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Several of our suppliers have told us that due to increased labor, material, and shipping costs they'll be raising prices very soon. You can beat these price hikes by shopping now! Product lines that will be affected include: KoMo grain mills, Berkey Water Purifiers, Ankarsrum mixersVitamix blenders, and Grabill beef.

Pasta Makers

Pasta Makers

Homemade Pasta

Making homemade pasta is a rewarding project to learn about, experiment with and work into your meal plans. Noodles made from scratch have a unique flavor and a satisfying bite not found in store-bought varieties. Without the additives found in packaged pasta, your homemade version is also much healthier. With help from the products shown below and a little time, you can make pasta like a pro. Click the links to see which products are best for you.

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Pasta Makers

Pasta Maker Accessories & Attachments

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