Pricing Updates

Several of our suppliers have told us that due to increased labor, material, and shipping costs they'll be raising prices very soon. You can beat these price hikes by shopping now! Product lines that will be affected include: KoMo grain mills, Berkey Water Purifiers, Ankarsrum mixersVitamix blenders, Woll cookware, and Grabill beef.


All Zojirushi products are built in Zojirushi-owned factories. The factories are located in the countries listed below, by product.

Zojirushi Products Country of Manufacture

Rice Cookers & Warmers
NP-NWC18/10 Japan
NP-NVC18/10 Japan
NP-HCC18/10 Japan
NP-GBC05/18/10 Japan
NL-GAC Japan
NS-LGC05 China
NS-YAC18/10 Japan
NL-AAC18/10 Japan
NS-ZCC18/10 Japan
NS-TSC18/10 China
NHS18/10 Thailand
NL-BAC05 China
NYC36 Korea
NS-RPC10KT Thailand
Bread Makers
All Zo Breadmakers China
Water Dispensers
CD-LFC50/40/30 Japan
CD-WCC40/30 China
CW-PZC30/22 China
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