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SoyaJoy G5 Soy Milk Maker

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SKU: HZ372


  • Makes raw milk from grain, rice, seeds & beans
  • Makes hot soups and porridge
  • Five pre-programmed functions
  • Alerts you when program is finished
  • 1.7 quart stainless pitcher capacity
  • Stainless steel food contact parts
  • Easy to use and clean


SoyaJoy G5 Soy Milk Maker

The SoyaJoy™ G5 Soy Milk Maker is designed based on over 20 years experience with the best-selling SoyaJoy and subsequent soy milk maker models. The SoyaJoy G5 not only retains all tried and true features of the earlier SoyaJoy G3, but also adds great new features and functions, including a thermaplastic outer shell to keep the soymilk maker cool to the touch. Recent medical studies have shown that the components of the soybean are highly valuable in the fight against cancer, high cholesterol, osteoporosis and the symptoms of menopause. The new SoyaJoy G5 lets you harness these benefits easily and economically. The SoyaJoy G5 also makes nut milks, including almond milk!

The G5 includes all the key features of earlier models, and adds the patented Precision Grinding Funel (PGFTM) for super fine grinding and high milk yield. This increase grinding power but not the noise. The G5 also adds an LED display showing which cycle is at work and how much time is remaining. 

SoyaJoy’s long experience with three prior generations of SoyaJoy soy milk makers has been pre-programmed into the five one-button functions, which enable the microprocessor and the sensors to continuously monitor and control the grinding and heating process to make perfect milks, soups, or porridges. Just add the ingredients and water and press one of the function buttons. The machine will do the rest and beep to let you know it's done!

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    – Amy W. MI

Super economical

With the SoyaJoy G5 soy milk machine you can enjoy this delicious nutritional powerhouse quickly and easily. It makes soymilk so economically that you'll be able to make all you want without concern for the cost. To make 1.5 quarts you will only need 1/2 cup of dry soybeans. With the amazing savings compared to commercially produced soy milk, the SoyaJoy G5 will pay for itself very quickly, then continue to pay savings dividends for years.

Perfect Grind Technology

Temperature-controlled soaking, grinding, and cooking cycles are coordinated by three sensors. The temperature sensor allows optimal temperatures for each phase of the process. Hot soaking is at an optimal 180 degrees F, which eliminates "beany" taste without overcooking the soybeans. Similarly, grinding is best from 180 to 190 degrees, and cooking must be done at between 200 - 210 degrees to ensure the inactivation of the natural enzyme inhibitors present in soybeans. Without a temperature sensor, a machine would either overcook the beans at the hot soaking and grinding phases, or undercook at the cooking phase.

Digital Controls

Solid-state electronic controls replaced the traditional relay controls for superior reliability and service life. Additionally, they reduces the operation noise level to seamlessly integrate the SoyaJoy G5 into your kitchen.

SoyaJoy G5 Features & Specs

  • Microprocessor-controlled with seven pre-programmed function buttons, each optimized for making milk from beans, grains, seeds or unlimited combinations of them.
  • All stainless steel construction for the grinding and cooking chamber. Easy to clean. No food color stains.
  • A plastic outer body helps keep the SoyaJoy G5 quiet, and protects you from heat if you accidentally touch the machine during the cooking cycle.
  • Although soaked beans make better soy milk, this machine is powerful enough to use dry beans as well.
  • Makes raw milks, including nut milks, as well as hot soups and porridge. More versatile than any other soy milk maker.
  • Enhanced cooking cycle for better taste and digestion. Soy milk is cooked for over 20 minutes above 200º F. to ensure the inactivation of the enzyme inhibitors.
  • Perfect Grind™ design performs perfect grinding of beans, seeds, or grains to achieve higher milk yield.
  • Filter-less design for easy use and cleaning. No loose parts to install and clean.
  • Easy to use: Add water and beans (or seeds and grains) directly to the stainless steel cooking pot.
  • Water level sensor, temperature sensor, and overflow sensor working with solid-state power control to ensure intelligent cooking with no boil-over and no burning milk/soup/porridge at bottom.

Package includes a measuring cup, detachable cord, user manual with recipes, and a sieve.

Capacity: 1.7 quarts, will make two batches before cool-down.

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Brand SoyaJoy
Width 10"
Depth 6.7"
Height 13.5"
Product Weight (lbs.) 5 lb.
Housing Material Stainless steel
BPA Free Yes
Capacity (volume) 1.7 qt.
Power Electric (AC)
Volts AC 110
Watts 850
Amps 7.5
Hz 60
Cord Length 72.9"
Detachable Cord Yes
Cord-End Plug Std. 120V
Origin Imported
Warranty Length 1 year


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7 Reviews
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  • Love this!
    By on - Verified Buyer
    I tried making soy milk in a large pot I already had. What a mess! And so time consuming! So when I received my Soyajoy and tried it for the first time, I couldn't believe how easy it was. Just add soaked beans and it's done in about 30 minutes with very little clean up. I'm SO glad I took the chance and made this investment!!
    6 out of 6 people found this review helpful.  Did you?
  • Time saver
    By on - Verified Buyer
    I have always made my soy milk the old fashioned way--cooking and rinsing, then blending. It took a lot of time and had its element of danger from pouring big pots of boiling water to rinse the beans that you have to do four times. Now, with this awesome machine there is none of that! And, the clean up time is much reduced. I highly recommend this machine for not only making soy milk, but other delicious delights such as porridge and other types of nut milks.
    3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.  Did you?
  • Happily satisfied
    By on - Verified Buyer
    My fiancé and I did extensive research when it came to this purchase. This is the only milk maker that is full stainless steel & can be used for other types of cooking. Plus it was almost $100 less than some of the competing brands. Soyajoy has also been around for many years and has been able to improve upon there models. The G4 is the way to go. I use it weekly to make all different types of nut milks. I have not yet used its other functions, but certainly plan to. I’m also glad I bought it from Pleasant Hill Grain. It is a secure website and the shipping was fast.
    2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.  Did you?
  • So Fun!
    By on - Verified Buyer
    Super easy to use, makes soy milk really fast and as long as you clean it right away before the soy pulp dries and hardens, it's easy to clean too! We've only made soymilk so far, but I'm excited to try the raw function for almond milk next. Fresh soymilk has a different taste than storebought, (good though!) makes you wonder how much is stripped out of the store-bought kind...
    2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.  Did you?
  • Effortless
    By on - Verified Buyer
    I made almond milk for the first time in the SoyaJoy. Although it takes a spoon and the enclosed strainer to extract the "milk", I consider it a small step in the whole process. I would recommend more detailed instructions.
    2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.  Did you?
  • Very convenient
    By on - Verified Buyer
    So happy to have the soyajoy g5. Cuts the workload in half (or more! ) and the soymilk was so delicious!
    1 person found this review helpful.  Did you?
  • I love this great product
    By on - Verified Buyer
    My family is so grateful we enjoy the machine every single day.
    2 out of 3 people found this review helpful.  Did you?

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