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Vacuum Sealers

Commercial vacuum sealers prevent oxygen from degrading perishable food, greatly extending freshness, flavor and shelf life. Two basic types are available: Chamber vacuum sealers, and external vacuum sealers. Chamber sealers use an enclosed chamber; closing the lid automatically starts the sealing operation. External vac sealers use a snorkel evacuation tube to remove air, accommodating very large items. Click the products below for details on quality commercial vacuum sealer models!

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How do commercial vacuum sealers preserve food? Our vacuum sealers’ main function is to remove air from the containers the food is packaged in. This eliminates oxygen, which degrades the taste, color, texture and aroma of food. Even aerobic bacteria is rendered inert, further retarding spoilage. Vacuum sealing bags (aka pouches) have a special laminated construction with a poly inner layer that allows them to be fused by heat sealing, and an outer layer of nylon that’s highly impermeable to air migration, even under great pressure differentials. The barrier created by properly sealed, quality bags lasts for years.


Vacuum sealing extends the shelf life of perishable food by as much as five times its normal refrigerated storage life. This allows you to purchase food in larger quantities at lower volume pricing. Removal of air around food also eliminates desiccation, commonly known as freezer burn.


Commercial vacuum sealers differ from consumer (or “home”) sealers in key ways. Commercial vacs are built heavier for the rigors of all-day use. They also have 100% duty cycles for continuous operation, while most consumer grade sealers require some cooling time between work cycles. A little-known advantage of commercial vacuum sealers is their operating cost advantage. For occasional-only users, the lower initial cost of a consumer sealer makes sense. But for moderate to higher volume vacuum sealing applications, you’ll save money with a commercial vacuum sealing machine.

Because plastic bags for commercial sealers (either chamber type or commercial external type with snorkel probe) don't require special features like surface ridges, they cost less than the bags used with consumer vac sealers. For the typical home user, using the ridged (aka "embossed") plastic with a low cost home-duty machine makes perfect sense because a much lower volume of plastic will be used during the life of the machine. But for medium or higher volume users (either at home or for a business), the lower cost of the smooth plastic used by commercial external or chamber vacuum sealers will save you a lot of money in the long run, and the breakeven point might arrive sooner than you'd think.

If you'll be using medium size bags, total costs to operate a commercial machine would reach breakeven compared to a consumer-duty machine when you've sealed about 1200 bags. At that point the commercial machine has paid for itself in plastic savings, then it keeps saving you money through continued use of the very economical commercial vacuum sealer bags. Add to this the commercial vacuum's convenient operation, longer life span and higher production rate, and the best vacuum sealer, even for home users, may be the one that costs a little more up front.

Whatever your needs, our wide selection of commercial vac sealers will allow you to choose the ideal type and size. Vac sealers are available from very compact units up to floor standing machines capable of vacuum sealing thousands of packages per hour.


Two basic types of commercial vacuum sealers are available: Chamber sealers and external sealers. Chamber sealers are ideal for most users; a filled bag (or more than one) is placed in the chamber, and when the lid is closed the vacuum process starts automatically. Once the air is fully evacuated, the bag’s opening is sealed then air flows back into the chamber around the bag. The lid then opens automatically and another cycle can start.

External style commercial vacuum sealers offer valuable options if you need to vacuum seal very large or oddly shaped objects or materials, because they don’t use a chamber. Instead, air is extracted with the bag outside the machine, by means of a nozzle (or "snorkel"). Our external vacuum sealers offer the basic vacuum/seal cycle and can be special ordered to handle military grade packaging and nitrogen purge or fill options. We can also provide equipment suitable for clean room environments.


In addition to selection of chamber vs. external suction type, other options include single or multiple seal bars and gas flush capability. Dual seal bars allow a greater number of packages to be placed into the chamber so every vacuum cycle produces multiple sealed packages. Gas flush gives you the option of normal vacuum sealing where the vacuum bag is sucked down very tightly around the food (or other object), or the second option of first removing the air, then injecting an inert gas (typically nitrogen) before the bag is sealed. This results in a package that's free of air and oxygen (as well as water, if the material being sealed is dry itself), yet the bag is not collapsed down around its contents. This is a good option for sealing delicate items.


ARY VacMaster vacuum sealers have been a favorite with our customers for over a decade. VacMaster is owned by ARY, a U.S.-owned company. VacMaster makes small, mid-sized and large chamber vacuum sealers that come standard with stainless steel cabinet, easy to remove seal bars and the one-piece, self-opening acrylic lid. Options available with our VacMaster brand vac-sealers include gas flush and dual seal bars. The ARY VP-545 vacuum sealer is a very popular floor standing, gas flush equipped model, and the ARY VP-540 sealer is similar but without the gas flush feature. The ARY VP-215 vacuum sealer is one of our most popular smaller vacuum machines; like all ARY VacMaster sealers, it provides outstanding value at an affordable price.

ARY also offers two smaller commercial vacuum sealer models created for lighter duty applications: The VP-112 and VP-120 offer the benefit of using commercial style pouches in a small kitchen setting without breaking the bank. Both models are lightweight, easy to use and still feature a commercial no-maintenance vacuum pump.

Dajiang (DMC) makes six models of commercial chamber vacuum sealers, with gas flush and dual seal bars offered as options in each basic sealer configuration. The tabletop Dajiang model 260-PD vacuum sealer is among our most popular machines, along with the larger model 450-A vacuum sealer. Our Dajiang vac customers like the extra chamber depth in their larger sealers (up to 9-3/8”) which is useful for sealing larger products like whole turkeys.


The Dajiang/DMC 700 external vacuum sealer offers a unique, hard to find configuration where heavy packaging can be positioned easily on heavy-duty stainless steel rollers, letting you get even heavy products into position easily. Two large stainless steel nozzles extend into the pouch for quick air removal. The heavy-duty 220V, single phase electric pump is rated at a robust 20 cubic meters per hour for fast evacuation. DMC 700-L series external sealers offer double sided heating allowing the user to seal even heavy military grade pouches.

AmeriVacs external vacuum sealers provide a great solution for applications when package size demands seal bars up to 50 inches wide. AmeriVacs vac-sealers are made in the USA and come with a two year warranty. AmeriVacs sealers offer our customers many options including upper & lower heating for the seal bars, gas flush, and clean room compatibility.


Pleasant Hill Grain has represented reliable, high-performance ARY and Dajiang vacuum sealers for over ten years, and we're one of the largest stocking distributors in the U.S. In business over thirty years, we have extensive experience in vacuum packaging. Click on any of the models above to explore options, and please call us if you have any questions about your vac sealing needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable vac sealer specialists are here to support you before and after the sale. We would appreciate your business, and look forward to serving you!