Did you know you can make your own masa dough by grinding field corn that’s been soaked in a solution of water and powdered lime? This soaking process is called nixtamalization and the result is nixtamal (also known as hominy).

It can be a little difficult to know how to grind nixtamal since many grinders can’t handle wet grains. We have good news! The Wonder Junior Deluxe mill fitted with its stainless burrs and brand new masa auger accessory will grind nixtamal into masa dough with ease. To speed up the process, the optional drill adapter for the Wonder Junior Deluxe mill allows you to use a power drill to operate the mill.

The recipe below for homemade corn tortillas explains how to make masa dough. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the superior flavor of freshly made tortillas compared to store-bought tortillas!

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