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Bumpers on Universal Plus mixer

Above: The "Original Style" stainless steel bowl for Bosch Universal Mixer Above: The bowl-mounting area of the Bosch "Univeral Plus" mixer.

The images at left above show the "Original Style" stainless steel bowl for the Bosch Universal mixer. That bowl can be used successfully on the newer Bosch "Universal Plus" mixer, but it will wobble a lot during use unless bumpers are added to the base of the Universal Plus, as shown in the photo. The bumpers are not a Bosch item, they are self adhesive picture-frame bumpers that can be bought at Hobby Lobby or a photo framing shop. The red arrows are pointing to the places where the bumpers should be stuck on.

Important Note: The bumpers must not be so tall that they interfere with the fit of the standard plastic bowl that comes with the Universal Plus mixer, or else that standard bowl may be prevented from connecting properly, and expensive damage could result which would not be covered by warranty! Bumpers about 1/8" thick, or slightly thicker, are about right. 3/16" is a little too thick. The thickness of photo frame bumpers will vary from source to source, so you'll need to trim them down if you get some that are thick enough to drag against the bottom of the standard plastic bowl. The standard plastic bowl of the Universal Plus has two hooks that lock into the base-slots indicated by the yellow arrows; since the rim of the base is narrower in those sections (as the photo shows), do not try to mount the rubber bumpers in those areas. The rubber bumpers may have to be replaced periodically, but the ones you see above stuck on very tightly, and we don't think they'd come off on their own for a long time.

If you prefer, the rubber bumpers could instead be mounted on the underside of the Original Style stainless bowl, itself, rather than to the mixer base. Mounting on the bowl would make them subject to coming off when washing the bowl, and they would certainly come off the first time the bowl was washed in a dishwasher, so hand washing would be required.

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