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Gift Guide for the Healthy Gourmet

Gift Guide for the Healthy Gourmet featured image

Surprise the Healthy Gourmet in your life this Christmas with a gift from our list of ideas below!

Skeppshult Grill PanSkeppshult Cast Iron Cookware from Sweden

The Skeppshult cookware line reflects Sweden beautifully through its cast iron cookware that is available with a variety of functional and attractive handle options, ranging from stainless steel to wood. Skeppshult pans are nearly impossible to wear out, so they can be handed down to future generations. Click here to browse the entire Skeppshult line, which includes fry pans, stovetop waffle makers, pancake irons, egg pans, salt bowls, and pepper mills.

Komo_Christmas_PK1_1200KoMo Grain Mills from Austria

Wrap up a KoMo grain mill this Christmas season for your beloved baker. Delicious baked goods made with home-milled flour will come from their kitchen in no time after this gift is given! The KoMo line is impressive in its good looks, fine workmanship, power, and durability. It’s our go-to mill in the test kitchen and we’re proud to stand by it. Pleasant Hill Grain is the U.S. importer of the KoMo grain mill line and we’re happy to help our customers with questions and concerns they have. So give the gift of a quality grain mill, along with quality service they can trust.

Nesco_Digital_American_Harvest_FD-1020_1200Food Dehydrators

Bring the bounty! American Harvest Nesco dehydrators are high-performance machines with a great amount of food drying space. Put this unit to the test each year with endless garden crops and orchard fruits, then enjoy snacking on these healthy treats all winter long.

duralex-lys-stackable-bowls-lids-round-storage-glassware-1200Durable French Glassware

Combine the beauty of glass with strength not often found in glassware, and you have French-made dishes and storage containers from Duralex. Clink, clank, and drop these on the floor—they’ll tough it out. Here at PHG we’ve been quite impressed with the durability and strength of each tabletop piece Duralex offers.

Berard_90080_Mortar_Pestle_lifestyle_1200Olive Wood Treasures

Give the gift that will add a warm touch to any kitchen and choose an olive wood product from Berard. Made on the northern African coast in Tunisia, these kitchen tools will be treasured for many years to come. The skilled craftsmen at Bérard build each gorgeous tool with care and great attention to detail; they’re proud of their priceless olive tree resource, and we’re sure anyone would be proud to use and display their products in a home kitchen.

Chia_seed_breakfast_oats_600Organic Chia Seeds

Help the healthy gourmet in your life expand his/her hot cereal or dessert recipes by adding organic chia seeds to their pantry. Chia seed is an ancient food that’s become very popular for its nutritional properties. Gel these little berries in homemade juice, fresh whole milk, or creamy Greek yogurt for a tongue tingling snack. Our Chia seed is sproutable, but most people eat it as-is.

einkorn-cookbook-9781592336425-175Einkorn Recipes

Glean knowledge and inspiration from The Einkorn Cookbook. This book unlocks mysteries behind the ancient grain, einkorn, and offers several family-friendly recipes to make at home. Any cook exploring the culinary world will be glad to get their hands on this helpful guide to a tasty, nutritious grain that’s been overlooked for years. Make the gift complete with a pail of organic einkorn berries from Pleasant Hill Grain!

redmond_RealSalt_Organic_Seasoning_Gift_Box_747RealSalt Seasonings

Seasoning is everything to the gourmet cook so quality ingredients is the only way to go. Spruce up their spice shelf with this practical, but attractive gift-packaging of RealSalt seasoning flavors.

Mexican Vanilla Extract

Mexican Vanilla Pick out the right size bottle of our tasty Mexican vanilla. This vanilla extract gives rich flavor to every dessert and is sure to please a well-trained palate.

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The Ice Cream Lover Gift Guide

The Ice Cream Lover Gift Guide featured image

We think everyone can agree that homemade ice cream is irresistible so we’ve compiled a list of ice cream tools and treats to help you make the most delectable desserts all throughout the year!

Electric Ice Cream Machine

Mix the creamiest gourmet ice cream in just 25 minutes with the Cuisinart ICE-30 BC. This compact unit is well insulated for a consistent salt-less quick freeze process and is powerful enough to keep turning as the cream continues to firm up. If you plan to make two flavors of ice cream, simply pop out your full freezing bowl, and place a second Cuisinart freezing bowl into the machine to mix your next ice cream flavor. We love using this Cuisinart ice cream maker in our test kitchen!

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

Waffle Cones

What could make homemade ice cream even better?! Homemade waffle cones! Fill your home kitchen with that warm sweet vanilla waffle smell by rolling cone after cone with the Chef’s Choice Wafflecone Express. Don’t sweat finding the best recipe for batter when you could whip up a batter of the delicious Chef’s Choice waffle cone mix. I recently had the chance to watch someone make waffle cones (and to taste them afterward), and I have to say it’s way too easy and delicious to make just once. Be sure to get the handy Gourmet Cone Holder to avoid a sad scene of shattered sweetness all over your floor. This stand displays each cone beautifully and ensures a delicate and sturdy foundation.


The Scoop

Grab an anti-freeze scoop or spade to unlock the secret to perfectly shaped ice cream scoops without getting a sore arm. These smart scoops have defrosting fluid sealed within the handle that allows you to glide straight through your ice cream with no strain.

Dish It Up Fancy

Pick up pretty Duralex Gigogne dessert dishes to serve treats in at you next party. These elegant pink pedestal dishes present any dessert beautifully, while keeping portions just the right size for the occasion. Duralex formed the Gigogne dish with strong, shock-resistant glass so you can scoop or pour any hot or cold dessert without shattering glass.



Tips & Tricks from Jeni

Let Jeni, a creative entrepreneur with an ice cream business, guide you as you create delicious go-to ice cream recipes for your home, friends, family and acquaintances. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams made its mark as a big-time ice cream company in 2002 and continues to offer melt-in-your-mouth frozen creams across the nation. Let Jeni wow you in your own kitchen with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream at Home book!


Cold Stones

Mix it up with a beautiful ice cream stone set! This is a fun and clean way to keep your ice cream firm, while stirring in delicious sweet treats that bring another dimension to each bit of ice cream. Our natural marble stone comes with two anti-freeze spades for scooping and mixing. Don’t limit it to ice cream though… chill your famous fudge on this board and then cut the fudge into neat cubes for serving.


Ice Cream Storage

Store your finished product in 4 or 6 ounce Duralex Lys Stackable Bowls with a tight sealing lid so they’re ready to go for a quick dessert! These bowls will take the cold like a pro and are also perfect for mixing ice cream bases in.


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On The Hunt

On The Hunt featured image

‘Tis the season to wake up before the break of dawn, bundle up and grab your bow or rifle, because somewhere out there, there’s a buck with your name written all over it. Here at PHG we like to keep our kitchen diverse and rugged, which is why we offer some of the best meat processing equipment on the market, for the household user or butcher store! Process your hard earned meat like a pro this year and check out our list of must-haves for a dedicated hunter.



Cozy up on the couch and learn from one of the best! Bill Buero takes you through each step of field dressing, tips and tricks to process quickly and easily, and teaches you the anatomy of your kill. Know your deer inside and out with a little help from Bill when you watch his DVD Deer Masters.




Plan Recipes


Let Amy inspire you with some of her old fashioned Midwestern recipes that do your meat proper justice through traditional flavors, techniques, and styles The_nourished_kitchen_175passed through many generations of the Midwest. Enjoy her Deer Camp Kefta Kebabs with Braised Green Beans followed by Sour Cream Raisin Pie from her masterpiece The New Midwestern Table.

Consult nutrition specialist, Jennifer McGuther for outstanding recipes that will utilize every wild game you bring into your kitchen. You’ll find countless quality recipes in her cookbook The Nourished Kitchen.



Let us ease your dressing process this season with a few helpful tools! LEM_1018_Hanging_Scale_LEM_2011_175Precisely weigh each cut of meat with an LEM hanging scale (pictured left), or hoist your deer to skin and gut with a heavy rope hoist and gambrel.Chefs_Choice_1520_Sharpener_175

Browse our selection of cutlery for the perfect knife. We also carry a wide range of high performance knife sharpeners for maintaining your sharp knives.


Excalibur Dehydrator

Now that your animal is dressed, it’s time to decide what you would like your final product to be: dehydrate jerky, stuff sausage, slice, grind, or saw the meat. Select the right equipment for your project here in our meat processing category. Check out our dehydrators too, for jerky making.

Pack and Store260PD_vacuum_sealer_200op

PHG knows vacuum sealers—from home-use sealers to large chamber sealers. Preserve your jerky for convenient snacks, give it to friends and family, or sell it! Using vacuum sealers, you can keep your prime cuts and sausage fresh for future meals! Oxygen is the #1 cause of food spoilage, but with a quality vacuum sealer you can eliminate this factor and improve color, flavor, texture, and nutritional value in all your stored food.

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Brunch Lover Gift Guide

Brunch Lover Gift Guide featured image

There are many brunch-lovers at Pleasant Hill Grain and we think there are a lot more of you out there that will appreciate this collection of breakfast treats!

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Fifteen Stocking Stuffers Under $15

Fifteen Stocking Stuffers Under $15 featured image

The hustle and bustle of Christmas is coming up and we’d like to help you keep calm and finish your shopping. Quality, affordable stocking stuffers can be hard to think of year after year, so we’ve compiled a list of fifteen ideas from Pleasant Hill Grain

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