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Nutrimill Vital Gluten 16 oz. bag

SKU: KD539
Nutrimill Vital Gluten 16 oz. bag
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Grains like wheat, rye and barley naturally contain water soluble, highly elastic proteins called "glutenin," or "gluten" for short. (And "vital gluten" is just another name for the same thing.) As yeast creates carbon dioxide gas within developing bread dough, it's the gluten in the dough that traps the bubbles, giving your bread the light texture everyone wants. If the grain (or flour) that you start out with doesn't have sufficient quality or quantity of this gluten protein to start with, you will get brick bread—and everyone will hate it! If your bread hasn't been rising as well as you'd like, supplementing with a little additional gluten is very likely to help dramatically. Amount used is 1/4 to 3/4 cup of vital wheat gluten per 10-12 cups of whole grain flour. The 16 ounce pouch has a zip closure that keeps the product fresh between uses.

Brand Nutrimill
Length 11.2"
Width 7.0"
Height 2.2"
Product Weight 2-1/4 lb.
Net Weight 16 oz.
Shipping Weight 2-1/4 lb.
Country of Manufacture United States
Vital wheat gluten
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