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Waffle & Pizzelle Makers

Waffle & Pizzelle Makers Waffle &
Pizzelle Makers
WafflePro 830B Classic Belgian >
Waffles and pizzelle are delightful treats for breakfast, dinner or dessert. Whether round, square, or heart-shaped, golden waffles and pizzelles are tasty fun for the whole family and as easy as A-B-C. Pleasant Hill Grain has the waffle iron that will have them running to the table with smiles on their faces when they catch a whiff of the sweet goodness you’re baking up! Click the products below to learn more about our electric, stove-top, nonstick and cast iron waffle iron choices!

Pizzazz-Up Your Breakfast With Waffles!

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why let it be boring and disappointing? Bring creativity and comfort to the breakfast table with crisp, homemade waffles. From the traditional white flour to freshly ground spelt, soaked hard wheat flour, gluten-free mixes and nut flours, you have the flexibility to begin with the base that’s right for you and your family and friends. From there, add more nutrition and flavor to your heart’s content.

Top with chopped nuts, berries or other fruit, and additional fiber from bran and ground flax seed. Maybe it’s autumn and you want to bring the delightful season inside with a pumpkin batter, a bit of maple syrup and a few spices. Crave a little more sweetness? Stirring a handful of chocolate chips into the last of the batter makes a delightful late-night snack to serve with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Will it Waffle?

The waffle iron is an amazingly versatile kitchen appliance. This single machine can be used as a panini press, mini grill or even toaster oven. Make quesadillas, brownies, kale chips, hash browns, grilled cheese sandwiches, omelets, waffled cinnamon rolls and French toast—the possibilities are endless! Think of a few of your favorite recipes and ask yourself: Will it waffle? It just might. All you need is a little creativity and a hungry crowd. This compact, multi-purpose appliance is perfect for the college student and for traveling in an RV since it’s easy to store, lightweight, and serves several purposes.

Chef'sChoice: A Leader in Waffle Makers

ChefsChoice, by Edgecraft, is a brand you can depend on for quality; they make some of the best waffle irons on the market. The ChefsChoice Five of Hearts 830 waffle iron is the perfect appliance to make your sweetheart’s brunch for Valentine’s Day or any other time! This electric nonstick griddle will make five attached hearts in about ninety seconds. To bake, select the texture and color you want between crisp with a soft interior or a uniform texture all the way through, then pour your batter over the nonstick griddle. Close the lid and wait a bit; the machine beeps and an indicator light comes on to tell you that baking is complete. The stainless lid features a floating hinge to produce treats with a uniform thickness, the cord stores neatly in the machine for easy storage and the overflow channel is quick to clean. Show your special someone how much you love them when you surprise them with a perfectly baked, golden brown breakfast of waffles! 

The Chef'sChoice 830B classic Belgian iron offers the same features as the 830, but with a deeper, round griddle. You can expect the same perfect Belgian waffle every time with this heavy-duty machine.

The Chef'sChoice 850 waffle iron is the big daddy. This family-sized, commercial quality appliance bakes four deep-pocket waffles in ninety seconds to two minutes. Set the baking time and desired texture and await your mouthwatering feast. It’s equipped with an automatic countdown feature, sleep mode and fast heat recovery. The 850 is a Chef'sChoice favorite.

Nonelectric Stovetop Waffle Makers

The nonstick Nordic Ware waffle maker can be used on gas, electric or ceramic stove tops. It features thin flat handles that make this waffle maker perfect for using on a stove. This trusty little iron is recommended by Cook’s Illustrated because it heats up quickly and evenly, bakes to a uniform golden brown and crisp texture. It’s easy to use and cleanup is a snap.

Our Skeppshult heart-shaped cast iron waffle maker is also for stove top use. Designed and cast in Sweden, you’ll be proud to hand this iron down to your kids after years of using in your own kitchen. Skeppshult cast iron cookware works equally well on gas, ceramic, radiant, halogen, or electric ranges, as well as induction heat sources. The bottom of this iron is slightly concave to add stability while on the stove. Say “I love you” to your darling with homemade heart shaped goodies you made in this strong, heavy-duty iron. Skeppshult cookware and bakeware products are an investment you and your family will appreciate for many years to come.

Pizzelles Are Waffles Too

Looking for a way to make your grandma’s best pizzelle cookie recipe for a holiday or other special occasion? The Chef'sChoice PizzellePro Express Bake waffle maker lets you bring a piece of Italy right into your kitchen and bakes three party size (3 inch) pizzelles in just a minute. Wouldn’t you love to surprise your guests with homemade cannoli treats filled with delicious fresh fruit and whipped cream? With this iron and the cannoli forming tool that’s included you can do just that, quick and easy! Let your imagination run wild with this fun little kitchen tool. This model is designed with the same features and quality baked into every Edgecraft/Chef'sChoice product.

Buying a Waffle Maker at Pleasant Hill Grain

We love good food here at Pleasant Hill Grain and our kitchen is constantly busy with someone (and sometimes several cooks) creating and baking. We appreciate the same qualities you do in kitchen appliances, things like practicality, convenience, durability and innovation. Our waffle makers will produce smiles every time you bring them out, and serve you well for years to come. Click a model above to check out these fun kitchen machines! Got a question? Call us at the number below, we’d love to talk with you today.