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Slicers & Mandolines

Meat Slicer: Meat and food slicers were once considered specialized machines only for use in a deli or meat shop, but no more. Slicers are quickly becoming the new "I'd love to have" kitchen tool and mandolines are often seen on TV cooking shows because they allow chefs to neatly, easily, and quickly create impressive dishes. When you need fruits and vegetables to be cut uniformly and want meat and cheese sliced to a desired thickness, these are your tools. Click a product for full details!

Home Uses for Slicers & Mandolins

Why stand in line at the deli and pay a higher price for meat and cheese? With a food slicer you can turn that ho-hum vegetable tray into an eye catching work of art and make your own gourmet sandwiches! Slicing your food at home will not only save you money, but time too. No more getting home and removing your steaks from their packages only to find the butcher's idea of two inches thick and your idea of two inches thick are different. You decide how thick you want your meat, vegetables, fruit or cheese, control the portion size, and create delicious party trays just like your favorite caterer.

Food slicers offer the convenience of creating your own deli meat and cheese platters instead of paying someone to make them for you. Need to slice fresh artisan bread? These food slicers are fantastic for bread, bagels, and crusty French bread—loved by so many, but often difficult to cut. Food slicers will make a clean slice without tearing your loaf. You can also slice vegetables and fruit into uniform cuts, and hunters greatly appreciate these meat slicers when they need to slice venison into roasts, steaks, or very thin for jerky. The Chef'sChoice line offers a variety of quality slicers, from the large-capacity Chef'sChoice 667 food slicer to the bestselling Chef'sChoice 615 meat slicer. Blades are made to last of premium high carbon stainless steel, and they hold a very sharp edge.

Benefits of Owning a Slicer

The uses for mandolines are abundant; in fact, many professional chefs reach for one rather than spend valuable time cutting fruits and vegetables by hand with a knife. You can cut potatoes for sweet potato, waffle, or French fries in just a couple of minutes with a mandoline and when you slice fresh vegetables for a meal you know you're preparing quality food for your family, rather than using an overpriced bag of frozen produce. Save even more by cutting a block of cheese rather than purchasing a bag of grated or shredded cheese—and cheese tastes better when it's freshly cut!

Entice your kids to eat more vegetables and fruits, even the pickiest of eaters, when you serve them a bowl of vibrant julienne carrots, fresh gratin potatoes, or a salad that's almost too pretty to eat, all created with your mandoline. Your guests will be amazed with your culinary talents and wonder how you found the time to prepare such an amazing meal. Mandolines are becoming the must-have kitchen tool both professionally and in the home. They're widely popular due to their versatility, they take up very little room to store, they're easy to use, and inexpensive! Pleasant Hill Grain offers several quality models for your busy kitchen. Be sure to check out Progressive's PL8 Professional Mandoline, its construction and features are remarkable.

We're happy to offer you safe and affordable options for your slicing needs. We've worked with these slicers and we use them in our kitchen here at Pleasant Hill Grain. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Click the links above to explore the options!