Title: Cook’s Illustrated Cook it in Cast Iron

Who Wrote it: Editors of Cook’s Illustrated

Published By: America’s Test Kitchen

Recipes: 120+ recipes using a 12-inch cast iron skillet!

Baking/Cooking Level: Beginner to Advanced

Pages: 293

Cover: Soft



Highlights: This book is sure to answer all your questions about cast iron, including how to choose the perfect skillet for you, and how to clean and care for it. The people at Cook’s Illustrated firmly believe that a cast iron skillet is both one of the most economical and most valuable kitchen tools you could ever have, and after reading this book, we’d have to agree!

Cast iron can be extremely affordable, durable, simple to care for, and versatile to use. The book first helps you determine which skillet is right for you, then organizes recipes into chapters on appetizers and presentation, searing, one-dish dinners, biscuits and breads, desserts and more! This cookbook covers everything from simple fried eggs to rustic Italian bread, lamb chops, and Chinese dishes, to chocolate hazelnut bread pudding. Yum! There’s something for every skill level, time constraint, and craving. This book showcases the true versatility of a cast-iron skillet while giving readers the confidence to use it every day.

Did you know that using the right products and traditional cooking optimizes the beneficial iron content of our food? With iron anemia a challenge for many, the best way to help yourself while cooking at home is through slow cooking in combination with foods rich in iron, such as red meat, egg yolks and dark leafy greens. Many foods such as tomatoes also help to increase your iron intake by absorbing substantial quantities of minerals from cast iron cookware. And while many makers use recycled cast iron of questionable safety, the Skeppshult cookware we offer uses only virgin iron ore.

Cast iron no longer needs to be the heavy, clunky skillet that you rarely use. Instead, it can be the skillet that is always out, ready to use. We love the health, safety, and flavor benefits of cast iron! If you aren’t sure where to start, this book will help you choose and work with your new favorite kitchen tool.

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