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Millable-Materials information for Family Grain Mill

First, what it cannot grind...

The Family Grain Mill (FGM) cannot mill materials that are wet or oily or extremely hard.

  • Moisture: Water content not over 15% by weight (which is "air dry" unless your climate is humid)
  • Oil: Flax seed (to take one example) is borderline. See note below under "Seeds".
  • Hardness: The FGM warranty doesn't cover the milling of popcorn, tapioca pearls, saw palmetto berries, or similarly hard materials. Rule of thumb: If a sensible person wouldn't risk breaking it between their teeth, we don't recommend putting it in the FGM because the damage that will ensue probably won't be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. But, other than popcorn, all dry grains and dry beans are fine.

Note: With some highly fibrous materials, a portion of the output will remain in fiber form. This fiber may be sifted out if its presence is unacceptable.

In addition to dry grains & beans, the Family Grain Mill is one of the few mills that can grind a variety of other materials as well. Read more below...

Herbs the FGM can grind:

  • Must be dried, not fresh
  • Pre-chopping is necessary in most cases.
  • Some fibrous materials must be agitated to help them feed into the mill.

St. John's Wort
Poppy Seeds
Hyssop Leaf
Hops Leaf
Ginko Leaf
Valerian Root
Goldenseal Leaf
(Most similar dry herbs can be ground.)

Peppers the FGM can grind:


  • Must be dried, not fresh
  • Pre-chopping is necessary in most cases.
  • Some fibrous materials must be agitated to help them feed into the mill.
  • Caution: Even small amounts of pepper dust can be extremely irritating.


Seeds the FGM can grind:

(Note: If plugging occurs, the Family Grain Mill is exceptionally fast and easy to disassemble and clean. You can literally have it completely apart in five seconds, giving you total access to all of the grinding surfaces.)

Flax (About 1/2 cup straight flax can be milled before jamming will occur, or mix two parts flax to one part wheat or oats for continuous grinding.)

Beans & Peas & Lentils the FGM can grind:

Northern Beans
Split Peas
Black Beans
Kidney Beans
Coffee Beans (will stain the mill's plastic parts)


Refined sugar can be ground to make powdered sugar. It won't be quite as fine as commercial confectioner's sugar. Unrefined sugar can be ground only in very small amounts (think teaspoons). Larger amounts will gum the mill up.


The FGM will make a pretty smoooth peanut butter with the food/meat grinder attachment and optional 2mm grinder plate. Chunky peanut butter can be made by adding some peanuts that have been chopped in a blender or nut chopper. Home-use grinders produce a drier, less creamy nut butter than what commercial grinders make. You can make it creamier by mixing in a little healthful cooking oil after grinding. (An alternative machine is the Bosch Universal mixerand its accessory food processor attachment, which will make a very creamy peanut butter, and you can easily make "crunchy style" too. See a sample of peanut butter from the Bosch Universal mixer's food processor attachment, here.)

Click here for more information on grinding fibrous materials in other mills.

For full info, prices & ordering, click here:

Family Grain Mill combos

The photos below show the hand base for the Family Grain Mill. In both images, the hand base is shown with grain milling head attached. In the image at left you can see a little bit of the red button that is used to release the grain mill head (or flaker head, etc... depending on what's mounted.)

The photo at right shows the clamp, which will fit over a table or board up to 2-1/8" thick. The hardwood base is simple, handsome and extremely durable, with 19-ply construction. The handle turns far easier than with competitive hand mills, yet produces finer flour than most hand operated mills. All parts, including burrs, are replaceable. White-colored parts are made of super-tough ABS polymer. Breakage is almost unheard-of. One of the nicest features of the Family Grain Mill is its ability to adjust for cracking grain when you want to do that. A motor drive base and other accessories are availalable... for more info click here: Family Grain Mill.

FGM Hand Base Image 1 FGM Hand Base Image 2
The Family Grain Mill is a quality mill. Its precisely machined burrs are made of high carbon steel and last a long time. If you ever do wear the burrs out, they're replaceable. This separates the FGM from cheap competitors' products that are worthless junk once their lower-quality, nonreplaceable burrs wear out. The FGM's versatility, its construction quality, and and its ability to grind fine or extremely coarse (or anywhere in between) make it a very useful kitchen assistant that our customers find many uses for.

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Family Grain Mill combos

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