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Testimonials from our customers...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your generous willingness to correct this error on my part. I do a great deal of online shopping and during these economic times it's merchants who treat their customers with the utmost care, as Pleasant Hill Grain does, who set themselves apart from the others. My warmest regards. – Harold Bissonnet, TX

Last month I went a little crazy and purchased three Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers: The Duo set and the 3.5L. I swear, they have changed our lives. They're so different from my old Presto and Fagor. They’re quiet, and being sized right for the contents—which is easy with three different sizes—they come to pressure quickly, and generally take even less time than the recipes call for. I appreciate Pleasant Hill Grain so much because I know I can trust you, your products and your service. – Kerry Webb, MD

I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate your company. I was able to become a new bread-maker, only because you shipped all the products without charging me extra since we were military living in Japan. There is no way I would have been able to make my own bread without this beautiful and generous gesture. No other company I knew of would do what you did. I have shared my love of bread-making with many friends. I will always recommend Pleasant Hill Grain and I will always be your loyal customer. Thank you for honoring us military families. – Twyla Cocciolone, VA

Just wanted to confirm that we rec'd the order and all is well. I do appreciate the way you guys do business. Things can happen... the question is how do people deal with it. You have been great. Look forward to doing more business in the future. – John Lunden, FL

I received the order and opened up the can of turkey, and took a small bite, cold, right out of the can. I was expecting an off, tinny flavor that I usually find with canned poultry. I was really surprised by the quality and flavor of the meat. It was tender and it tasted like – well, like turkey. Today I opened up the ground beef and beef chunks, was equally impressed, and made a spaghetti sauce with them. Great product that I will tell friends about. – Jeff Allen, MA

Your "do-it-right" level of service isn't normally found in dealing with electronic commerce. Good job! – Tom Moser, CA

I want to express my appreciation for how you handled the challenges with my recent vacuum sealer purchase. I hope you'll post this message on your website so others will know that your words and actions run true. Your orientation to customer service and satisfaction is top shelf. If anyone's on the fence about where to make their purchase, I hope they can see by this endorsement that your attention to customer satisfaction should give them the confidence to choose Pleasant Hill Grain. Our application has turned out to be something that will require a custom designed sealer. Through the process of exploring what needed, your product specialist worked hand-in-glove with me on the unique challenges we faced. Thank you for the way you approached every aspect of the purchase and problem solving. At every turn, your positive attitude and outstanding orientation to customer satisfaction made this the buying experience that has set the standard for me for how a company should work with a customer. – Jim Ballard, World Cup Coffee Shop, NC

I just wanted to thank you for a quick delivery of the Torrey digital scale. It is truly a great product at an affordable price. I'm happy with the transaction. I now have you bookmarked to use in the future. – John Gyorki, MI

The water from the Berkey water purifier is wonderful. We’ve been drinking filtered water from our refrigerator for some time, but the purified water is so much better, sweeter and for some reason it seems to quench our thirst better. We’re happy doing business with Pleasant Hill Grain. – Pamela Leckington, OR

Thank you so much. Your customer service has been outstanding! – Michael Kalm, CA

When I received the Bosch Universal mixer, the best test I could think of was my modification of the well traveled "Nieman Marcus Mrs. Fields CC Cookie recipe" as I have never found a mixer that can handle it all the way thru. I have the largest KitchenAid and the latest Cuisinart mixer and both stall. The Bosch took it all in stride with a big smile on its bowl—the batter did load the mixer well, but it never stalled, overheated or gave up in any way. I've now given the Cusinart away, and am recommending Pleasant Hill Grain to family and friends. I look forward to trying more of your products! – Keith Appel, TX

Your website says you like to help and you’ve proven that your word is good. I own a small business in the Philippines and travel to the U.S. once or twice a year to buy supplies or equipment. By far your company has been the best experience in all of my trips. Your people are very warm, friendly, helpful and very pleasant to deal with. More importantly they're very courteous, and that’s not true of most of the companies I’ve dealt with. They were also patient (a rare quality in business these days) and knowledgeable. Thank you again for a wonderful experience with your company. You can make sure that I will recommend you! – Cynthia Torres, The Philippines

My Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker came today. What a beauty! Thanks for being there as a wonderful source of high quality cookware, and thanks for the quick service. Wonderful people with a wonderful product and excellent service! – Ralph Earnest, TX

I was really pleased with every detail of our transaction, it was the most pleasant I've encountered in quite a while... ease of finding phone number, pleasant and hearable voice of Cindy, her helpfulness when I wanted to use a money order (some won't mess with them at all) and the specific information included within the website. Everything... makes me wish I needed more things, lol. Surely, I will recommend your company to everyone. – Carolyn Richardson, MS

I recently placed an order with your company. An item was missing, and one of your employees, Michelle Geiler, has been taking care of this for me. She did such an amazing job I felt her efforts should be noted. Soon after I e-mailed about my missing item, I had to go out of town and was unable answer my e-mail. Michelle was pleasingly persistent in her efforts to contact me and resolve the issue. She is resourceful, polite, has excellent written communication skills and is very professional. I’ve worked in customer service for many years myself, so I know how to recognize a valuable employee. Michelle Geiler is one. – Pam Adamson, OK

After four years of experience with Pleasant Hill Grain, I can't think of another company of any kind that I can recommend as highly as yours. Your service is outstanding; it's a real pleasure doing business with you. – Lori Itano, IL

The way the Universal Plus mixer handles the dough is fascinating to watch; what a relief having the heave-ho taken out of our bread making. Making bread with this mixer uses significantly less flour than the manual method we were accustomed to, also. We studied the tip sheets you provided, and used the techniques with our recipe. The results were great! I’ve also been pleased with the friendly and knowledgeable people you have there at Pleasant Hill. You have my compliments, my thanks, and my future business. – Elizabeth L Greene, KY

You rate 20 stars... perfect! – Arthur Honeycutt, PA

I had never thought about how canola oil is processed. The fact that most oil is made using a petroleum product in processing is an eye opener. I first ordered a 32 oz bottle of yours to try, and it has a distinctly cleaner, lighter taste. Except for pie crust, I use this oil in all my cooking now. I’ve come to rely on Pleasant Hill Grain for all of my grains, baking supplies, eggs, and many other items. Everyone I’ve had contact with either by phone or email has been pleasant and helpful. Another important aspect of your company is the shipping. Your boxes always come very well packed, not just thrown in a box and kicked out the door. This is an indication to me of a well run company with caring employees. I am so glad I found Pleasant Hill Grain! – Sharon Eads, OK

After four business days only, I received the Bosch Universal food processor and other items I ordered. The same for the first order I placed with you. Amazing! I'd been looking all over my country's dealers but prices were a scandal and their service is poor. (Just figuring shipping charges was like I was ordering from the North Pole.) Then I came across your site and I could afford the remaining parts for my wonderful Bosch Universal machine! I look forward to doing business with you again! – Roberto Potito, Italy

This order is my third one from your company. Up to this point the service has been excellent. The prior orders have arrived on time, in good shape and quick when considering modern hassles I usually encounter. Finally, miracles of miracles when I call on the phone I actually get a person who speaks English and sounds like they're interested in my order. Keep it up! – Bill Rice, AL

I recently used some of the canned beef that I purchased from you in October 2009, for shredded beef tacos. After breaking the meat apart with two forks, I simmered it with the canned juices and taco seasoning packet. Turned out delicious!! Served in blue corn taco shells with sour cream, chopped tomato, lettuce and shredded sharp cheese. My husband really enjoyed them! Great product that I would highly recommend to anyone creating a food storage pantry or for camping, etc. Thank you! – Robin Marzano, VA

You've so revolutionized our kitchen... The biggest difference is in the grain we're using. My wife Kate now grinds all our wheat for everything. Last week she made some cranberry pecan scones with your fresh-ground wheat and I nearly killed myself eating them. I cannot believe the difference fresh-ground grain has made in our lives and how easy it is to do. Grinding our own wheat and making our own bread really takes no more effort than going to the grocery store. Plus, we now feel good about feeding our children many of the items we used to feel guilty about. Thanks so much for helping us get started, and for your incredible service, it’s very rare today. – Bart McSpadden, OK

I've never owned a finer piece of equipment than the Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker I purchased from you at Pleasant Hill Grain. – Carlton Laing, FL

I’ve been purchasing the canned meats, ground beef, beef chunks and the turkey from Pleasant Hill Grain for a while now. I wanted to stock up for our winters here in the northeast. Last year we had a major ice storm that left some without power for two to three weeks. This past summer I was in the hospital for eight days and hubby was able to feed himself with these precooked meats while I was gone, and for the couple of weeks after I got home he fed me quite well while I was recuperating. There is so much you can do with these meats! I like the fact there aren’t any artificial additives and not a lot of sodium. I plan to box some of these cans with other (dry) ingredients so that they can be an even quicker meal for those times we’re so busy and don’t quite know what to make. – Sheila S., MA

The candor provided with the information on each product aided me greatly in deciding what items would suit our family best. Your company is obviously concerned with the satisfaction of your customers, which is why I have placed my order with you. Thank you for your help! – Ben Puffer, OR

I am a very pretentious customer but you have the talent to satisfy me completely. You're sensational regarding customer service! Unbeatable! Really! I found a very specific and excellent description of your products in the Internet, and when I had questions you provided the quickest and most competent answers I've ever received. You have products of high quality and good prices, too. It is very very hard to find such a customer-oriented company like yours. – Astrid Klettenhammer

I teach cake decorating classes and recently needed another mixer. After much research, I decided to give the Bosch a try... I officially love this Bosch Concept mixer! I’m looking forward to many, many years of great service from this workhorse! Thanks so much for carrying this amazing product, the great price, and the great service! – Teresa Crawford, NC

We just received our Zojirushi X20 bread machine and I've never seen a nicer loaf of bread. The shape is great, the texture throughout is excellent, and the taste is wonderful! Plus it couldn't be easier to use. We're recommending Zojirushi and Pleasant Hill Grain to our friends. – Judy Kremer, NE

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your five star service and a product that is very impressive. Looking forward to future purchases as my satisfaction level has not been this high in a long time with the often mediocre service and products I experience. Thank you! – Ursula Weiss, NY

As much as I like my Bosch mixer, I love your customer service even more. I recommend your company to friends, family and acquaintances. Your level of customer service is something I've never experienced from another company. I'll be buying a Nutrimill soon, and I wouldn't consider buying it anywhere other than Pleasant Hill Grain! When I first received my Bosch Universal, Cindy helped me troubleshoot the recipe problems I was having and arranged replacement of a broken part. When I called a few months later, the woman I spoke with was extremely helpful. I feel blessed by your generosity in standing behind your products. Thank you. – Julie D., WA

We're thrilled with our Nutrimill! We use a lot of buckwheat and rice flour because our girls are on a gluten and dairy free diet, and the rice flour bread we made today with Nutrimill flour was delicious. Much better than store-bought, and much cheaper. We made corn bread with popcorn corn meal and my husband says it's the best he's ever had. And we're especially glad for the extra instructions you included with the manual—they helped us understand the mill better. Thanks for great service! – Karen Webster, PA

I ordered a meat grinder from you that I felt would be more than adequate for the job, so it would have a high threshold of durability. I've worked as a meat cutter and chose a model based on that experience. But I was still surprised by the quality construction of the grinder. The friendly saleswoman who helped me was so informed and intelligent that she made my decision making process easy. You have good people, and sell great products. – Tiger Paulk, CA

Excellent people and great shipping. Thank you. – Gary Goss, ID

I've thoroughly enjoyed the Bosch Universal mixer. Since acquiring it, I've become something of a local celebrity with the baked goods, particularly the bread, which are among my most closely guarded "secret" recipes (also provided to me by Pleasant Hill Grain)—White, Whole Wheat, Rye, and more. And, all of this from someone who was once challenged by basic cornbread. The Universal mixer cleans up quickly, without fuss, and stores neatly in a cupboard with room to spare. I sincerely appreciate the advice and courtesies extended to me by the Pleasant Hill Grain staff. Every once in a great while we come across an Internet shop that really does set new standards for dependability and excellence in service. What I have come to learn from my Pleasant Hill Grain experience is that if you sell it, then it is the best value anywhere. – Ben Reisz, Kuwait

I ordered Ghee recently and instantly loved it! It's so light and tastes so good, it's a great product. I also tried your canned real cheese—as a cheese lover, I'm impressed with both the texture and the taste. I'll continue to order and use these products. Both are great additions to my food storage plan. I also commend you on your friendly service and prompt delivery. It means a lot. – Pat W., LA

I have recommended Pleasant Hill Grain many times, often posting information in various forum topics because I trust your company to provide quality items at fair prices and exceptional service. I have yet to hear a complaint and usually there are kudos! – Andie Paysinger, CA

Of the three companies we dealt with for the equipment we needed, yours is the only one that I had absolutely no problems with in any aspect of the business relation. I have been extremely pleased! – Lisa Talkington, MO

We purchased our LEM grinder from you. The first one we received was damaged in transit. We telephoned you regarding this and it was totally awesome how you handled it! Your customer service is truly the best! We have just placed another order with you. You'll continue to have our business, and we'll be recommending you to everyone we know. Thank you so much for everything! – David and Julie Tuck, WI

You delivered the products so quickly I forgot they were here! – Pamela Johnson, FL

We got a Pro-Cut meat grinder from you and I want to say this is really a nice piece of equipment. We tried to bog it down but you can't. – Jesse Brunner, KS

My wife loves the Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook and the Zojirushi rice cooker. The rice cooker she'd been using didn't work well—now that she's read some of the cookbook she understands why. She used her new Zojirushi fuzzy logic rice cooker tonight and I must admit it was really good. I haven't been a big fan of rice in the past but I believe with the new Zojirushi cooker, this may change. Thanks for the recommendation. – John Palmer, VA

I have to tell you that the Zo Induction rice cooker may be the most amazing piece of equipment we've purchased. I didn't know I liked rice as much as I do. Plus, Kate has started cooking whole oats for breakfast. They are amazing! We're really enjoying it. – Bart McSpadden, OK

I'm very pleased with my Bosch Concept 7! I was frustrated because my previous mixer wouldn't handle the large recipes of bread I like to make. After comparing machines, I chose the Bosch mixer for its capacity and competitive price. I've been very impressed with the texture of the bread dough and how easy the Concept 7 mixer is to use, clean up and store. – Stephanie, MN

I keep ordering from Pleasant Hill Grain, because the website is easily navigated, the products are far superior to the competition, and your expedient service is virtually a thing of the past. I just made another order. I’m sold on your business. – Brian Westmoreland, CA

I have just appreciated the honest opinions and very detailed descriptions of the items you sell through your website and wanted to let you know. It's because of these factors, and more, that I keep buying through your company. Keep up the good work! Many Blessings. – Jill Rains, GA

Just a big thank you for providing the best service I have received ever from an online company! It is an absolute pleasure to do business with you. – Molly Lewis, CO

Your customer service is really wonderful! We will be sure to stay with your company for re-orders and we will be highly recommending you to others! IMHO, Pleasant Hill Grain is a 5 star company with 5 star people. Thanks again to all of you for an excellent transaction! – Sean Gerych, WV

Very nice press and very, very quick shipping! – Donald Lee Love, MO

I want to thank you for the great service I have received from your company. I ordered the NutriMill last year and absolutely love it. Last month I killed my Kitchen Aid mixer making two loaves of bread and decided to purchase the Bosch mixer. I was amazed at how fast my order arrived. I ordered the mixer on Wednesday and it arrived on Saturday. There was a problem with the dial and speeds and you promptly sent out a replacement base and now it works great. Thank you for such fast service. I have recommended your company to friends and will continue to do so. I'm a loyal customer! – Marcene Estes, NC

We ordered a can of your canned bacon to try. We had some company over the day it came. I was anxious to try it so I opened it and passed it around and everyone thought it was very good. It has very good flavor, was very meaty and not too salty. We were all impressed by the quality. I placed an order for a case to put away for future needs and some other things. Will be great for camping etc. Thanks. – Jim Vlasak, NE

We just received our Nutrimill and Bosch Universal and we are super excited about how they will revolutionize our kitchen! It is the first time I've used products that actually perform up to the standards I need. Your prices are the best we've found and free shipping is a great bonus! We're very happy with your company and plan to refer all of our friends and family to you! God Bless. – Jenny Hochstetler, VA

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