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Alfa Allegro Wood Burning Oven

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  • Heats to 932°F (500°C) in 20 minutes
  • Bakes pizza in just 90 seconds
  • 7.5 sq. ft. baking surface
  • 22.6" wide door opening
  • Accommodates up to 16" diameter pizza
  • Wood powered
  • 1.2" (30mm) thick Firebrick baking stone
  • Reinforced stainless steel cooking chamber
  • Choice of yellow or red finish
  • Double layer of ceramic fiber insulation
  • Window in door for monitoring food
  • Optional base with wheels
  • Made in Italy


The "Cheerful" Alfa Oven

Take your pizza crafting to the next level with the semi-professional Alfa Allegro Oven. The word "allegro" in Italian means "cheerful", which is fitting for an outdoor oven that will bring loads of fun to your dinner parties! The Allegro is one of Alfa's largest models, and turns out exceptional wood-fired pizza.

A base is available for the Alfa Allegro that offers spacious folding shelves, a warming compartment, a firewood holder, and four locking caster wheels to make the oven portable.

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Wood fired pizza

Wood Fired Alfa Ovens

The shape of Alfa ovens are half-spherical to best facilitate circulation of air inside. The dome shape forms a small pocket where the hot air generated from the fire circulates above the pizza and that heat is transferred back down onto the pizza, as radiant heat. The heat from the fire on the floor of the oven climbs the walls to the top of the dome, and that heat is also redirected back down to cook pizzas evenly in just a few short minutes. The heat generated by glowing embers is absorbed by the oven’s high-mass refractory materials. Wood-fired Alfa ovens are made of refractory materials which contain minerals that are able to withstand very high temperatures and absorb and retain a lot of heat. Refractories are of the utmost importance to resist thermal shock when temperatures change quickly.

In Alfa ovens, pizza bakes from below via thermal conduction and from above by way of thermal radiation. To make a perfectly cooked pizza, you must balance the two so the bottom crust and the toppings finish cooking at the same time. An Alfa oven combines high temperatures with a refractories’ properties of thermal and radiating heat, providing even cooking for pizzas; even cooking is all the more important when cooking many pizzas at once!

Wood-fired ovens retain heat so long that once pizza cooking is finished, you can manage the falling curve of temperatures to bake multiple dishes. At 480° F (250° C) you can bake bread, at 350°F (180° C) roasts or fish can be prepared, and so on. It's a rewarding achievement to squeeze every drop of energy coming from your wood-burning oven!

Firewood is a low-cost and renewable resource, but be sure to choose high quality and well-seasoned wood as this will pay off handsomely when it comes to heat and energy efficiency.

A wood-fired oven is an outstanding focal point to your garden or backyard, and can turn your outdoor living space into a terrific cookout venue. Remember that cooking with a wood-fired oven is an art and a science! Experiment, trust your judgment, and adjust details as you go to enjoy the experience to the fullest!


The oven door opening measures 22.6" and the baking surface is 7.5 sq. ft. (39.3" by 27.5").

Alfa Oven FAQ's

Click here to read our FAQ page on Alfa Ovens, to answer questions about how the ovens are made, how to set up and use the oven, what kind of wood to burn, and more!

Alfa Allegro Oven Dimensions

Alfa Forni Allegro Oven Dimensions

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This product is made in Italy!

This product was made in the Italy

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BrandAlfa Ovens
FinishPowder coated
Temperature RangeUp to 932°F (500°C)
Warranty Length2 years
Freight ShippedYes

Use & Care

For wood-fueled model: Place the wood basket in the center of the cooking chamber and place 3-4 logs in the basket that are 2-3" diameter, and light your fire. Once the wood has burned for about 10 minutes, move the basket to the left side of the oven and close the door for another 10 minutes. To keep a constant temperature, add small logs no more than 2" thick every 15 minutes. When you're finished cooking, close the door and let the fire burn out. Remove the ash when the oven is completely cool.

For gas and wood powered models: Between baking sessions scrub the oven floor with a brush to remove food residue and burnt flour; for a deeper cleaning, let the oven cool and use a damp cloth to wipe burnt food away. If you have a wood-burning oven, remove the ashes with a metal shovel when the oven has completely cooled down. Click here for more detailed instructions on how to clean an Alfa oven.


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