Title: The Sprouted Kitchen

Author: Sara Forte

Publisher: Random House

Recipes: 100, veggie-filled & tasty recipes

Baking/Cooking Level: Beginners to Advanced

Cover: Hard

Pages: 252

Sara Forte became passionate about food once she began cooking for herself as an adult. Through years of reading, watching, practicing, and even a food internship in Tuscany, Sara began the Sprouted Kitchen blog with her husband, Hugh, who photographs her recipes. Sara encourages readers to adapt each recipe to their own tastes. She wants her readers to be comfortable in the kitchen, and become familiar with using fresh and deliciously nutritious ingredients.

Sara begins her book by outlining the ingredients that she uses most often, organized by what’s in her pantry, fridge, and her favorite kitchen tools.

One thing we love about this cookbook is that her recipes are like a good pair of jeans, they can be dressed up or down. Sara is simply sharing her daily recipes, whether they’re for a weeknight meal or a nice dinner party! She even provides simple meal plans for various occasions, featuring recipes in her book. Her recipes are then organized by category (breakfast, mains, snacks, happy hour, etc).

The layout of each recipe is simple and clear, with her husband’s lovely photography to feature each dish. We especially appreciate that nearly every recipe is fit to one page, so you don’t have to flip from page to page for the directions and ingredients. Each chapter is personalized with a photo of get-togethers with Sara’s friends or family, which adds a friendly touch to the book.

This cookbook is suited for the novice or experienced cook looking to incorporate fresh ingredients and colorful flavors into their cooking. Sara’s diet consists of whole grains and foods, with veggie-filled dishes and bright flavors. She’s included a variety of food styles and flavoring, meaning those eating a vegetarian, vegan, or paleo diet can find recipes that suit their tastes and dietary needs.

We also love that the ingredients Sara features are widely available and easy to find. You won’t find any meat recipes in her book, but many of the dishes could easily have a meat protein added. The large variety of smoothies, dips, spreads, main dishes, snacks, cocktails, desserts, and food for any time of day would make the transition to a plant-based diet easy for anyone.