Title: Bread Revolution

Author: Peter Reinhardt
Publisher: Random House
Recipes: 50 recipes and formulas for whole grain breads
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 256

Highlights: Bread Revolution is a fitting title for Peter Reinhardt’s narration of bread baking methods. Although an enthusiastic beginner who wants to dive deep into artisan bread baking would find this book useful, it’s probably best suited for those who already have some bread baking experience.

Reinhardt laid out the book in a helpful, instructive way, helping readers understand the science behind baking, sourdough, shaping techniques, sprouted grains and more.

Following an in-depth introduction of the past bread trends and the adaptive changes bakers made to follow the needs of consumers, a comprehensive tutorial in chapter one meticulously covers necessary tools and techniques for home bread baking. If you don’t have all the tools suggested, Reinhardt often offers an idea for a simple substitute that you probably do have. 

You’ll find step-by-step directions, and many how-to photos for shaping dough into artisan, sandwich bread, baguettes, boules and more. Chapter one is complete with a glossary to help you understand bread baking phrases and lingo.

Reinhardt filled this cookbook with exceptionally detailed recipes and tips for excellent sourdough primer, sprouted grain flour, and whole-grain flours. He covers nutritional values, the science of the trade, variations for flavors in muffins or bread, and gluten-free recipes. You’ll find delicious recipes for focaccia, pizza crust, sandwich, artisan, bagels, challah, croissants, brioche, and so much more! We loved the variety of recipes, grains, and techniques Peter showcases in this book. It’s a pleasure to read, and a book that will inspire you to bake delicious recipes without being afraid to explore all the possibilities! By all, we really do mean all!

Reinhardt concludes the book with a section on where he believes the bread revolution is headed, with a look at prebiotics and experimentation with types of sourdough starter.