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Oxygen Absorbers 500CC (50 ea.)

SKU: XX533
Oxygen Absorbers 500CC (50 ea.)
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Our premium oxygen absorbers remove the oxygen from airtight sealed food storage containers. Removing oxygen stops oxidation, to dramatically extend food shelf life. Eliminating oxygen also prevents all activity by insects even if any are present in the container at the time it is sealed. The absorbers are non-toxic and food safe (the principal ingredients are powdered iron and salt.) Two 500cc packets are sufficient to remove the oxygen from a six gallon bucket completely filled with wheat (or similar grain). Absorbers can be used in containers with any kind of food. If you fill a bucket with a foodstuff that has less density than wheat, then there will be more air in the bucket, so more absorber packets should be used accordingly. (Also note that altitude has a great affect on air density and therefore on the amount of oxygen in a given volume of space. This means if you live on top of a mountain in Colorado, you can get by with somewhat fewer absorbers than average, and if you live at a very low altitude... don't skimp.) Packets are sold vacuum-sealed, in quantity of 50 packets per bag.

Absorption rating: Each absorber is rated at 500cc, which means that each will absorb at least 500 cubic centimeters of oxygen from your storage container, when used as directed. Absorbers are single-use, meaning that once they have absorbed oxygen from a storage container as they're designed to do, they can't be reused.

Use guidelines: Oxygen absorbers are shipped in an airtight sealed bag. When you open that outer bag, the absorbers soon begin absorbing oxygen from the atmosphere. The absorbers contain enough active ingredient so that you can leave them in the open atmosphere for 30-45 minutes before you seal them into your food containers. Because of this natural working-time limitation, it's important to have your storage containers filled and ready to put the lids onto, before you open the package of 50 absorbers. If you need to use fewer than 50 absorbers and want to save the rest for use later, you can effectively re-seal the extra absorbers in an airtight bag using a home or commercial Vacuum sealing machine. Inside your storage container, oxygen absorbers can be placed under or within food, but we recommend putting them on top so you don't lose track of which containers you've put absorbers into.

Container & lid suitability: If using oxygen absorbers in plastic buckets, you need to use standard hammer-on lids (not Gamma Lids.) Gamma Lids are airtight, but are not designed to counteract the force of pressure that's created when all of the oxygen in the container is removed by oxygen absorbers. Once the standard lid is initially removed to start using the contents, a Gamma Lid can be used to re-seal the bucket against moisture, rodents and insects. A quality bucket and hammer-on gasketed lid will provide a fully adequate oxygen barrier for at least a couple years of storage. For even longer term oxygen-free storage, inside your buckets you can also use Mylar liner bags which, when heat-sealed shut around your food, will effectively block oxygen permeation for years and years.

Shelf life: Absorbers in their original sealed bag have a shelf life of 1 year.

Brand Everest International
Length 2.0"
Width 3.5"
Height .01"
Product Weight 1 oz
Shipping Weight 1-3/4 lb.
Country of Manufacture China
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