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Brand: Kuhn Rikon

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Kuhn Rikon has been making kitchen utensils since 1899. With nearly 120 years of experience, their mission is to make colorful, high-quality kitchen utensils that are fun and easy to use. Family-owned and based in Switzerland, Kuhn Rikon’s products are versatile and useful in every home. From stainless steel pots and pans to pepper grinders and can openers, Kuhn Rikon has something for everyone! Make your kitchen more efficient and colorful with Kuhn Rikon.

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Pressure Cooking

Kuhn Rikon’s Duromatic pressure cookers are built for ease of use and efficiency. Pressure cookers lock in heat and moisture to cook food in a third of the time without drying it out. In fact, pressure cooking tough meats can actually make them tender. Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers are equipped with a multi-ply base for even cooking, and range in size from 2.5 to 12 quarts. See the table below for a comparison of the Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers available at Pleasant Hill Grain.

Pressure Cooker

Fluid Capacity (Quarts)

Base Diameter (Inches)

Height w/o Lid (Inches)

Steaming Trivet Included

Kuhn Rikon Family Cooker

8 and 12


6.25 and 8


Kuhn Rikon Duo set (2 cookers included)

2 and 5

10 & 9

3 and 6


 and glass lid

Kuhn Rikon Turn-Top Cooker

3.5, 5, and 7


4.6, 6, and 7.8


Kuhn Rikon Cooker

3.5, 5, and 7


4.6, 6, and 7.8


Kuhn Rikon Pressure Stock Pot

6 and 8


6.8 and 8.7


Kuhn Rikon Pressure Fry Pan





Kuhn Rikon Anniversary Cooker





Kuhn Rikon Family Braiser






Pressure Cooker Accessories and Parts

Kuhn Rikon Lid w/ Short Handles: This metal pressure cooker lid fits all models with a 22 cm (8.75-inch) diameter. 

Kuhn Rikon Lid w/ Long Handle: This lid fits 22 cm (8.75-inch) diameter Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers. You may find the long handle easier to grasp than the traditional short handles.

Kuhn Rikon Flame Protector: If you plan to use your pressure cooker on a gas stove, particularly if you have one of the shorter pressure cookers, pick up a flame protector. This protects the bottom of the pressure cooker from damage that can occur over time from use over a flame.

Kuhn Rikon Steam Trivet: Using a steam trivet makes steaming much easier by lifting the food off the bottom of the pot so it cooks with steam rather than the intense heat of the pot. The steam trivet is included with some Kuhn Rikon cookers.

Kuhn Rikon Glass Lid: With the glass lid you can use your pressure cooker as a regular cooking pot. (A glass lid is included with the Kuhn Rikon Duo Set.)

Pressure Perfect Cookbook: This is the ultimate guide to safe and delicious pressure cooking. Lorna Sass has outdone herself with this comprehensive guide to pressure cooking. She includes over 200 delicious recipes alongside helpful charts and guides. If you’re nervous about using a pressure cooker for the first time, this is the cookbook for you!


Kuhn Rikon’s knives are affordable, high quality, and come in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns. Each has a scratch-resistant nonstick coating over a high-carbon stainless steel blade with a super-sharp edge for:

  • Long-lasting performance
  • Easy cutting and release of food
  • Clean, neat cuts

A safety sheath comes with each knife to keep the edge sharp and protect your fingers from nicks when in storage.

Pineapple Serrated Knife: The serrated pineapple knife is 8-inches long and has a whimsical pineapple design on the blade and sheath.

Melon Serrated Knife: This knife is perfect for cutting large fruits and vegetables. The sheath has a seed scoop for removing seeds from squash and other foods.

Chef’s Knife Colori:This 6-inch chef’s knife is perfect for slicing everything from meat to fruits, vegetables, and cheese, and comes in several fun colors.

Polka Dot Paring Knife Colori: These non-serrated, 4-inch knives are decorated with an adorable polka dot print that appeals to the younger side in all of us. We also offer the solid-colored  and the Comfort Paring Knife Colori.

Serrated Knife Colori: The serrated Japanese carbon steel blade has a super-sharp edge for long-lasting performance. These knives are available in several colors.

Kitchen Tools

Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press: Highly recommended by Cook’s Illustrated, this garlic press takes as much as 60% less effort to use than a regular garlic press. It’s made for easy cleanup and is dishwasher safe!

Kuhn Rikon 4th Burner Pot: Made for times when stove space is precious, this pot will fit on the small burners. It holds a little over 3 quarts and comes with a steamer insert. The lid has strainer holes for easy straining.

Kuhn Rikon Clear Cookie Press: This cookie press has 14 cookie disks, 6 decorating tips, and a durable storage box so you don’t lose any of the parts. It even comes with recipes to get you started baking pressed cookies.

Silicone Rainbow Whisk: A modern take on the classic balloon whisk, this nonstick whisk is rainbow-colored to add a pop of color to your kitchen.


Kuhn Rikon Folding Splatter Screen: Put this folding splatter screen on top of your pots and pans to protect you, your stove, and kitchen walls from splattering oil. And it doubles as a microwave lid!

Kuhn Rikon Stainless Steel Ratchet Grinder: This heavy-duty spice grinder has two ceramic grindstones and a high-performance ratchet mechanism. Its handsome stainless steel exterior looks good with any decorating style.

Kuhn Rikon Vase Grinder: These grinders are equipped with ceramic grinding burrs that finely grind salt, pepper, and more!

We offer two types of Kuhn Rikon lid lifters: the Auto Master Safety Lid Lifter, and the Auto Safety Lid Lifter. Safely remove lids without fear of dropping the can or being cut by a sharp edge!

Kuhn Rikon at Pleasant Hill Grain

Pleasant Hill Grain is happy to offer Kuhn Rikon’s innovative gadgets and convenient kitchen tools. Our customer service representatives are available Monday through Saturday to answer questions or help you place an order. We hope to hear from you soon!

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