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Xagave Sweetener

SKU: DX489
Xagave Sweetener
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Xagave (say zah-GAH-vay) is a wonderful natural sweetener that will help you achieve your health goals, whether they be weight loss, improved digestion, more energy or an enhanced immune system. Xagave is a unique and premium blend of nectars derived from Agave Tequiliana (Blue Agave) and Agave Salmiana (White Agave) plants. This proprietary, premium blend provides the best tasting, best cooking, most versatile, and healthiest product on the market. Once you've tasted and cooked with Xagave, we're sure you will agree that Xagave is truly something special and that no other brand can compare.

Low Glycemic Index: A unique characteristic of Xagave is its low GI ( Glycemic Index) value. The Glycemic Index is an indicator of how quickly foods convert to blood glucose in the bloodstream. With a Glycemic Index of 30-35, Xagave doesn't raise your blood sugar level like high GI sweeteners do. Common sweeteners like sugar, and even honey, are high on the Glycemic Index, at approximately 90 GI. Foods that are high on the GI scale spike blood sugar levels wildly and promote weight gain because they produce instant energy — then just as quickly the energy depletes, making you hungry, tired and lethargic — so you eat more to get that energetic feeling back. With Xagave, your energy level remains well balanced. In addition, Xagave "satiates" you when consumed; you feel satisfied, so you eat less.

Being sweeter = 25 to 40% less calories! Xagave is 1.4 times sweeter than either sugar or honey, so you use less and save calories without sacrificing sweetness in your foods. Furthermore, Xagave has a number of health benefits that can't be matched by any other sweetener. Xagave contains calcium and Inulin, which studies have shown is good for the bacteria in your lower intestine, promoting a healthy digestive tract. As little as 5 to 10 grams of Inulin a day boosts the immune system, promotes regularity, improves calcium absorption and increases bone density. Xagave contains 7.5 grams of Inulin in three tablespoons.

Organically grown: Xagave is derived from the agave plant, which takes about 7 to 8 years to mature. The plants used to make the nectar for Xagave are grown under strict guidelines that meet USDA organic certification requirements. The farms and processing facility are part of a co-op of 700 farmers. Xagave believes in fair trade and pays growers a fair price — nectar for Xagave is never purchased in the open market. This relationship with growers enables us to offer a product of consistently superior quality.

The Xagave cookbook, Delicious Meets Nutritious, is the most extensive cookbook available dedicated to cooking with agave nectar. This beautiful full-color 129 page book contains everything from full meals to appetizers to desserts, sauces, salad dressings, quick breads, beverages and much more. In addition, it contains an extensive overview of the health benefits and cooking properties of agave. Stay-open spiral binding makes it easy to use. This is a must have, life changing cookbook for anyone who wants to lower their caloric intake and improve their health.

Jug & bottle sizes: Xagave comes in your choice of three container sizes, as well as multi-container packages. Most packages are labeled in both troy and fluid measure: 5 lb. bottle (80 fl. oz.), 23.5 oz bottle (16.9 oz. liquid), and 11.75 oz. bottle (8.5 fl. oz.). The optional dispensing pump fits the 5 lb size of bottle.

Xagave clearly is "The Sweet, Satisfying & Sensible Choice"™

Available in 11.75 oz. single bottle or a case of 8 - 11.75 oz. bottles, 23.5 oz. single bottle or a case of 6 - 23.5 oz. bottle, or 5 lb. single bottle or a case of 6 - 5lb. bottles.

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Brand Better Body Foods, Xagave
Country of Manufacture Mexico

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