Title: The Best Make-Ahead Recipe

Who Wrote it: The editors of Cook’s Illustrated

Published By: America’s Test Kitchens

Type of Recipes: 300+ Make-ahead recipes for all occasions!

Baking/Cooking Level: Beginner to Advanced


Recipes we’ve tried: Beef Hash with Root Vegetables and Poached Eggs

Cover: Hardback

Pages: 435

Highlights: This cookbook is practical and useful, a must-have for every busy cook! If you love to entertain or want all of your weekday dinners stored in advance, this book is the perfect tool. We love that the editors wrote it for both everyday meals and holiday dinner parties in mind. They experimented with each recipe to find the best way to make, store, and prepare for serving while preserving the best taste and texture. 

This cookbook is laid out like your mom’s favorite old cookbook, with a modern twist. There are tips and tricks throughout, from choosing canned, jarred or frozen ingredients, to scaling recipes up or down, to slicing techniques, storing, conversions and so much more. There are helpful black and white illustrations showing techniques and photo instructions, as well as a section of colored photos picturing a sampling of the final dishes. The book is separated by recipe type: appetizer, sides, slow-cooker favorites, casseroles, breakfast, etc. Each section also includes a table of contents at the beginning showing the recipes and each variation.

The wide variety of recipes make this book helpful to just about anyone. Although there are no diet-specific recipes, many are easily adaptable or fit several diets. With such a large selection, there’s something for everyone! We use this cookbook in our PHG kitchen from time to time, and have found the recipes to be easily adaptable and delicious! We believe this book would become a quick favorite for you too.