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1.) Power Options: USA electrical power is 60HZ (hertz). Most overseas locations will require 50HZ motor. All USA locations, including residential and business, have both 110V and 220V single-phase (1-PH) power available. Some commercial sites also have three phase (3-PH) power available. U.S. residences are not equipped with three-phase power. A dedicated electrical circuit (one with no other appliances installed) of adequate amperage is required to operate a food sealer. Consult your electrician if you have questions about the electrical supply in your facility. For 50HZ motors or other power options not priced on this page, please call 1-866-467-6123.

2.) The gas flush option automatically flushes the vacuum chamber with inert gas (most commonly nitrogen, CO2/carbon dioxide, or argon) from your regulator-equipped gas bottle, after evacuation of air and before sealing. This results in a bag that contains no oxygen, but is not sucked down tightly. Items as fragile as potato chips can be vacuum sealed without damage using this option.

Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Vac Sealer Model

Usable Chamber Size
(W x D x H)

Max. Bag Size


Pump Type

Gas Flush

VacMaster VP-210 11.25" x 14" x 5" 10"W x 18"L 1-PH Dry Rocker  
VacMaster VP-215C 11.25" x 14" x 5" 10"W x 18"L 1-PH Rotary Oil  
VacMaster VP-320C 16.75" x 16.3" x 7" 16"W x 20"L 1-PH Rotary Oil  
VacMaster VP-321 17.9" x 14.25" x 7" 17"W x 20"L 1-PH Rotary Oil  
VacMaster VP-330 30" x 14.5" x 7" 12Wx36"L / 27Wx18"L 1-PH Rotary Oil  
VacMaster VP-540C 21" x 16.5" x 7" 20"W x 22"L 1-PH Rotary Oil  
VacMaster VP-545C 21" x 16.5" x 7" 20"W x 20"L 1-PH Rotary Oil  
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