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Brand: Chef's Choice

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Chef’s Choice enjoys a legacy of acclaim from professionals including Julia Child and Jacques Pépin. Chef’s Choice offers advanced technology kitchen products with superior performance and the quality to provide many years of service. From diamond-sharp knife sharpeners and meat/food slicers to electric waffle makers and hot water kettles, there’s a wide range of small kitchen appliances and utensils made in the United States. Cook’s Illustrated highly recommends equipment from the Chef’s Choice brand. Click the products below to learn more today!

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Chef’s Choice, a world-renowned brand from the EdgeCraft Corporation, brings small kitchen electrics with reliable quality to home chefs and professional cooks around the world.

Keep Your Cutlery at Its Best

Chef’s Choice knife sharpeners are an affordable way for home and professional chefs to keep their valuable cutlery razor sharp with durable edges. Sharp knives are the safest knives, so keeping your cutlery in tip-top shape is crucial to the effectiveness and safety of your work. On these pages you’ll find quality electric and manual sharpening stations for Asian cutlery, Western smooth and serrated blades, fishing blades, fishhooks and scissors.

Diamond Hone Quality

Stone has traditionally been the material of choice for sharpening knives, and more recently it’s been synthetic stone, but our Chef’s Choice sharpeners use a new material to sharpen blades: industrial diamonds. By sharpening blades against surfaces coated with industrial diamond particles, these sharpeners perform their job quickly and maintain a cool temperature while operating.

Diamonds are far sharper than stone, and because of this Chef’s Choice sharpeners are capable of sharpening in minutes what would take hours to sharpen if you were using a stone. Too much heat will de-temper and destroy the thin, sharp edge of a blade and since friction produces heat, it’s best to use a material that creates little friction. Cutting with diamonds produces almost no friction, so Chef’s Choice sharpeners operate at a low temperature that won’t harm your cutlery.

Diamond sharpeners operate with a scalpel-like action, rather than the coarse scraping action of traditional stone. This means the diamond sharpeners shown above will quickly give you the edge you want without risk of ruining the blade.

Choosing a Sharpener

It could be argued that a good knife is the most important kitchen tool, so keeping your knives sharp is paramount for both function and safety. With Chef’s Choice knife sharpening stations, a few swipes of the blade through the diamond-coated disks will have your knife razor sharp and ready for its tasks in no time!

The Chef’s Choice 130 sharpening station is our most popular model for sharpening 20-degree angles. The meticulous equipment testers at Cook’s Illustrated/America’s Test Kitchen call the 130 sharpener the Rolls Royce of 20-degree sharpeners and the best electric station on the market for sharpening 20-degree blades. We couldn’t agree more! This diamond hone electric station sharpens fine and serrated edges safely and cleanly, creating an edge with just the right amount of “bite” without removing too much of your blade.

Another Cook’s Illustrated pick is the Chef’s Choice 15/20 Angle Select sharpener. This is the station they recommend most highly for sharpening at both 15 and 20 degrees. With the 15/20 Angle Select you can sharpen American, European or Asian style household blades that have a fine or serrated edge, as well as Santoku and traditional Japanese style blades with a single-bevel edge.

Cook’s Illustrated calls the Trizor XV knife sharpener the “Best Electric Sharpener” overall and says it “purred with perfection” while creating a sharp edge all the way to the tip of the blade. The Trizor XV sharpener received high praise for its design, nick removal, and consistent results. Cook’s Illustrated likes the fact that this model allows you to convert a 20 degree edge to a sharper 15 degree edge if you wish.

The diamond hone knife station for Asian knives is considered a Best Buy choice at Cook’s Illustrated. Its spring-loaded chamber cradles the blade, taking the guesswork out of sharpening your Asian blades.

Meat Slicers

Chef's Choice meat slicers allow even the home cook to enjoy fresh, deli-style cuisine. These electric food slicers easily slice roasts, hams, and large blocks of cheese, providing you the option to buy in bulk and save both money and time! Slice roast or turkey in your own kitchen to transform it into that expensive treat you used to stand in line for at the supermarket. Meat slicers are available in sizes for small home tasks, up to the large commercial Chef’s Choice 667 slicer that slices from deli-thin to ½-inch thick. Accessory meat slicer blades are available separately for most models.

Electric Waffle Irons

Chef’s Choice not only finds ways to make your life easier, but also brings a little fun to the table! Their various models of waffle irons deliver evenly-cooked waffles in minutes (you’ll know your waffle is perfectly done when the light turns from red to green), and allow you to control the doneness of your waffle to your preferred taste. The instant temperature recovery feature and nonstick finish are essential for keeping up with your hungry breakfast crowd. The WafflePro Belgian 852 waffle maker is a favorite if you love deep pockets to hold yummy maple syrup, blueberries, and all your favorite toppings. With Chef’s Choice waffle irons, anytime can be waffle time!

Say “I love you” by making five heart waffles at once in the WafflePro 830B Five of Hearts iron. Friends and family will love this sweet-tasting gesture of affection!

On hot summer days, scoop ice cream into a fresh waffle cone made in the WaffleCone Express 838. There’s nothing better than a homemade, golden-brown sugar cone and you won’t go back to store bought after you taste the difference!

Hot Water Dispensers

Hot water kettles put hot chocolate, teas and warm treats conveniently at your fingertips. Recommended by Cook’s Illustrated, the M688 Smart Kettle is designed to quickly provide you with hot water. The ergonomic design of this electric kettle features a clear display, easy-to-set temperature options, and a pot that’s removable from the base so you can pour without a cord getting in the way. We like the sleek, stainless design and have several stylish electric kettle models to choose from!

Buy Chef’s Choice Appliances at Pleasant Hill Grain

Pleasant Hill Grain searches for quality products that will save you time and money, and we’re excited to offer to you these fantastic lines of Chef's Choice products. Give us a call today and let us help you find the Chef’s Choice product to meet your needs!


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