Title: The Midwestern Table

Author: Amy Thielen

Published By: Clarkson Potter Publishers

Type of Recipes (including number): 200 rustic Midwestern favorites with a modern twist

Baking/Cooking Level: Beginner to advanced

Cover: Hard

Pages: 397


Highlights: As a Nebraska based company, this cookbook hits close to home! It’s filled with hearty recipes that have roots at Midwestern tables. Find recipes for meat dishes, garden fresh vegetables, delectable fruit pies, freshwater fish, soups and salads, early morning baking, brunch, and more! Each recipe is best with farm fresh, whole ingredients to nourish your body and soul.

Author Amy Thielen is well acquainted with both the traditional Midwestern meal and modern Manhattan dishes. She’s from the rural Midwest, spent time living ‘off the grid’ in a rustic cabin, went to culinary school in New York City, and landed back in a Midwest cabin…with power this time. With garden fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables, local meats and dairy, and fresh Midwestern air, Amy’s recipes are developed for anyone looking to create flavorful dishes with simple ingredients.

The layout of her book is homey and comforting, just like the recipes it includes. In between recipes, Amy included personal stories, featuring tales from dairy farms, small Midwest towns, traditional foods and techniques, and most importantly, the people at the heart of these states and food. Throughout the pages you’ll find snapshots capturing the simple beauty of the Midwest through old photographs and notes about farmhouse kitchens.

This book is for any cook searching for good ol’ fashioned recipes featuring fresh, quality ingredients. If you’re from the Midwest and don’t have a family book of recipes, this will feel like your grandma’s cookbook. You can always substitute store bought ingredients, but the freshness and quality is key for the tastiest outcome. From simple pie crust to something that might sound intimidating, like Rumaki Spiedini, you can use this book as a beginner’s guide and it will grow with your skill level.

Cookbook Image for Nebraskan Runzas
It wouldn’t be a Midwestern Cookbook without a Nebraskan Runza recipe! Here in Nebraska, Runzas are both a sandwich and a popular fast-food chain.