Title: The Pizza Bible

Author: Tony Gemignani
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Recipes: Pizza! Dough, sauces, toppings and baking techniques!
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 310

Highlights: We’ve probably all made an easy homemade pizza dough topped with store-bought pizza sauce, cheese, and slices of pepperoni before. Sometimes it gets fancier, but most people don’t know how to make pizza that has the amazing taste and texture as the pizza places of Chicago or New York. What if you could create the flavors and texture of pizzeria-style pizza right at home? The Pizza Bible by Tony Gemignani is for just that! With this book, any novice or experienced pizza baker can craft delicious pizza in a home or commercial oven.

Gemignani starts out the book with a master class on pizza-making techniques and the best ingredients and equipment to use. Much of the equipment you may already have in your kitchen, but you’ll want to pair this book with a quality pizza stone or steel for the best crust turnout (this combo would make a great gift!). 

Every pizza style you can think of is included: Chicago, Sicilian, California, Regional Italian and more! Also included are instructions for grilled pizza, wrapped and rolled pizza like calzones, and focaccia bread recipes. Chef Gemignani is a world-renowned pizza baking champion, and his expertise is apparent with “pro-tips,” step-by-step photos and instructions, and notes from his personal teaching experience.

Flipping through the pages of The Pizza Bible you’ll feel like you’re looking at the recipes of a retro pizza diner, with a crisp, red and white colorscheme. You’ll discover how to make famous Chicago deep dish, nutrient-rich multigrain dough, grandma’s pizza, and even hand-crushed tomato sauce and homemade mozzarella! Chef Gemignani will open your eyes to all the possible topping combinations and delicious flavors! You’ll also learn how to bake the pizza for each style, like using a wood-fired oven (including how to build your own and troubleshoot) or home-oven broiler for regional Italian pizza. 

Who would enjoy this cookbook? A novice home baker who wants to save money and perfect a new craft, or an advanced pizza maker searching for new techniques, homemade ingredient recipes, and flavor fusion ideas! Although Chef Gemignani does not include a gluten-free recipe, he does include a  GF flour blend suggestion. Many of the techniques, toppings, and sauce recipes are adaptable to several dietary needs.