Title: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home

Author: Jeni Britton Bauer

Publisher: Artisan

Recipes: Ice cream, ice cream, and more ice cream! Just kidding, it has sorbet, frozen yogurt and other treats too. 😉

Cover: Hardback

Pages: 218

Level: Beginner to advanced! Ice cream made easy at home.

Highlights: Making rich and creamy homemade ice cream during the warmest summer months is a splendid memory for families. Jeni Britton Bauer started her journey with ice cream after working in a French bakery when she was young. There, she discovered flavor! Flavors using real ingredients that could be combined in the most delicious ways. The perfect base for all these flavors? Ice cream! After chasing her dream for years, in 2002 Jeni finally opened her first scoop shop in Cleveland, OH. It is now a thriving chain of 34 shops and counting!

Jeni begins by giving readers a short overview of how to make ice cream, with step-by-step photos and directions. She then explains the type and quality of ingredients that are widely available and provide the best flavor, even her favorite brand of cream cheese that comes from any market. Jeni also has a complete list of the equipment you’ll need, many of which you’ll already have! The only appliance you might need to purchase is the main accessory to this book, an ice cream maker! Jeni finishes the intro by discussing the craft of ice cream making, covering how to balance ingredients and flavor, get the perfect taste, texture and finish, along with how to go about creating your own flavors.

Because Jeni draws much of her inspiration for ice creams from the seasonal produce and flavors, her book is organized by season, beginning with spring. You’ll find fresh lemon, earl grey, roasted strawberry, and even ice cream macaron sandwiches! The Summer section brings fresh and fruity flavors like ‘Backyard Mint,’ ‘Sweet Basil & Honeyed Pine Nut Ice Cream,’ or ‘Cucumber, Honeydew & Cayenne Frozen Yogurt.’ The autumn section brings comforting and toasty flavors with nutty flavors and creamy textures for recipes that will rival your favorite pumpkin spice latte. Jeni’s included a variety of flavors that blend beautifully with winter flavors too, including ‘Ugandan Vanilla Bean,’ ‘Gooey Butter Cake,’ ‘Brown Butter Almond Brittle,’ ‘Wild Berry Lavender,’ and more eclectic flavors that will be cool yet cozy in the winter, and delicious additions to holiday meals!

In addition to ice cream recipes, Jeni includes recipes for sorbet for a dairy-free treat, frozen yogurt for a lower fat option, and many ways to make other frozen treats we all know and love. Push-pops, homemade waffle cones, sandwiches, butterscotch sauce and more! Her book is easy to understand, colorful, to the point and concise, perfect for a novice ice cream maker to learn the craft, without becoming overwhelmed. The book is conveniently sized and would be a fantastic gift for any occasion!

Recipes from the book: Banana Ice Cream with Caramelized White Chocolate Freckles