The DMC 260PD commercial vacuum packaging machine is one of our most popular vacuum chamber sealers. With its automatic operation, you just place your bag in the chamber, close the lid, and the machine cycles automatically to provide fast vacuum sealing.

When the sealing cycle is complete, the vacuum releases and the lid lifts automatically, ready for your next package. Vacuum strength and heat impulse duration are separately adjustable. When vacuum sealing packages that don’t completely fill the chamber, cycle time can be cut dramatically by placing poly spacing boards in the vacuuming chamber to reduce the amount of extractable air.

DMC_260PD-2B_new_front_open_1200Choice of 1-bar or 2-bar model: The standard 260PD model has a single seal bar. The 260PD-2B and the 260PD-2BG have two bars, allowing you to seal either one bag, or two bags at the same time. With either unit, you can also seal several narrow bags at once by placing them side by side.

Gas flush option: The 260PD-2BG is equipped for gas-flush operation. This allows you to replace the air in your package with an inert gas from your regulator-equipped gas bottle, so the finished package is oxygen free, yet its contents are not “sucked down” by outside pressure. The 260PD-2BG will also operate in normal mode, without using the gas-flush feature.

DMC 260PD-2B & 260PD-2BG sealers have a tilt-back feature for easy access

DMC 260PD sealers have a 10 cubic meter/hour vacuum pump and 10.2″ seal bars. Outside dimensions are 19″D x 13″W x 14″H (with lid closed.) All models have stainless steel housings and heavy duty, full-view polycarbonate lids.

More details are available under the specs tab above, and in the comparison table of commercial vacuum sealer models.

Ships by truck freight, price includes shipping within U.S. 48 states.

Full one year warranty.

DMC commercial vacuum sealers quickly create high vacuum levels, they’re easy to use, and they’re ruggedly built for long service. Pleasant Hill Grain is proud to be an authorized DMC distributor. We carry a full stock of machines and all support items. Our staff is available to discuss your sealer needs and recommend a machine that will exactly fit your requirements.

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