Snowflakes have fallen outside our windows here in Nebraska, and the cold weather and shorter daylight hours remind us the holiday season is just around the corner. While we adore this significant time of year, it’s easy to let the busyness of the season overwhelm our lives, and we’re guessing it may be the same for you. We want you to be well prepared for the holidays this year, so you’re able to enjoy them to their fullest!

We understand Christmas shopping can be difficult, so we’re here to make your life easier and to put the fun back into this often-stressful undertaking. So slow down, grab your cup of cocoa (or hot tea), switch on your favorite music and peruse our gift guide. From the Happy Camper to the Busy Parent, and Coffee Fanatic on your list, we assure you, there are unique gifts here each of them will be excited to open Christmas morning!

~ Pleasant Hill Grain Christmas Gift Guide ~

Breakfast Lover

Some people wake up early enough to sit and leisurely enjoy their first meal of the day. Treat those bright-eyed, breakfast loving sweethearts to a Skeppshult Cast Iron Egg Pan. Hopefully, they’ll wait until after 7:00 am to call and tell you how much they love it.

Little Munchkins

Help your child feel a part of the mealtime conversation with an OXO Tot Nest Booster. This booster safely straps to multiple styles of chair and keeps your little one secure from 9 months to 50 pounds. Opt for a booster rather than a bulky high chair if you’re low on space, want one to keep at grandma’s house, or to bring along on travels.

Fast Food Junkie

Well, “junkie” might be an exaggeration, but who doesn’t love some crispy french fries? Consider the Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven for that friend who’s trying to eat healthier, a college student in their first apartment, for an RV or camper kitchen, or a busy parent who wants to make chicken nuggets for their hungry toddler quickly.  A full-sized convection toaster oven, this appliance doubles as an air fryer by using extremely hot air to “fry”  without needing extra oil. As a convection oven, your food will bake faster than your full-sized oven and preheat quickly, so you can prepare hot and delicious food in a pinch.   

Manly Man

Your flannel-wearing bearded beast can always be a little tricky to shop for. Suppress your desire to buy him hair gel or cologne (which he won’t use) and get him something he will be equally excited about like Canned Bacon (complete with a camouflage can) or really knock his wool socks off with a TSM 5 lb Sausage Stuffer.


Doting Grandma

Doesn’t she relish having your kids join her in the kitchen? Whether it’s to bake Christmas cookies or teach them to make a grilled cheese sandwich, what grandmas care about most is to have their precious grandchildren next to them. Let the little ones join in the fun with the Step-Up Kitchen Helper. They’ll love being right in the middle of the action and you might even end up with a passionate dish washer!


Artisan Baker

Dough Proofing Basket, roundArtisan bread, pizza, and pastry bakers are a busy and often nocturnal bunch. They live by the rule that many new parents live by, “sleep when your baby sleeps”, or rather, “sleep when your dough sleeps.” In order to get a proper rise and fermentation (for sourdough), the dough must rest for hours, often overnight. Frieling Bread Proofing baskets are a comfortable and safe place for bread to rest, holding its shape well. Your artisan baker friend may have a few proofing baskets already, but more baskets for them means more bread they can bake… and share ;).

Does your baker friend truly have enough proofing baskets? See our full Artisan Baking category here for other supplies they might need.

Aspiring Foodie

We all have a truly lovable, Instagram-worthy food snob in our lives.  Help them stylize their photos with an Olive Wood Cutting Board. It’s perfect for preparing and presenting their mouth-watering creations. How gorgeous would a charcuterie spread look on this?!


Beautiful color options and excellent performance combine in the Excaibur Dehydrator and would be the perfect surprise for your loved one who always finds the time and energy to waste not. It may even benefit you because, from our experience, preservers love to share.



new_millennium_PRI-G_gasoline_stabilizer_175For the ever-prepared, add to their ready-for-anything collection with a bottle of PRI-G Gasoline Stabilizer Fuel Treatment or PRI-D Diesel Fuel Treatment. PRI fuel stabilizer dramatically extends fuel storage life, and enhances overall performance. PRI is an industrial grade product and is far more concentrated than competing brands. They’re sure to be thrilled with its capabilities and wonder why they haven’t thought of needing it before!

If your prepper has already thought of fuel treatment, here are more gift ideas for them.

Happy Camper

Everyone has an avid hiker in their realm. They already have pants that zip off into shorts, trail mix and athletic sandals. How awesome would it be if they could safely drink water right out of a pond or stream on a long camping trip? You can give them this gift with the Sport Berkey Water Bottle! The Berkey exclusive filter element is impregnated with proprietary absorbing media that promotes ionic absorption of pollutants within the micro-porous element, such as aluminum, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, and other dangerous heavy metals. The “tortuous path” structure of these pores gives it its unique characteristics. The Sport Berkey achieves 99.9% contaminant reduction.

The best part? The Berkey Sport Water Bottle is on sale this year!

The Whole Family 

Choose a gift the whole family will enjoy, a pizza oven! Ooni pizza ovens bring your homemade pizza night to a whole new level. With temperatures up to 932° F and a stone baking surface, pizza goes from average to a professional pizzeria in a matter of minutes. These ovens are only to be operated by adults, but kids are expert pizza topping arrangers, making Ooni pizza ovens the perfect family-night gift. Plus, Ooni pizza ovens can be used for all sorts of recipes!

Coffee Fanatic

2014_coffee_fanaticIt’s likely your caffeine-fueled friend already has every conceivable way to make coffee. They also probably already have a favorite travel mug, but it really isn’t as amazing as the Zojirushi Stainless Steel Insulated SlickSteel Mug. Elegant and compact in design, this highly durable all-stainless vacuum bottle offers superior thermal retention. Though its unique slim body is designed to occupy minimal space, it features a wide mouth design that can accommodate standard size ice cubes. Other features include a flip-open lid with a lock and a stick-resistant polished stainless interior. They will never settle for a lukewarm drink again whether it started out hot or cold!

Expert Gift Bundles

We’ve created gift bundle sets for those that love making delicious homemade bread and apple pie (or want to start!). These sets include the necessary tools and recipes to make apple pie and whole wheat bread, again and again—a gift that keeps on giving! This is the perfect idea for “Secret Santa” exchanges, school giveaways/fundraisers, a teacher or boss, a family gift, or that relative that’s hard to shop for.

Browse here for a Popcorn Party, Cinnamon Rolls, Cookie Essentials, Ice Cream & Artisan Baker’s gift bundles!

Let Them Choose

Looking for a last-minute gift or still just can’t find the right item for someone on your list? Gift cards to the Pleasant Hill Grain kitchen store might be just what you need (and what your friends will love)! The cards won’t expire and are available in amounts of $25.00, $50.00, $75.00, $100.00, $250.00, and $500.00. Print or email, it’s up to you.

Find affordable stocking stuffers of great quality at Pleasant Hill Grain! They’re the perfect add-on to any order if you need a few more dollars to reach free shipping!