrum USA will be pleased to answer your questions. Their phone number is 770-516-0577 and you can reach them from 10:00 to 4:00 Eastern Time, Monday-Friday.

At Pleasant Hill Grain we would be honored by your patronage.

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